women can be gross

  • me: i want her to fuck me
  • the Internalized Lesbophobia™: bad!!! you're gross!!! you're predatory!!! your attraction to women can never be sexual!! only talk abt soft kisses and hand holding allowed!!!!
  • me, louder, while banging pots and pans together: I WANT HER TO FUCK ME!!!

hey, um, lukewarm take i know but i wanted to clarify:

disliking sexualized female character designs has nothing to do with being put off by a woman showing skin and everything to do with the fact that those designs are drawn by (usually) men with the intent to appeal sexually to men and the fact that woman characters being sexy is prioritized over anything else in their design. im just so goddamn tired of a character that has obviously had a boob window or a short skirt slapped onto her design just because she needs to be sexy looking or else shes worthless

seriously we all need to look more at character design as something that is done to a character and not a thing that was somehow chosen by a fictional character. its never the case that a female character is Choosing to be sexy because she wants to because that sexy design cannot be separated from the fact that someone on the design team thought it would be appealing to men

are we ever going to talk about that brand of Straight Feminism? like the kind that’s like: 

“girls should be supportive of others girls bc they have nothing to gain unlike men who are nice to girls to date them" 

“let girls cut their hair short and wear flannel without being called gay" 

"stop the stereotypes that feminists are man-hating lesbians”

*caters their feminism to making men happy so they won’t be turned off to them* 

“women can support other women without being gross”

like believe it or not, we’re here and not gross and we deserve to be recognized. also this post excludes terfs and gender-critical people trans women are not men. 

imagine hating women so much that you can’t even handle a beautiful canon friendship between two female characters because you’re too threatened by the fact that they’re romantically shipped by the fandom 


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  • When people draw "gender bends" of the Dream Daddy guys (especially of Damien): 😓😥
  • When people instead just create original mommy characters for a dating sim: 😚😊

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Out of genuine confusion why are femmes presented as really weak and dependent on butches in a relationship? I dont get why femininity = weakness

because straight standards are falsely imposed lesbian relationships and straight people genuinely dont understand that some people are not straight and do not subscribe to their bullshit and they see a butch and femme and think “huh even gay people are straight obviously the butch is the man and is Strong and the femme is the woman and is Weak” and then they pat themselves on the back for their Innovative and GroundBreaking Analysis and go back to saying they are less heteronormative than butch/femme couples because in their Hetero relationship, She makes more money than Him and He is a vegetarian

i just started tearing up thinking about the four woman PCs we have now, and how they’re all chaotic and goofy and ridiculous in their own ways, but they’re still skilled and competent in their own ways too, and they’re allowed to be chaotic and goofy and ridiculous and not expected to be the chaperones of the party. they don’t have to be responsible to reign anybody in. they’re weird and gross and mean and morally questionable and they’re women! cause women don’t have to be nice and clean and pretty and responsible and mature! women can be weird and gross and goofy and mean and chaotic and ridiculous and morally questionable!!!! and that’s something that’s way too rare in media, and especially in fantasy settings, and it’s such a breath of fresh air to see it in a show that’s so near and dear to my heart.

i really wish people would stop treating wonder woman like it is something revolutionary that will change the landscape of the action/superhero genre, like it is the first action film ever to have a female lead and so ALL women (including black women, woc, lgbt+ women) must unite to make it successful etc because ya’ll can miss me on that

ya’ll are acting like mad max fury road, divergent, the hunger games, etc. don’t exist ya’ll are acting like ww is the first film to have a white woman w brown hair as a lead and its gonna change the genre, when white women have been staring as leads in action films consistently for (at least) the last decade like ya’ll can preach female solidarity but it has been years since fury road, the hunger games etc and all im seeing is more white women as leads and more woc (particularly black women) being killed off for white motivation/shunted to sidekick or both in action films

wonder woman might be a small revolution for being a major female lead action flick with a female director, but even then it is a victory for white women and i can guarantee you that even if ww becomes the highest grossing film in history, it will not lead to woc being leads in action flicks, or woc being given more directorial roles in hollywood

try not to tell a woc that this white-washed, white feminist action film lead by a zionist is a “feminist film” that all women must support lest we never get another female centric action film, because if you think that than you clearly haven’t been paying attention to the films you’ve been watching, nor do you have a grasp on what intersectional feminism is

also white women, stop telling woc to support your so called feminist films when you prove time and time again (see: the latest us election stats) that you don’t support us, you don’t support palestine, you support no one but yourselves when it comes down to the crunch.

