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Don’t tell me I’m beautiful. I have already heard the word rubbed raw across the flesh of so many girls before me. Thrown at them like rocks that beat the skin of those we do not understand. “You are beautiful,” we yell with such contempt. “God dammit, why won’t you just believe me, you’re beautiful!” It is not a compliment. It is a victory march of your own self sacrifice. “You’re beautiful,” we say through gritted teeth. “You’re beautiful,” we spit out through tears, looking at a reflection we hate. “You’re beautiful,” we say, holding a body that has never felt the arms of another. “You’re beautiful.” Don’t tell me I’m beautiful. A word like that floats on the surface, give me something with depth. Tell me I’m intelligent. Tell me I’m courageous. Tell me that when I laugh the whole world smiles. Tell me that my voice is sweeter than strawberries. Remind me that my hands have helped flowers grow, painted the ocean, and captured the sky in my phone. Assure me that with a mind like mine, I can change the world. Don’t tell me I’m beautiful. I don’t really care if it’s true. I’ve spent years trying to convince myself that beauty goes through and through. Don’t tell me I’m beautiful. I’ve felt the word splatter against me enough for a lifetime. I am better than the “beautiful” that slips from your lips. I am the ocean, 36,000 feet deep. There are parts of me you have never seen. I am outer space, infinite in your search. I am not simply “beautiful.” I’m a fucking masterpiece.
—  unknown
Top 10 LWC Overall

1) TAKANASHI Sara JPN 1455
2) ITO Yuki JPN 1208
3) LUNDBY Maren NOR 1109
4) ALTHAUS Katharina GER 776
5) VOGT Carina GER 723
7) KLINEC Ema SLO 630
10) WUERTH Svenja GER 497


8th of March - International Women´s Day

Ladies of ski jumping (inspired by @be-my-jude) part 4 - Magdalena Pałasz (29.08.1995), Poland

Madalena debuted in the WC on the 6th of december 2013 in the Mixed Team Competition in Lillehammer, the other team members were Joanna Szwab, Maciej Kot and Kamil Stoch. 

On the 11th of October 2014 she became the first winner of the Polish Women´s National Championchip that took place in Szczyrk-Skalite.

instagram: magdalena_palasz