women's pro league

on income inequality

we’re already pretty accustomed to income inequality - in the US, women make $0.77 to men’s $1. 

then we shouldn’t be surprised by the disparity of income in professional sports. depending on the sport, women make an infinitesimal fraction of their male counterparts’ salaries. 

the fact of the matter is: salaries are based on salary caps, funding, ticket sales, etc, and most women’s pro leagues are in their infancy. at this point in time, women can’t be paid as much as men.

that doesn’t mean it’s fair. women are just as talented, just as athletic, and just as powerful. they’re doing the same things, but being paid way less. 

a bit part of the problem is media coverage. less coverage means less exposure, which means smaller audiences, smaller fanbases, fewer tickets sold, less money, fewer sponsorships, tiny salaries. it also means that fewer girls are seeing their potential role models and are less inspired to take part in sports compared to boys, which leads to fewer high-caliber female athletes. it’s a vicious cycle. 

so the question stands: what can we do about it right now?

we can throw on our jerseys, attend games, and cheer our heads off. we can advocate, support, and spread the word. we can encourage the media to cover women’s sports. we can volunteer as coaches and instructors and encourage young girls to play. we can raise awareness.

that’s how it worked for men’s sports and that’s how it’ll work for women’s sports, however many decades late we may be. 

disclaimer: the figures and charts above may not be not visually accurate, may not display the most up to date information and are based on basic research. view them as interpretations, not fact.