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Blake Bolden, a player for the NWHL’s Boston Pride, says she hasn’t been a member of the U.S. national team pool since 2014, so when she saw the USA Hockey email in her inbox Wednesday, “I didn’t even have to open it – I knew what it was about, and I thought, ‘Well, the national team women must be doing something right for things to get to this.’

"It’s a bit desperate by USA Hockey,” Bolden added. “They’re going so far as to email every hockey player they can think of, or every player that was in the USA pool that they previously cut and told they were never going to reach out to again. And everyone I know is telling them, 'I support the national team.

trans women who love other women are 150% valid and worthy of respect and acceptance

trans women who love other women are 150% valid and worthy of respect and acceptance

don’t you just love girls with big thighs? curvy girls with wide hips, large feet, and round bellies? girls who have cellulite, stretch marks and folds? girls with full lips, crooked teeth, and braces? girls who don’t shave? girls with flat noses, small eyes, oily hair, and dry skin? girls who can’t find makeup to match their skin tone because it’s dark? girls who are thick in all the “wrong” places? girls who are ugly according to eurocentric beauty standards?? 

I know I sure do. 


Virginia McLaurin, woman who danced with the Obamas, is celebrating her 108th B-Day and witnessing history

108 years old and she still got the game! Just think of the history of racism, bigotry, prejudice, and ignorance this woman has seen and experienced! And still being so enthusiastic and dignified considering the period she has lived through!

You can’t see her past on her face! It’s all about the present day for her!