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A lot of south Asian women actually date white men in the uk including myself, brown men hate brown women, they cherish white girls also white girls can be as gross as they want and a brown man will still kiss their feet but if you're a south asian woman and you can't cook then you're just not good enough

That is very understandable. Who you choose to date is your own business so it shouldn’t matter to anyone else tbh.

But yeah, that’s so true. White girls can be as gross as they want with little skill in anything and people will still chase after them lol. All they have to do is exist and these Asian men will go crawling to them.

I hate comparisons but if we’re being honest, the standards for Asian women is so much higher compared to white women. Like you mentioned, if you can’t cook, clean, or whatever, then it’s not good enough. But for white women, that isn’t expected and some Asian men will even do these things to please white women instead.

Asian men will expect Asian women to please and serve them while they themselves will go and please/serve white women. If this isn’t true, idk what is.

Angry Asian Guy

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You aren't part of any problem. Butch Pharah isn't racist, people are just pulling things out there ass or have internalized prejudice against butchness they have yet to realize. Her butchness isnt portrayed negatively/to dehumanize her. Besides, irl butch arabic women exist (like you) and deserve positive representation as well. And if peeps are like 'but what about feminine poc representation!!' Like symmetra, sombra, PHARAH'S OWN MOTHER ANA AMARI all exist, clear examples of more feminine poc

Thank you.

I understand where people are coming from. And I also understand the idea of white people portraying pharah as butch and mercy as this lil femme girl can be pretty gross. 

But like… I’m butch. Arabic women are often portrayed as weak, slaves or that they ‘need help from the White West to be Free!!!!’ or whatever and its pretty messed up. Show me where the butch representation for Arabic women is and I’ll stop. 

The thing is. People care about Arabic women, but they don’t care enough to listen to us when we talk about things that matter to us. They care more about shoving their own views over everything. It’s tiring. And I’m tired. 

Yo but can we maybe stop making women feel guilty, unsanitary, ashamed, and gross for menstruating?

Periods are a natural part of life. They are something we have to deal with once a month for the majority of our lives and the fact that it’s still considered a taboo subject really really bothers me.

Like I just went to the store to get more pads (also chocolate ice cream) and the male cashier looked at me and was like “ah. Must be that time of the month.”
And I was like “Yes, I am on my unusually heavy and extremely painful period which involves shedding the lining of my uterus and I’m about to spend $12 on pads to soak up the blood. Have a good day.”

So the point of this is to say that PERIODS ARE NORMAL. And I should be able to talk about my cycles around men (and women omg) without them making gagging noises or being grossed out.

My uterus is shedding its lining.
There’s a lot of blood.
I’m not ashamed.

Get it together, y'all.

And in relation to that lesbian post, because I’m in the mood to talk about lesbianism, people attracted to multiple genders who view “monosexuality” (I’m not even going to try to unpack why grouping gay and straight people together is bad because fucking yikes), as “restrictive” have no idea how genuinely restrictive the pressure to be attracted to men is. I identified as bi for years and spent all that time convincing myself I was attracted to men because that’s what I was supposed to do. I tried to justify my not wanting to sleep with them or marry them with a variety of micro labels because I COULDN’T be gay. Being gay was restrictive, and not progressive enough. There’s a specific kind of pressure put on lesbians to give men a chance and it’s just gross on so many levels. Women can be attracted to men all they want but I’m totally exhausted by “radical queers” using the misogynistic idea that it’s impossible for women to exist without a need for men to shit on my restrictive sexuality.

