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Investing in Women and Girls is Investing in Our Future

In partnership with San Diego State University Graduate School of Public Health, Tumblr is hosting Scholars of Change, an op-ed series dedicated to featuring the voices of academic experts on the issues most impacting our communities. Today, we have Dr. Elizabeth Reed here to talk about the importance of investing in women and girls for the future.

Women and girls experience substantial economic, social, and health burdens due to being born a girl. Worldwide, women and girls receive fewer opportunities than males for education, employment, and political leadership.

In some places, women do not have access to banking or financial services, and are not allowed to own property. Globally, women are more likely to live in poverty and earn less than men for the same work. For example, in Bangladesh, women earn 12 cents for every dollar earned by men; women earn 62 cents per dollar of men’s income in Germany and 79 cents per dollar of men’s income in the US. 

Women and girls are also often deprived of their freedom of choice. Many women and girls have limited control over decisions related to marriage, sex, family planning, and their own health care. Additionally, 35% of females worldwide experience physical or sexual partner violence or non-partner rape. In multiple countries, up to 75% of females experience such violence. 

Other forms of violence include child marriage, honor killings, and sex trafficking. As a result of these deprivations of opportunity and freedom of choice, women and girls suffer from a number of poor health outcomes including malnutrition, mental health concerns, infectious diseases (e.g. HIV, other sexually transmitted infections), chronic health issues (e.g. cancers, asthma), unplanned pregnancy, and conditions such as fistula (caused by pregnancy complications). 

In addition, globally, 830 women and girls die every day from maternal mortality, yet almost all of these deaths are preventable with resources invested to ensure all women and girls have access to adequate medical care prior to and during delivery.

Altogether, it is a mistake to ignore these economic, social, and health burdens on women and girls. In places where there is more equity between males and females, we see the benefits on everyone in the community. Supporting human potential, progress, and health will require a future where the world invests fully in women and girls.

Want to take action?  Here are some organizations that support women and girls:

Global Giving

International Center for Research on Women

Women’s Empowerment International

World Pulse

- Elizabeth Reed 

Read more about Dr. Reed here.

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