According to a Gallup poll released Friday, half of Americans consider themselves “pro-choice,” marking the first time in seven years that the position has a “statistically significant lead in Americans’ abortion views.” This shift is simultaneously a big deal and also kind of irrelevant. The poll itself asked Americans to identify their “preferences for the extent to which abortion should be legal,” which is a very different thing than asking whether or not they would tell a person seeking an abortion that they can’t get one. Put those questions to people, and the black and white labels tend to fall away and the deep grays really come out.

For the first time in 7 years, “pro-choice” leads in polls. Is America finally rejecting draconian anti-choicers?

Seriously though Mad Max: Fury Road is the most feminist shit I have seen in a long goddamn time:

  • Disabled female in an active, independent role
  • Who can have ‘masculine’ characteristics without compromising her femininity (incredibly strong but not cold hearted)
  • Deals with important issues like rape and patriarchal oppression and possession
  • Even the ‘breeders’ were engaged and involved in the progression of the action and story- they were not just there for the male gaze or using ‘female fear’ to convey tone
  • They did not sexualise the female body?? the only time they showed a breast was when women were breastfeeding or expressing milk a.k.a what breasts are actually for
  • brilliant matriarchal biker gang
  • Furiosa saves Max multiple times
  • Max concedes the gun to Furiosa because he knows she is the better shot and doesn’t let any sort of male ego get in the way
  • Still hinted at a romance between two minor characters- showing you do not have to abandon themes of love or compassion to make a hardcore fucking film about tough ass ladies
Peru's Congress Forces Rape Victims to Have Babies

Peruvian women have long-fought for the right to their bodies. “I had an abortion because it is my right,” reads the sign in the photo, taken at a protest in 2009. | Photo: EFE

A woman who tries to abort herself risk up to two years in prison. If she was a rape victim, she “only” faces three months.

The Peruvian Congress rejected a bill Tuesday, which proposed decriminalizing abortion for pregnancies resulting from rape. “It has been decided to shelve this bill, which was proposed by civil society groups that aimed to decriminalize abortion, based on criteria proposed by the Congress committee that the basis of the right to life is from the moment of conception,” said conservative Congressman Juan Carlos Eguren. About 64,200 signatures had been collected by local women’s rights groups in 2014 so the bill would be debated in Congress.

The debate occurred while pro-choice and anti-abortion activists were demonstrating outside of Congress in Lima. Pro-choice groups have argued that rape victims’ nightmares were made even worse with the law prohibiting public health services from providing the morning after pill. The law instead created an unequal situation where only the wealthiest could afford or have access to the pill from private providers, they claimed. Moreover, illegal abortions are often carried out in unsanitary conditions and represent one of the main causes of maternal death worldwide – 12 percent in Latin America in 2008, according to the World Health Organization estimate. However, conservative lawmakers, along with the Catholic Church, which has a strong influence on Peruvian society, argue that a fetus should be protected at all costs.

Just over half of Peruvians (52 percent) were in favor of the bill, a recent survey by Ipsos Apoyo in Lima revealed, while 67 percent approved it when the mother’s life is in danger. The latter is the only case of abortion allowed in Peruvian law, called “therapeutic abortion.”

Source:- http://www.telesurtv.net/english/news/Perus-Congress-Forces-Rape-Victims-to-Have-Babies-20150527-0048.html

Why I’m Pro-Life (Pro-Woman)

by Meagan

Editor’s Note: This is the third perspective in our new mini-series, “Pro.” To read more about the series and the abortion debate, click here.

Abortion is one of the most hotly debated issues in politics today. In fact, it’s sure to come up during any candidate Q&A, interview, or political discussion in general. It’s an issue that leaves the country split nearly 50/50.

Now that we’re talking politics, I’d like to tell you that I am an extremely political individual. I’ve been involved in campaigns and issue advocacy since 2008, have a degree in political science, am so obsessed I’ve begun pursuing my master’s in the subject, and am very active in the sphere today. So are you ready to read all about abortion and politics? You’re not going to here. Abortion supersedes politics.

