- Weed DOES kill brain cells
- Animals SHOULD NOT be given “vegan diets”
- Kids and adults NEED vaccinations
- ALL humans are humans and deserve to be treated equally
- NO ONE is more important than anyone else
- Feminism is NOT hating men
- Gay rights is NOT hating straights
- Transgender rights is NOT hating Cisgender
- Racial Equality is NOT hating whites
- Bisexuality is REAL
- Violence is NEVER the answer
- Alcohol CAN kill you
- Addiction is NOT a good thing
- Depression is NOT just feeling sad
- Mental health IS as important as physical health
- Education IS important
There are probably so many more things that need to be on this list that I’m missing but I just want to get these points across to everyone.

Full Bottle Of Wine Glass

Don’t get sad when your doctor says you can only have one glass of wine per day – get creative and have just one glass with this massive chalice that can hold one whole bottle of wine inside of it! It’s a must-have for alcoholics on the brink of self-destruction.


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Affect Of Alcohol On Women In Excess

It is often quoted that females have a lower tolerance to alcohol than males and this is an indisputable fact but few people ever go on to tell exactly what the affect is and why. Hopefully this article will help shed light on exactly what happens when you drink alcohol and why you often do things that you regret later. Also give some insight into what alcohol actually does to the brain. This is not an anti alcohol article, it is presented in the hope tha…

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‘You want to know about my drinking? I lost my friends, my children, my mind’

Beata Klimek is remarkable: a woman willing to tell her story with unflinching candour, name included. A mother of two, comfortable sharing the details of her serious alcohol abuse, her recovery, and her life in the aftermath. Read her story in the first of an important series on why women are driving a growth in alcohol consumption around the world.


Kaisoo AU - Sugar

Genre – crossdress!soo, fluff, smut

Rated – NC-17

Description – Kim Jongin was your typical bad boy player. All he knew was parties, alcohol, women, and occasionally men. That was his life. Blackouts, Hangovers, and one night stands… That is, until a certain owl-eyed boy caught his attention.

Writers note – Okaayy, so this is my first ever kaisoo fanfiction, which I’m very excited about. I’ll work really hard on it, promise! Please enjoy reading :)))

Part one part two

  • The George Boleyn of popular fiction:sassy, suave, highly intelligent but un-motivated, a 16th century frat boy, hopeless romantic at heart, affectionate (maybe a little too affectionate) of his sisters but rather condescending of all other women, usually alcoholic, abusive/dismissive of his wife, butthurt that he never got to marry a girl who he may have known as a child because they lived relatively close to each other, conveniently protestant when it suits their "cause", scheming, prone to incestuous tendencies
  • Actual historical George Boleyn:"Hello do you have time to talk about our Lord and Savior the English Reformation?"