women's running half marathon

Women in Tehran protest marathon rules, risk arrest and run their own race

  • After what could only be months of training, a group of female runners checked their emails a few weeks ago to find that they wouldn’t be allowed to run in TehRUN, a 26-mile marathon that took place on Friday.
  • According to the Independent, the marathon’s organizers informed the women they were being banned from the race because of a rule that says men and women can’t participate in sporting events together. 
  • The outlet reported there had been “several confusing updates” on the race’s official policy, but in essence, organizers said any woman who wished to still compete in TehRUN would have to run on an indoor track if they wanted to run the full-distance marathon. 
  • On race day, however, it emerged that women could take part in the 10 kilometre run but not the half marathon or full marathon, and those still wishing to complete the full distance would have to use an indoors sports stadium track instead. Read more. (4/10/2017 3:20 PM)