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HAPPY BLACKOUT DAY ‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️ Just because I think this needs to been seen like everywhere!

I’m just so amazed! This is Taylor Pollard, the owner and founder of “TAYLOR MADE PASTRIES” 👏🏾 I went to high school with Taylor and I remember her being so sweet and nice. She always had cookies and sweets with her, I never bothered to ask why. Little did I know she was making these things herself because she’s a pastry chef! She has her own BUSINESS!!!! She’s made pastries for celebrities like Draya Michelle, Karen Civil, Heather Sanders and many more. She’s made pastries for many industry functions! I don’t know about you, but in my opinion this is definitely a black girl who rocks and I will always support her ! Congratulations Taylor! 🍬🍰🍭💸💜🎊🎉👸🏾💁🏽

TWITTER : @TaylorAndrea_
WEBSITE : tmpastries.com

“These women fight with unmatched savagery! I’ve never seen their equal. They are… perfect warriors.” - Grom Hellscream

Agatha Barbara (1923-2002) was the first woman to serve as President of Malta, from 1982 to 1987. She was also the longest standing female member of Parliament in the country.

In 1947, she became the first and only woman MP in Malta, and remained in office until 1982, when she became President. During this time, she implemented compulsory basic education for all children, abolished university fees, and introduced laws for equal pay, paid maternity leave and unemployment benefits.

Put some RESPECT on Daenerys’ name

There really is something wrong with some female fans in this Game of Thrones fandom. Instead of building the good and grey women up on the show, we beat them down and dismiss them, all over the competition of a man’s affections. What I love most about Game of Thrones and what kept me committed to watching is the badass representation of ambitious, strong, and persevering females on the show. From Daenerys, Arya, Brienne, Sansa, Yara, Olenna, Margaery, to heck, even Cersei’s ruthless behind. These women SLAY in every definition of the word. Can we not admire how they struggle through loss and violence through the best way they can? I respect that.

Reading a post dismissing Daenerys as someone “who watched everything be given to her” and comparing her to Sansa stating, “Dany never would have survived what Sansa survived.” This isn’t a competition for who suffered the most and who didn’t. My God. And to completely dismiss Daenerys as some person who did or achieve nothing because everything was handed to her is a complete disservice to the character and what actually happened in the show or books. Daenerys did not grow up with a loving mother, doting father, or protective brothers. Her entire family was killed ruthlessly and she lived her entire life on the run with her only relative at the time in Viserys. The older brother who physically abused her, who emotionally abused her, and who molested her over the course of years. The same brother who sold her maidenhood off to Drogo for an army with no care of her well-being, only of his goals and ambitions to take back their homeland. Daenerys was raped, defiled, and roughed up into submission. Instead of allowing herself to cower away in the corner, she learned to grow up and adapt to the circumstances surrounding her. How? Demanding respect for herself and the women around them through meaningful and impactful change. Doing so not with fire, but with what every woman is equipped with, her brain and determination to make lemonade from the lemons given to her. Suffering the loss of a child is painful, but to do so simultaneously as with the loss of a man she learned to love? Devastating. Her strength and grit which were born from pain and suffering, they brought with them loyalty from legions of people. And this isn’t even half of what else I could say about her.

Daenerys isn’t perfect and has obvious flaws and impulsive decisions made, just like any other character or man on the show, but I never doubt that at the root of her cause, it’s always for the good of the people. There are selfish means tied in there as well, but again, she’s not perfect and that’s what I like about her, flawed but a good-intentioned character. How about you walk a mile in Daenerys shoes and let me know if you can accomplish even half of what she did from ending rape among the Dothrakis, liberating slaves, commanding control over armies through not her dragons, but through strength and determination to create a better society that works for all socioeconomic classes. The unsullied only followed her because of the respect they have for her after being freed. She was the queen they chose not because the dragons would kill them if they didn’t, but because they believe in her. Daenerys gave them a choice and asked for their support and because she is a motivator, she gained their loyalty. Dothraki only follow strength so she had to finesse them into formation. Daenerys is no ordinary girl. She’s an ambitious woman with big goals and there is not one thing wrong with that. Both Sansa and Daenerys at the heart of their characters are survivors.


Young Meryl Streep Appreciation Post

“Integrate what you believe in every single area of your life. Take your heart to work and ask the most and best of everybody else, too.”
-Meryl Streep

#100Days100Women Day 85: Mama Tingo was a Dominican farmer and land rights activist. She bravely stood against the plunder of peasant lands in the Dominican Republic and was widely respected, especially by fellow rural women. In 1975 MamaTingo was assassinated by a man hired by the man who was trying to dispossess the peasants of their land (this despite attempting to defend herself with a machete). However, her work still lead to over 300 farmers retaining the rights to her land. Today she is considered a martyr and heroine of the rights or poor & rural Dominicans.

anonymous asked:

Hi Mr ENTJ! Could you please thank your INTJ for her response and advice? I apologize if it sounded tactless and am glad to discover the commonalities between us! Like her, I too am a "tomboy", punk woman who adopted a "classic" look after pursuing her career (blazer, black, heels etc) - I too work in a visually conservative career and have great admiration for powerful women like your INTJ. Several questions: 1. How do you develop your 'power'/ commanding presence? - ISTP

Part 2: 2. When I acted/dressed like a rough ‘tomboy’, it was easier to enjoy platonic friendships with masculine guys as a ‘bro’. However, with my current look (more professional/ diplomatic with controlled Se), when I interact with powerful males at a social networking event, SOMETIMES our interactions become very gendered (eg they will try to flirt or hit on me) and it is VERY offputting. (Btw I’m straight and married). Would appreciate your thoughts on this. Thanks! - confused ISTP

Passed this to the INTJ to answer:

When it comes to power and presence of career women, I find that there’s always that almost mythological fine line we have to walk. To be respected and / or to be relatively likable, to be smart but not a know-it-all, to be put together but not too pretty… What a headache.

