Buddy is spitting out the straight truth right now on Twitter. I am so proud to call Senses Fail my favorite band, they’re using their stage time as a platform to talk about the real issues in between playing their music. Not only do more bands need to stand up and speak out, we, as fans, need to do the same. If you hear a band on stage talking about these issues, don’t walk away because you think they’re preaching and that they should shut up and play their music. Stay and listen to become more educated because we can make a difference as a whole in the music scene.

This Alesia Thomas story really is terrible. Hey, I’m not arrogant or anything, but I like to think if some crazy cop got caught ON CAMERA beating me to death while I was completely restrained they’d get more than 16 months in jail (and probably out in five with good behavior). Fucking hell.

like a year ago the same ppl sharing m*r*d*th gr*v*s’s dumbass Why I, A Smart Person, Like Wrestling piece were making fun of ppl ex missv who made queer wrestling fanzines or those of us wrestling (lo) with it as materiality of White Trash Hell but

lemme just stand right here and call: I have BEEN a cenationalist and I am waiting for them to “discover” it

I look forward to the day when

A woman can wear the sexiest clothes and walk down the street and men don’t even notice her and she has to strike up a conversation with some average chump in hopes of finding companionship.

Selective Service, conscription and circumcision are things that you read about when studying barbaric civilizations of the past.

Generations of women are born who only know about women who sought rich men because they read about it in the history books.

A woman ignores a man in distress and never gets allowed to live it down.

The captain of a cruise ship tells embarking passengers, “If the ship is sinking, children and pregnant women get out first, men and women line up in an orderly fashion behind them.”

A gang of women beating on a hapless drunk guy in the street get mobbed by a larger crowd of angry women.

A woman reads a book about how men were once expected to be brave and go initiate a conversation with a woman and she wonders what frigging alien species this is.

A woman starts off a conversation with “Men are…” and five other women glare at her, and she has to choose her next words very wisely.

The Crown Princess of <pick your country> weds a businessman, rather than the exact opposite.

Making fun of a man being beaten by his wife gets a comedy show taken off the air.

Feminism is not going to bring about that kind of world. Only egalitarianism can do that.

If you are truly for equality, you shouldn’t automatically dismiss someone’s opinion for wearing a different label than yours. Feminists, egalitarians, whoever you are we shouldn’t let the names blind us and pin us against each other. Instead, we should all be working for equality just under different names and in different ways.

Prisons that withhold menstrual pads humiliate women and violate basic rights
Stains on clothes seep into self-esteem and reinforce powerlessness. That’s why wardens keep sanitation just out of reach.
By Chandra Bozelko

Everyone laughed when Piper Chapman emerged from the shower during the first season of Orange Is the New Black with bootleg shoes made of maxi pads – and inmates do sometimes waste precious resources like sanitary products with off-label uses. At York Correctional Institution in Niantic, Connecticut, where I spent more than six years, I used the tampons as scouring pads – certainly not as sponges, because prison tampons are essentially waterproof– when I needed to clean a stubborn mess in my cell.

That should not lead anyone to think that sanitary products are easy to come by in jail. At York, each cell, which houses two female inmates, receives five pads per week to split. I’m not sure what they expect us to do with the fifth but this comes out to 10 total for each woman, allowing for only one change a day in an average five-day monthly cycle. The lack of sanitary supplies is so bad in women’s prisons that I have seen pads fly right out of an inmate’s pants: prison maxi pads don’t have wings and they have only average adhesive so, when a woman wears the same pad for several days because she can’t find a fresh one, that pad often fails to stick to her underwear and the pad falls out. It’s disgusting but it’s true.

The only reason I dodged having a maxi pad slither off my leg is that I layered and quilted together about six at a time so I could wear a homemade diaper that was too big to slide down my pants. I had enough supplies to do so because I bought my pads from the commissary. However, approximately 80% of inmates are indigent and cannot afford to pay the $2.63 the maxi pads cost per package of 24, as most earn 75 cents a day and need to buy other necessities like toothpaste ($1.50, or two days’ pay) and deodorant ($1.93, almost three days’ pay). Sometimes I couldn’t get the pads because the commissary ran out: they kept them in short supply as it appeared I was the only one buying them.

Source and rest: guardian.

I think MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way) needs a major reform movement. I’ve got a few starting ideas.

MGTOW has begun to catch fire as a movement. Its google presence has exploded in the last 2 years and more men are silently starting to consider the facts and belief system behind MGTOW. As MGTOW marches inexorably toward numerical legitimacy, however, it suffers from a toxic level of anger that threatens to destroy its credibility.

Serious reform of the movement is desperately needed, now, so MGTOW can free itself from the male version of the “a woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle” radical feminist mindset. Only through reform can we achieve the success that the Herbivore Man has achieved in Japan. 

Here are a few of what should become many, many reform ideas, as other MRAs see this and add in their own ideas.

1) Completely refuse to accept the separation of men into hierarchies (alphas, betas, etc.) even as we acknowledge and point out the fact that women do separate men into these hierarchies. “He’s a beta” is not something we should ever think or say; “women classify non-aggressive men as betas” is something we should point out and use as a starting point for explaining why this hierarchal system is wrong.

1a) Clarify that men are not things and should not be classified into hierarchies. MGTOW is about freedom from such things, and avoiding women who (verbally or nonverbally) classify men in such ways.

2) Completely abandon the classification of women by their weight and/or looks. Referring to women as a 3/10 or a 10/10 according to her looks is treating her like a product or a thing, which is what we’re trying to free men from. Plus, rating a woman in this fashion means we are ignoring her personality altogether. If we cannot outgrow this silliness, how can we expect women to outgrow it?

2a) Put an end to comparing Western women against foreign women. There are only three types of women - hypergamic, misandrists (the “I hate men” crowd), and egalitarians.

3) Abandon the notion that all marriage is bad and all female companionship is risky. This is identical to feminism’s “don’t tell me all men aren’t like that” madness. MGTOW needs to continue to point out the fact that the system is biased against men, but without broadbrushing women. This broadbrushing blinds them to the good women who don’t practice hypergamy and indulge in the female privilege incurred by male expendability. Some women even vehemently oppose that culture - these women are our allies. Saying no to all long term relationships unfairly tars them as well.

4) MGTOW should focus on the message that:

A) Each individual man is free to define masculinity by his own terms, and no one else has the right to decide that for him.

B) Women who subconsciously or verbally classify men into alpha/beta/etc hierarchies should be avoided. They cannot be reasoned with, the only thing a sensible man can do is keep his distance from this toxic creature.

C) In the context of romantic relationships, men need to focus on egalitarian women, instead of writing off all women.

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Shout out to little_barista (Instagram account) who captured this speech.

“If you don’t want to hear me talk about women’s rights, go fuck yourself. If you don’t want to hear me talk about racism and homophobia, go fuck yourself. I AM NOT here to make friends with bigots, racists, and scumbags.”


“I will not apologize for not feeding the ego and pride of misogynist society that will have my body in an underwear but not be okay with a small leak.”

Rupi Kaur’s photo of a fully clothed woman lying in bed with a period stain on her clothes and sheets was deleted twice by Instagram. Instagram’s guidelines prohibit nudity, sexual acts and violence — none of which are shown in Kaur’s photo. 

The photo is one of many on her website, which show various situations that all women experience during their menstrual cycle — cramps, changing pads, spots of blood. Kaur’s project aims to take these image, which are natural to women, but taboo to society, and “make them "normal” again.“

Learn more about Kaur’s story here.