women's suiting

Hopping onto that marriage train because goshdarnit I’m so gay for these two

Kobayashi is crying because Tohru is so beautiful. Tohru is crying because she’s so happy. I’m also crying

I’ve seen repeated accusations that trans people who post selfies are arrogant or narcissistic. Do you know why we do it? Every day, we go out and are told our gender isn’t valid; there is something wrong with our bodies. Every day we see ourselves represented on TV by cisgender people who will never know what it’s like to be trans. Every day we have to deal with comments online about how we are bathroom predators or sexually confused. When we are able to represent ourselves in ways that we want to, that actually allow us to articulate our own identities to the public, only then can we finally be affirmed. Selfies give us space to show how we want to be seen against the continuous misrepresentation. With selfies, we are finally allowed some autonomy over our bodies, narratives, and lives. I’m going to go ahead and take all the selfies I want to. You should too.