Anyway, I found that in order to keep power and presence, one has to be in control.

Control is the cornerstone, if you want to project power and presence while navigating the minefield of the professional world, you cannot do it without control. It doesn’t mean that you’ll go crazy and start some strange controlling mind game, life is not a TV show, and nothing will get you on the shit-list faster than an attempt at this… Well, one thing would, and that would be becoming a menace by trying to project a big bad bitch on a power trip (cue all the archetypical tyrannical female bosses). To achieve that fine balance, I’m underlining the control of the situation, of one’s emotions, and of overall message.

1. Be professional

In highly competitive and cut-throat careers, people tend to not be as polite or as calm as they should be, especially when under pressure (which is almost all the time), which I personally consider a huge mistake. Being professional also means being able to be respectful, which is important in order to being able to control the situation. Otherwise, you may acquire reputation of someone soft, malleable and easily bent, and you don’t want that. Plus, professionalism gives you that extra class that just might help you when gunning for that fancy promotion. Therefore, keep the standards up.

Irrespective of the nature of the new fresh hell that flies around, I always treat people with respect. It actually got to a point when I have problem respecting people, who are unable to do the same… It doesn’t matter how stressed you are, it doesn’t matter how horrible your day was or how wrecked your private life is right now - other people do not need to suffer your bad attitude for it. Not to mention that it’s counterproductive and it disrupts the current situation even more.

Even when work-stuff is on fire and stress is in abundance, I still remain professional, calm and respectful. And yes, even to the people who tripped and accidentally poured oil into that fire. Do I want to murder them with my own hands? Oh absolutely. Do I still treat them with respect? You bet your ass I do.

If someone is stupid enough and makes a mistake of messing with me in that moment, I just get colder (which is a very noticeable change to anyone who works with me), but I am still respectful and calm. It’s important to let people know that there’s a time to mess around (likeability factor is still a thing for women…), and there’s a time to mess up and be murdered (by me). I always use my voice and my eyes to communicate that change has happened.

A bonus, if you’re able to maintain the professional attitude and respectful demeanor, you’re showing others that you’re calm under pressure and are able to stay cool-headed. If people have to stress about not just the situation itself but also about your foul temper, you’re doing it wrong. Furthermore, the situation is unlikely to spiral out of control just because everyone is stressing out… Btw, even if you cannot project calm of a buddhist monk, you can still be respectful to others, that still counts.

2. Be calm, always be calm.

This is just a further development of what was written above, but being in control of your emotions is very important especially in those stressful situations. As a woman you’re almost always coming up against the notion that ‘women are too emotional’, and while I’m not saying it’s a bad thing, unfortunately it won’t help you build power and presence in your career. Quite the contrary.

I’m not saying you should just turn everything off and become an emotionless android (that’s sort of my niche), but just like your style, these things matter. And if you project calm and confidence, people around you will perceive you that way.

I never scream or shout. I never slam doors.

I never ever cry, and even if I did, no one would ever know.

A bonus perk for this one: if you’re known for calm demeanor, any excess from that established norm will have a huge impact on others. For example, I have raised my voice at one point or another, in order to get through to another hysterical person, but it was very controlled and it was over as soon as it started. Or when you get on a project that you feel so passionate about that you can’t contain it, your energy will work like a drug for other people.

Btw, for full disclaimer, this doesn’t mean I am never stressed out, or tired of someone’s shit, or just plain desperate and wishing I could just quit my job and sell ice-cream… I just don’t show it.

3. Be the one who controls the message

In general communication, I maintain a very calm demeanor, no drama, no nothing. Working culture differs from country to country and from one firm to another, but I keep my professional and personal lives strictly separate. If my colleague becomes my good friend, then I’d share, but the information about me is always very limited and very controlled. If I do share personal information, I only share things that are harmless (a film that I liked, an acquaintance I have, a professor that I liked), and frankly not so personal at all.

Bear in mind that appearing aloof has worked very well for me, but I know that women with high Fe will especially struggle with this particular strategy (or just plain ignore it), so that’s why I’d focus on controlling what kind of information is circulating. I have an ESFJ colleague who’s an absolute master at this, and then I have another ESFJ who told me her life story in the first week, guess who has more respect and much better standing in the firm…

Regarding the second part of the question, I also have exactly the same experience.

In respect to both things you mentioned, I am so used to always be ‘one of the boys’ that if I’m suddenly seen in some gendered way, for a second I don’t know what to do (insert an awkward scene when women around me suddenly start asking me what kind of baking do I do…). And even though one’s able to build that kind of thing at work, social events are entirely different beasts, and it depends on the particular occasion.

If it’s business related, I remain professional and I blatantly brush off their flirting but carry-on with the conversation until they feel inappropriate themselves. This worked well for me, it reaffirms the boundary and after a while they stop trying so hard and we can resume the ridiculous small talk. And if it’s just me dressed up and enjoying my evening, I usually play a little game that teaches whoever tried to presume too much about me just because of the way I was dressed.

And yes, it’s fun.

not the reason radfems want to destigmatize and appreciate periods: because they’re cute and fun and not gross at all.
the actual reason: girls are shamed for their periods, to the point where girls literally die in menstrual huts. periods are given as a reason women should not be leaders. tampons are taxed as a luxury. girls are taught to hide the fact that they get periods (hide pads/tampons, for example)