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Here’s What Men Really Think of Powerful Women

A new study reveals that female higher-ups intimidate subordinate men in the workplace and prompt these men to display more assertiveness.

Researchers came to this conclusion after conducting three separate studies on the relationships between women in superior roles and men in inferior roles. In the first study, men and women were told to negotiate their salaries on a computer, and half of the participants corresponded with a hiring manager named “David” while the other half corresponded with a hiring manager named “Sarah.” The men who worked with Sarah seemed more threatened than those who negotiated with David and responded with more aggressive salary counteroffers.

The findings also revealed that women were not found to be threatened or likely to put forth a counteroffer based on the gender of the hiring manager.

UN: Act to Empower Women in Conflicts

The United Nations and member countries should tackle problems that women in armed conflict endure around the world. This year marks the 15th anniversary of Security Council Resolution 1325, a landmark resolution on women, peace, and security, which the Security Council will debate in October 2015.

 The UN, governments, and all parties involved in all negotiations, including mediators and facilitators, should act to ensure women’s participation, treat women’s rights as a priority in negotiations, and see that women’s concerns are reflected in final agreements.

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GOP plan to defund Planned Parenthood stalls in the Senate
A procedural vote on a Senate bill fails, but fears are high of a government shutdown in the fall.
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“Senate Democrats on Monday blocked a Republican-backed effort to strip federal funding from Planned Parenthood following the release of undercover videos raising questions about its practice of harvesting tissue for research from aborted fetuses. 

The procedural vote on a bill that would immediately halt funding to the group fell short of the 60 needed to proceed. Democrats vowed to filibuster the bill, and Republicans were unable to peel off enough support to counter it. The final tally was 53-46.

But GOP leaders have made defunding Planned Parenthood a centerpiece of their agenda going into the summer congressional recess, and some Republicans have said they are willing to force a government shutdown in October if federal support to the group is not severed.

Democrats have portrayed the move to defund Planned Parenthood as an assault on women’s health. Federal funding for abortions, they note, has already been outlawed for decades; the bill under consideration in the Senate would block Medicaid reimbursements and federal family-planning grants that support cancer screenings, birth control counseling and other aspects of reproductive health.”

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There’s a great dearth of empathy and moral imagination in politics. We see it when politicians with gay children come around belatedly to the view that gays and lesbians deserve equal treatment, or when they take pride in Confederate symbolism until a white supremacist massacres congregants in a black church. Progress might not be so halting if people had wider horizons, which is why encouraging them to see their priorities reflected in distant tragedies is a valuable thing. But only when the connections are real.

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Do you believe in Equality?

First consider this:


Then there is this:


Youtube removed it. 

original link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FIMWly8o3dg&index=1&list=PLGY8IYFGr3TLAxPcMi5TPPyMcv1HF4lAL

If enough people send feedback to youtube (pictured) it may help them reconsider their policy, which not only propagates a shameful attitude, and double standard, regarding the female body but silences those trying to change it.

Lets also remember a lot of these social media sites unnecessarily take their cues from the FCC, which still fines broadcasters for even a slip of the evil female nipple. Those of you living in the US can file complaints against unnecessary censorship here:  


There also has to be push back against groups like the Parents Television Council, who file complaints and campaign for censorship after anything they don’t like on TV.  They were the ones who spearheaded the wave of complains against Janet Jackson’s SuperBowl incident. 

That was over 10 years ago, attitudes are starting to change. For this to work we have to band together and push for the same kind of influence, which will help push North America in to a more equal, less puritanical, society. One that is no longer shaming women for exerting the same body freedom as their male counterparts. Whether it’s just having fun in the sun or breast-feeding their children without incident. Hopefully we can grow to the same level of maturity many of our European friends have achieved. 

Lets make change!


FROM THE VAULT: Blythe Baird - “Girl Code 101” (NPS 2014)

“This is not female privilege; this is survival of the prettiest.”

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Today’s Google Doodle: Ida B. Wells!

Ida Bell Wells-Barnett (July 16, 1862 – March 25, 1931) was an African-American journalist, newspaper editor, suffragist, sociologist, and an early leader in the civil rights movement. She documented lynching in the United States, showing that it was often used as a way to control or punish blacks who competed with whites, rather than being based on criminal acts by blacks, as was usually claimed by white mobs. 

She was active in women’s rights and the women’s suffrage movement, establishing several notable women’s organizations. Wells was a skilled and persuasive rhetorician and traveled internationally on lecture tours.”

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