Abortion is an issue of social justice, human rights, and of course, women’s rights. I am 100% pro-life.

I believe that all humans of every sex, race, creed, religion, sexual preference, chosen profession, and so forth are created with immeasurable value and worth. Every single one of us is beautifully and wonderfully created with an inherent right to pursue our dreams, exercise our freedoms, and live a life we so choose. All of these rights begin with the most basic of all—the right to live. How can all of our other rights and freedoms be secure if some of those among us are first denied the right to live?

Since this is a blog for females, let’s take a look at it from that perspective. I mentioned women’s rights, which I’m sure has most of you thinking the same thing: “women’s rights usually involves the right to choose.” Let’s consider the pre-born baby girl, who at 18 days has a heartbeat, has detectable brain waves around day 42, can feel pain around 8 weeks, and will have all her reproductive organs including her eggs in place around week 16. What about this baby girl who will soon enter the world and begin her own pursuit of dreams, success and achievement? She too has rights and worth, just as all other women. If her rights and value depended solely on her mother deeming her worthy as such, she wouldn’t have any at all. None of us, not one, got our rights because our mother deemed us worthy. We were created and developed full of wonder and worth. Another individual, not even our mothers, should strip us of those rights. We are our own people.

“What about abortion for the mom who is facing an unplanned pregnancy in a difficult situation?” I am not here to deny that in this very imperfect world some mothers become pregnant by mistake and some may be in very difficult situations in addition to being pregnant. Those scenarios make me incredibly sad and I do feel empathy. However, ending the life of the baby does not guarantee an improved situation. Post-abortive women often times find themselves in heart-wrenching situations. According to the National Life Center, 88% of women feel depression after abortion, 85% feel grief, 70% experience uncontrollable weeping and 56% experience suicidal feelings. The stories of women who experience depression, regret, anxiety, sadness, and wish to undo their decision after abortion are abundant. Seeing that most of the women who undergo the procedure are left with such emotional trauma and regret breaks my heart. Women deserve better.

I’d like to point you to the story of an incredibly brave lady named Gianna Jessen, who suffers from cerebral palsey, a painful condition that creates difficulty with muscle movements and speech, as well as several other health issues. Gianna was adopted into a loving home that provided emotional and physical support for her condition. She has since traveled the world and even run marathons. At the age of 12, Gianna ‘s adoptive mother decided she was ready to learn the truth behind the struggles she faced: she was born after a failed saline abortion, coming into the world at 2 lbs. and spending the first few months of her life in an incubator. Her cerebral palsy was also a result of that. How could any of us tell Gianna that abortion was in her best interest?

On the issue of rape and rape/incest, many in the pro-life community tend to make exception. I think of Rebecca Kiessling, a successful attorney, who was adopted after having been conceived in rape. She writes often about how it causes her great sadness to hear of all the people who believe that she deserved no protection or rights during her time inside her mother. She once wrote “I did not deserve to die for the rapist’s crime.” Could any of us look Rebecca in the face and tell her she has less of a right to live because of her father? I’m sure Rebecca’s birthmother sacrificed to carry her daughter. I believe with all my heart that it must have been an incredibly difficult position, but would Rebecca or her mother been better off had her mother chosen abortion? Absolutely not. The post-abortive trauma mentioned above would have only added to the hurt her rapist caused her.

I know that every day thousands of women face heart-wrenching situations related to their pregnancy, whether it is the rape or rape/incest situation, an abusive relationship, a divorce, or countless other situations, but abortion is not the solution. Yes, that leaves me to say that some situations will never be resolved or leave the mother feeling satisfied or normal, but we unfortunately live in an imperfect world. Know that there are resources dedicated to helping crisis pregnancies such as resource centers, adoption agencies if the mother so chooses, and other various ministries to provide counseling and needed supplies.

