women's uprising

“A group of young Jewish resistance fighters are being held under arrest by German SS soldiers in April/May 1943, during the destruction of the Warsaw Ghetto by German troops after an uprising in the Jewish quarter.”


أنا مع انتفاضة المرأة في الوطن العربي؛

-لأنني أؤمن في المساواة بين الجنسين.
-لأن واحدة من كل أربعة نساء يتعرضن للتحرش بينما المجتمع لا يزال يسأل عن ما كُنَّ يلبسنَ.
-لأن الذكور لا يزالون يخجلون من أن يكونوا منفتحين عاطفياً لأن المجتمع زرع في عقولهم فكرة أنَّ إظهار العواطف هي شيء للإناث.
-لأنني اكتشفت أن أسوأ إهانة يمكن أن تُقال لِرجلٍ عربي هي “انت بنت”.

I’m with the women’s uprising in the Arab World;

-because I believe in gender equality.
-because one out of every 4 women gets harassed in the street but society’s still concerned about what they were wearing.
-because males are still ashamed to be emotionally open because society has taught them that it’s a “girl thing”.
-because I discovered that the worst insult any Arab man can hear is “you’re a girl”.

Janina Forbertówna was a Polish resistance fighter who took part in the Warsaw Uprising against Nazi occupation in 1944. Using the codename ‘Jasia’ she worked as a liaison officer in the communist partisan Armia Ludowa, or 'People’s Army’. What became of her after the failed uprising is unknown.

أنا مَع انتفاضة المرأة في الوطن العَرَبي لأنَّ أبي وأخِي يَخجَلان مِن ذِكر اسم أمّي وأُختي أَمامَ النّاس.

I’m with the women’s uprising in the Arab World because my father and brother are ashamed to mention my mother and sister’s names in front of people.

I chose feminism because I believe in equality between genders.
because I’m against gender roles, men who need a woman to get their shit done are not “cute” and are nothing but spoiled little brats
because my virginity, my body hair and how I dress up are none of your business
I chose feminism because I’m not a sex machine nor a baby producer I value much much more than that
because I don’t need a man to validate my self worth, I already know what I’m worth
because in some countries raped women are forced to spend the rest of their life under the same roof as their assaulter
I chose feminism because a woman who speak up and raise her voice is a whore
because in my city a woman was beaten by her husband the night of their wedding because she didn’t “bleed” in the intercourse
I chose to speak up because an 8 year old Yemeni girl dies of internal injuries at hands of 40 year old husband on their wedding night
because vagina is not a dirty word and my periods are not disgusting
because more women need to speak up and speak for their rights
I chose feminism and everyone should do the same

I think the power of abortion rights movements stems from their nature as a collective uprising of women. The female body is a means of production, to borrow the Marxist term, and women are rising up and seizing it, regaining control of what is rightfully ours. This is why guaranteeing abortion rights is such an important part of overthrowing the patriarchy. 

Obviously that’s a very broad look at it, and abortion rights/reproductive justice can definitely be viewed through the lens of individual and bodily autonomy as well, this is just another way of looking at it.

It's on video, Tamir Rice was killed in 1.7 seconds with no warning whatsoever. He was 12 and had a toy gun. The cop involved had a history of ineptness and recklessness on the job. He also got caught blatantly lying about what happened in the shooting before he realized CCTV filmed everything.

And authorities deem all this “reasonable” and will punish no one involved.

أنا مع انتفاضة المرأة في الوطن العربي لأنني إمرأة ولست حرمة.

I’m with the women’s uprising in the Arab world because i’m a woman and not a Hermeh*.

—  *Hermeh: a derogatory offensive term used for women in arabic, indicates slavery and entitlement of women to their husbands.

أنا مع انتفاضة المرأة في الوطن العربي حتى يبطل في دقيقة صمت كل ما تنولد بنت.

I’m with the women’s uprising in the Arab World to stop the moment of silence whenever a female is born.