women's wear

The top 100 fashion infographics of 2015 - Women’s Edition

(Check out the 2015 Men’s Edition here.)

01. A cheat sheet to color pairing
02. What goes first - a make up routine guide
03. Pout palette to match your complexion
04. 5 ways to braid your hair
05. The acne charts
06. Decoding dress codes
07. Make up expiration guide
08. Every dress worn by Best Actress Academy Award winners
09. How to do winged eyeliner
10. The best pixie cut for your face shape
11. The ultimate female collars fashion vocabulary
12. How French girls pick their shoes
13. Eyeliners for your eye shape
14. Know your Victorian looks
15. What color eyeliner should you wear
16. The ultimate bra fashion vocabulary
17. The 5 levels of business attire
18. How to contour your eyes
19. Beauty serving size: The ultimate guide to how much product you really need
20. A guide to organising your wardrobe
21. Lacebraided updo in 4 easy steps
22. Anatomy of the Ballet Flat
23. How to create the perfect cat eye for every occasion
24. DIY bun in 6 easy steps
25. Basics of a classic wardrobe
26. The perfect dress length formula
27. Necklaces and necklines 101
28. The correct order to apply eye shadow
29, 10 shoes every woman should own
30. Dress neckline styles - a visual glossary
31. The 12th century lady’s wardrobe
32. Choosing necklaces for necklines
33. Lipstick fashion through Chinese history
34. A visual compilation of braids
35. 6 coats that will stand the test of time [2/6]: The Trench Coat
36. The ultimate glasses fashion vocabulary
37. How to tightline eyes
38. A visual glossary of braid types
39. Fashion brand timelines (1850-2000)
40. The ultimate buns fashion vocabulary
41. The best bra for your body shape
42. A guide to perfecting lip liner application
43. How to braid
44. 10 Summer Haistyles - Part 1
45. Necklace lengths and glossary
46. A step by step guide to an easy Chignon
47. A visual glossary of shoes for women
48. Decode the dress code (Women’s Edition)
49. The pretzel belt knot in 6 easy steps
50. Everything you need to know to find the perfect hairbrush
51. The most flattering hemline for your height
52. Expiration dates for every beauty product
53. How to strike a pose like a fashion blogger
54. How to do winged eyeliner for 4 different types of eyes
55. How to: The twisted braid crown
56. How to keep your strapless bra from falling down
57. How to remove armpit stains
58. Make up brush guide
59. The only 8 bras you’ll ever need
60. Wardrobe decision guide
61. A guide to skirt length and shoe selection
62. A cheat sheet to choosing the right wedding dress
63. 10 commandments of personal style
64. The heel dictionary
65. The essential brush guide
66. Guidelines to shaping eyebrows
67. Twisted headband in 3 easy steps
68. Faux fishtail braid
69. Finding the perfect bra
70. The right hairstyle for every occasion
71. Conceal your dark circles
72. A guide to friendship bracelet charms
73. Fish-tail braid technique
74. How to pair necklines with accessories
75. How to never regret a purchase
76. Eyeliner for beginners
77. 10 Summer Hairstyles - Part 2
78. Wedding dress 101
79. What to wear for the job interview
80. Easy no-sew ways to refashion a T-shirt
81. 10 shoes every power woman should own
82. The history of hair
83. A guide to makeup brushes
84. How to get the perfect flick
85. The ultimate guide to maintaining your beauty
86. The ultimate wardrobe checklist
87. Summer Vacation Packing Checklist
88. 7 ways to do your eyeshadow
89. The ultimate trousers fashion vocabulary
90. DIY Winged Eyeliner
91. Smokey eye look
92. Lingerie for your body type
93. Everything you need to know about hairbrushes
94. Corset silhouette timeline 1900-1919
95. How to organise your closet
96. The ultimate fabric care cheat sheet
97. How to give yourself a 1940s manicure
98. A cheatsheet to zit-busting
99. How to: French braid
100. A visual glossary of boots