Before I conclude, I’d also like to briefly explain that I truly empathize for women who are pregnant and scared. In February, my husband and I discovered we were expecting our first child. We have been happily married for about 4 years, and have steady jobs and income. Yet, in the midst of my surprise and joy I still felt really scared. If I, someone in a secure relationship with the means to provide for my baby can feel anxious, I can only imagine how someone with challenging circumstances may feel. As I stated above, please know that there is help and support for women, their babies, and anyone else involved in challenging situations.


City Worker defends Trans Woman who was attacked for using self defense. Police clear woman. Mens Right Activists and other Social Victim Shaming ensues to sway public opinion away from trans safety concerns in the city to not hurt tourism and outside opinions.

The Gross part of everything is the attempt to demean woman from stopping violence when initiated at us. The attacker was put into a bouncer hold and mildly scuffed up. What happened to a woman who is not so well trained that they must do actual damage to stop the attack or even use a gun? What then, if soft control takedowns are being called unfair by men, then the issue of misogyny is even more serious than people realize and that must be fixed.

End the Stereotypes End the Stigma

Hello Gemlings. This is N.J here, close friend of Rosie Universe and before I leave Rosie’s Tumblr I wish to share something very close to me.

Stereotypes. What are they? Their things that tell society what you should or have to like, do, say, think and wear based on your gender, age, race, weight, height, looks and religion in order to find your place in society and THAT is wrong. For thousands and thousands of years these stereotypes, these labels, these poor accusations on life have been used to build the world we live in today. For example, if you were to ask a person, “What is your definition of a female?” and just about anyone you pick would probably say that a female is too sensitive, too emotional, cause drama, are moody brats on their period, always wear makeup etc. And the same thing goes for a man as well. Some might say that men are insensitive, suppose to be strong, they use their hormones instead of their brain, that all men like a girls body more than her personality, all men love sports more than family or church, etc. And sadly the same thing goes for people with mental issues. 95% of people think that those who go to counseling or take antidepressants are crazy, want attention, want to kill people, want others to feel sorry for them, need to get over themselves, won’t let things go, the list goes on and on. But that’s not always the case. We need to end this. End the stereotypes….. End the Stigma.

I am a 17 year old girl and I suffer from Chronic Depression. I found out I had this illness back in January when I was put back in the hospital. I know it seems like a hard thing to believe but it’s true and for a long time I’ve been embarrassed and ashamed to admit it. I’ve often kept it a secret and pretended it wasn’t there. I’ve been afraid to tell people because I’m scared that people I care about will treat or think of me different once I told them. It’s because of these stereotypes that I’ve kept it hidden. But I’m not ashamed anymore. I would never hurt anyone, I love and respect everyone, and if you feel the need to no longer treat me the same or be around me, now that you know this, then YOU are the one in the wrong NOT me. Depression isn’t fake. It’s not a joke or a gag for attention. It’s real thing that it very hard to control. It’s not something that you can “get over” within 24 hours. It takes time and care… and loving patients.

Poll: Most Americans Identify as ‘Pro-Choice’ for the First Time in Seven Years (via rhrealitycheck):

For the first time since 2008, significantly more Americans described themselves as “pro-choice” than “pro-life” in a Gallup poll asking for their position on “the abortion issue.”

Fifty percent of survey respondents said they were “pro-choice” while 44 percent said they were “pro-life” in answering the question, “With respect to the abortion issue, would you consider yourself to be pro-choice or pro-life?”

The other 6 percent of respondents either said they had mixed views, that neither label applied, that they didn’t know what the term meant, or that they had no opinion. These responses were volunteered, and not given as options in the poll question.


“I will not apologize for not feeding the ego and pride of misogynist society that will have my body in an underwear but not be okay with a small leak.”

Rupi Kaur’s photo of a fully clothed woman lying in bed with a period stain on her clothes and sheets was deleted twice by Instagram. Instagram’s guidelines prohibit nudity, sexual acts and violence — none of which are shown in Kaur’s photo. 

The photo is one of many on her website, which show various situations that all women experience during their menstrual cycle — cramps, changing pads, spots of blood. Kaur’s project aims to take these image, which are natural to women, but taboo to society, and “make them "normal” again.“

Learn more about Kaur’s story here.