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Affect Of Alcohol On Women In Excess

It is often quoted that females have a lower tolerance to alcohol than males and this is an indisputable fact but few people ever go on to tell exactly what the affect is and why. Hopefully this article will help shed light on exactly what happens when you drink alcohol and why you often do things that you regret later. Also give some insight into what alcohol actually does to the brain. This is not an anti alcohol article, it is presented in the hope tha…

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Alcohol Sensitizes Brain Response to Food Aromas and Increases Food Intake in Women

The first study of its kind measuring the brain’s role in mediating caloric intake following alcohol consumption among women shows that alcohol exposure sensitizes the brain’s response to food aromas and increases caloric intake. The research, led by William J. A. Eiler II, PhD, of the Indiana University School of Medicine’s Departments of Medicine and Neurology, adds to the current body of knowledge that alcohol increases food intake, also known as the “aperitif effect,” but shows this increased intake does not rely entirely on the oral ingestion of alcohol and its absorption through the gut. The study is published in the July issue of the journal Obesity published by The Obesity Society (TOS).

“The brain, absent contributions from the gut, can play a vital role in regulating food intake. Our study found that alcohol exposure can both increase the brain’s sensitivity to external food cues, like aromas, and result in greater food consumption,” said Dr. Eiler. “Many alcoholic beverages already include empty calories, and when you combine those calories with the aperitif effect, it can lead to energy imbalance and possibly weight gain.”

Researchers conducted the study in 35 non-vegetarian, non-smoking women at a healthy weight. To test the direct effects of alcohol on the brain, researchers circumvented the digestive system by exposing each participant to intravenously administered alcohol at one study visit and then to a placebo (saline) on another study visit, prior to eating. Participants were observed, and brain responses to food and non-food aromas were measured using blood oxygenation level dependent (BOLD) response via fMRI scans. After imaging, participants were offered a lunch choice between pasta with Italian meat sauce and beef and noodles.

When participants received intravenous alcohol, they ate more food at lunch, on average, compared to when they were given the placebo. However, there were individual differences, with one-third of participants eating less after alcohol exposure when compared to the placebo exposure. In addition to changes in consumption, the area of the brain responsible for certain metabolic processes, the hypothalamus, also responded more to food odors, compared to non-food odors, after alcohol infusion vs. saline. The researchers concluded that the hypothalamus may therefore play a role in mediating the impact of alcohol exposure on our sensitivity to food cues, contributing to the aperitif phenomenon.

“This research helps us to further understand the neural pathways involved in the relationship between food consumption and alcohol,” said Martin Binks, PhD, FTOS, TOS Secretary Treasurer and Associate Professor of Nutrition Sciences at Texas Tech University. “Often, the relationship between alcohol on eating is oversimplified; this study unveils a potentially more complex process in need of further study.”

Study authors agree and call for further research into the mechanism by which the hypothalamus affects food reward.

“Today, nearly two-thirds of adults in the U.S. consume alcohol, with wine consumption rising, which reinforces the need to better understand how alcohol can contribute to overeating,” continued Dr. Binks.

‘You want to know about my drinking? I lost my friends, my children, my mind’

Beata Klimek is remarkable: a woman willing to tell her story with unflinching candour, name included. A mother of two, comfortable sharing the details of her serious alcohol abuse, her recovery, and her life in the aftermath. Read her story in the first of an important series on why women are driving a growth in alcohol consumption around the world.

Me again, your friendly self checkout assistant.
It was a dead night, and up came two VERY young women purchasing alcohol.

Me: hi there how are you guys tonight, can I see both your IDs?
Customer 1: *pulls out ID politely, and it’s a valid, not expired id and is of age*
Me: thank you appreciate it.
Customer 2 *pulls out id and thrusts it at me. I notice that it still says UNDER 21*
Me: I just have to ask a manager since it still says under 21.
(Our alcohol policy states we cannot accept invalid, expired, or IDs that still say under 21)
Customer 2: what the fuck you’ve accepted my ID before I’m clearly of age this is bullshit.
Me: I still have to ask a manager.
Manager: *takes one glance at the ID* it says under 21 we can’t accept it.
Me: I’m sorry ma'am, I can’t accept this ID. Do you have one that doesn’t say under 21?
Customer 2: WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU STUPID IM OVER 21. Look there’s my birthday, why aren’t you accepting this?!
Me: ma'am, I’m sorry I asked my manager she said we can’t take this.
Customer 2: you guys have before this is fuckkng ridiculous you’re being a bitch what the fuck. Where’s your fucking manager?!
Me: right there *points to manager who’s been watching this whole interaction. I begin to void the alcohol and move it away*

Customer 1: I’m sorry. *to customer 2* lets just go we can buy it somewhere else.
Customer 2: fuck no this isn’t ok. I’m 21 they need to take my id here. *to manager* why the fuck did you deny my ID I’m of age yall have accepted it before. I can even point out the person who’s taken it before *blah blah blah*
Manager: maam I’m going to need you to stop swearing, and I need you to stop yelling. Our policy says we can’t accept IDs that say under 21, and honestly you acting this way isn’t going to change my mind.
Customer 2: fuck you you stupid bitch see if I shop here again *throws bottle of juice at my manager and walks away*
My manager followed her and told her she’s no longer allowed in the store.

Instead of editing my picture this time, I’m going to leave my discolouration right where it is! This is the LAST bruise from my ex and it is taking the longest fucking time to piss off! My once cute baby hand now look like something out of a zombie war! 😂 which is great for an inspiration photo if I ever want to create SFX but for the mean time, I have to look down at this one mark until it fades. It’s still lumpy and it still hurts. And it is the BEST reminder for anyone who has been through shit, that you are lucky to be out of it now. Bruises were the least of my problems, I was emotionally drained from the shit but running out has made it so worth my while. You are free and you are worth so much more than what they ever made you feel. (GO OUT AND BE BEAUTIFUL AND SHOW EVERYONE YOUR 100% PERFECT AND THAT YOUR SO MUCH BETTER OFF.) Because I know I am ☺ running out from a crappy person has taken so much weight off my shoulders and everyday of my life I am constantly saying “I am so glad I am out of that now, I don’t need that shit” 😂 #GETOUT #violence #attack #control #controlive #man #women #unacceptable #alcohol #drugs #lies #247 #blackmail #secrets #theif #headfuck #dontjustifyit #sorrymeansnothing #excuses #youareworthmore #importance #loveyourself #loveyourselfenoughtoleave #strongindependentwoman #strong #selfworth #leave #LEAVENOW

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This is not supposed to be rude, but maybe they think ur a girl because u just seen to show ur feminine side a bit more than most guys I know :)

I need to start reblogging more cars, money, half naked women and alcohol/drugs. 

That’s the problem with drinking, I thought, as I poured myself a drink. If something bad happens you drink in an attempt to forget; if something good happens you drink in order to celebrate; and if nothing happens you drink to make something happen.
—  Charles Bukowski, Women
Book 363: Her Best-Kept Secret - Gabrielle Glaser

Book 363: Her Best-Kept Secret - @GabrielleGlaser #AA #science #marketing #nonfiction #journalism #personal #culture

Many of you might not know this about me, but when I have a problem that I don’t know how to deal with my first response is to research it as in-depth as possible. That makes it a bit awkward when I blog about everything I read (this is my journal reading journal as much as it is your review site). At the same time it’s great because I get to share interesting books, like Her Best Kept…

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