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Name: Molly
Age: 25
Country: USA

Hi, I’m not all that new to the penpal word. I had one when I was younger and thought it was the coolest thing.

I’m currently working on my Graduate degree. I’m a women’s soccer fan, I watch men’s as well but sometimes their flopping becomes to aggravating and it’s nice to watch the women’s game and see the fundamentals and knowledge shine through. I watch all of the different women’s pro leagues throughout the world but as far as the men’s side goes, I’m a Chelsea fan.

I love bulldogs, the ocean and sharks. Shark Week is possibly my favorite time of the year. I really enjoy reading about history but get into anything as long as it’s interesting or has a good story line. I have a huge movie collection and like looking into conspiracy theories (especially JFK ones). I have been attempting to teach myself German as my paternal great-grandfather is from there and I have just always enjoyed learning about Germany in general.

Hmm, I love hiking and being on the water and just in nature. I want to get into backpacking but have no idea how or where to even start. I just recently became a pescatarian and would be interested in sharing tips and recipes with someone. I also think it would be cool to have a penpal from Germany. But honestly I am fine with anywhere, including the US, especially if you live in a different area than I do.

Preferences: Over 21 but other than that I really don’t care about age as long as we share the same interests.
English speaking is a must, I know enough German and Spanish to be a little conversational but at this point it would be easiest to use English first and foremost.
I would prefer email first so we can get to know each other but then I would love to move to snail mail as well!
Anyone from anywhere as long as you are open-minded.

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In today’s society for a Black Man to love, adore, and marry a Black Woman says a lot and speaks volumes! For the Black men who love Black women:

Go ahead and tell everybody “I’m the Man”

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Won’t hide my tail or turn and run
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