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How Wednesday Addams Would React To Catcalling

Don’t tell Wednesday Addams to smile.In a new episode from the web series “Adult Wednesday Addams,” created by Melissa Hunter, Wednesday follows two dudes home to teach them a lesson after they catcall her. In true Addams family fashion, Wednesday effortlessly scares the men with her piercing tone and sardonic comebacks. (And the three terrifying friends she brought with her definitely helps.)

Watch the full video here and see the catcallers get some of their own medicine. 

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Women Fit Wednesday

#WednesdayWisdom: Solange Knowles received the Rockstar Award at this year’s Black Girls Rock! Awards. “Black women make me feel invincible. It’s the way that we walk, the way that we talk, our soul, our sway, our grace, our roots. It’s our secret language with one another. The way we uplift each other at our best and our worst." 

"And know that Black girls truly in my opinion are the most poppin’ and that Black Girls Rock!” -Solange

Swipe for the next picture of Ibtihaj Muhammad, the recipient of M.A.D. (Making A Difference) Girls Award. Muhammad is the first Muslim-American woman to medal at the Olympics. She earned a bronze medal in fencing in 2016.

The best fictional relationships are based off of characters who compliment each other, not one character who revolves around the other.  Make sure your female character’s life does not centralize around her significant other.

This week will feature a double entry. I couldn’t decide which set of photos to showcase. So, here’s the first set. These photos are from Gooseberry Intimates. I couldn’t stop thinking about these photos. They have a surprising sensuality to them. Which is effortlessly expressed by this woman. But, these photos aren’t an exception. All of the shoots that I’ve encountered have that same quality. So, obviously I concluded that she was the source. Then, I started investigating her. What about her that gives off that vibe? What does she do to acquire this qualities? Does she do it on purpose? Or is it just some natural aura surrounding her? An accurate resolution requires further analysis. Nonetheless, she is an amazingly gorgeous woman. Drop dead gorgeous.

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