women's reading glasses

An educated



                                                  black woman

can do yoga.  There is nothing to it but to do it. 


“The history of science is, like so much else, a human history,” writes Genevieve Valentine. “ It’s not surprising that some scientists who contributed invaluably to the field have been kept out of the dominant narrative because they were women, and they were considered anomalies of their time.”

This year, two books highlighted overlooked contributions from women scientists – check out Genevieve’s essay on Hidden Figures and The Glass Universe here.

– Petra

Woman’s Most Formidable Weapon, Los Angeles Herald, December 23, 1906

Glasses are prosaic things at the best, and therefore a handicap in the way of a love affair.

In the first place, don’t read on the car on your way down town. But, you say, the only chance you get to read is on the car. Then give up your reading, for it is much more important for a woman to be pretty than learned.