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When I moved to L.A., away from New York, it was so many things changing all at once. So it was a big adjustment. I moved homes, I switched jobs, I moved cities….and it was really good. It was like a complete overhaul. I had been in New York for six years straight, and before that, for three years, and I felt like I really wanted to live in L.A. and experience that.” Leighton Meester for WWD.

On March 22, 1967, a party to celebrate Twiggy’s first trip to the US was held at Bert Stern’s photography studio. Edie was in attendance. She wore a black mini-dress with feather trim, along with a wig underneath a black pill-box hat - A few days later, on March 26th, 1967, Edie wears the same wig and hat during the Central Park Be-In scene in ‘Ciao! Manhattan’. James W. Brady, of Women’s Wear Daily, dubbed the young Twiggy as a 'Paper Girl’ in his report on the party. “'Twiggy copied me two years ago,’ lamented Edie Sedgwick, America’s original Paper Girl.” Women’s Wear Daily, March 23, 1967

When I was a kid I would get excited by things that flew but then I hit middle school and realized it was not a fast track to having a girlfriend. [Bird-watching] It’s a natural version of ‘Pokémon Go,’ which I despise. It gets you out of your own head and you start to notice surprising little things [in nature].