Tldr letting myself be gay was the most freeing thing I’ve ever done

I am going to leave these thoughts here. Again, I apologize for my English. I’m not an English speaker so.. brace yourself, mistakes are coming 🙄

U know, i don’t’ like shipwars but sometimes it is not possible to avoid them. In these days I saw shipwars everywhere.. Karamel vs Supercorp and SuperCorp vs Sanvers. I am not surprised for the Karamel vs Supercorp.. I am very surprised for the Sanvers vs Supercorp. I mean.. why are we even fighting? I don’t get it.
So I want to reply to those shippers who are unable to accept that for me Supercorp is better. I am not saying that Supercorp shippers are all saints because.. we aren’t. It is clear. But I wanna sum up the situation. If you are bored, than stop reading.

1. “You should not ship SuperCorp because Kara is not gay!”

Classic. Even predictable. I ship SwanQueen and this sentence keeps floating on my dashboard.
Yes, Kara told us “I am not gay” in the very first episode, while she was revealing herself to Winn. But.. u know what? Bisexuality exists. Pansexuals exist. Yes, Kara has been with men ‘till now, that doesn’t mean that she cannot fall for a woman. And by the way it depends on emotions, it depends on how you feel when two characters interacts. Kara and Lena’s chemistry for me is off the charts. I don’t care if they have been with men. I just adore when they are in the same room and they interact. I adore how they look at each other’s or understand each other’s. Period.

2. “You ship Supercorp and you are gross, two women can be just friends. What’s your problem?”

I’m laughing so hard. 😂 I mean, yes. Two women can be just friends. Even two men. Even a man and a woman (oh, sorry, maybe a man and a woman cannot be friends for you?). I ship many bromances. I ship bromance, I ship canon ships, het and femslash ships. Again, the argument is invalid. They can be just friends but I am allow to see something more. I feel they can be something more. Katie McGrath said that too, talking about Merthur. Katie said Supercorp is great and she understands what we are seeing, she could see that too watching again the episodes. 😂 A Super and a Luthor is a very interesting dynamic.

3. “SuperCorp is never going to happen because we have already one gay ship”

Yes. True. We have Sanvers and I LIKE them. I love Alex and I love seeing her so happy with Maggie. They are a very cute couple. And true, probably Supercorp will never happen because usually we do not have more than one gay ship in a tv show. Orphan Black has many lgbtq characters and Sense8 too. Supergirl is a different tv show, I am not comparing Supergirl and OB or Sense8 just to be clear.. I am just saying that this should not be a limit. Love is love. Two LGBT couples in Supergirl would be epic. I feel sad when I read this comment because I know it is a fact but I also think we can change this.

4. “You should support Sanvers and not SuperCorp. Sanvers are canon! We need good representations!”

Yes, we need more representations. After what happened with Clexa (my babies), after all the discussions about the BYG trope and the revolution of the @lgbtviewersdeservebetter movement, we all known we need good representations. And Sanvers is a very positive representation.
But that doesn’t mean that I cannot support Supercorp. I am honest. I prefer Supercorp. If you make me choose between Supercorp and Sanvers, I will always choose Supercorp and I have my reasons, but I support Sanvers too. I don’t understand why Sanvers and Supercorp shippers are fighting.. we should be allies. I am not saying everyone must ship Supercorp or that everyone must ship Sanvers. I am saying we should not fight as we are fan of two LGBT couples. One is canon and the other is not, but Supercorp should not be invalidated just because it is a fanon ship.

So.. why don’t you say you don’t like supercorp and period? You don’t like Lena, maybe. You prefer Kara with Mon-El or James. You prefer Lena with a man or alone. You don’t ship anything because you cannot feel the chemistry or you just don’t like them together.. it is valid. Don’t come here and say I should not ship Supercorp because Kara is not gay or because we have Sanvers and we should thank the producers for them.