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i am heartbroken that michael and zac left, but sue me if i’m trying to stay positive because we gained aisha porter christie, a black woman, who also wrote for orphan black, and (idk how relevant this information might be, but) celeste vasquez, who was assistant director and writer on the originals for 4x07, the episode that featured freya and keelin’s first kiss (also she has a picture of yorkie and kelly from san junipero on her twitter header so that’s always a good sign). plus the writers have always collaborated with glaad when approaching the issue of lgbt+ rep on the show and i doubt they will suddenly stop now considering how important malec is. so, even though we lost two openly gay writers, i’m gonna keep a positive outlook and hope that it’s not gonna come back to bite me in the ass.

Just realized why the pics of Lena, Kara, and Sam in the same room seemed odd to me. Like I honestly don’t remember the last time I saw 3 powerful women in a room together. Alone. Introducing each other as business magnets/reporters/professionals. I’ve seen similar introduction scenes a thousand times but it always includes a man. Usually, it’s all men.


Costume and Make-Up Tests with Lucille Ball & Desi Arnaz for I Love Lucy

Control. Olivia Pope

This episode surprised me. When I saw thepreview I was not excited or jumping out of my seat for the next episode orwaiting on the edge of my seat for Thursday but was okay yet somewhat indifferent towards it, but after watching this episode I actually enjoyed it for one simple reason; Olivia Pope.

The past two episodes have not had enough Olivia and the thing with scandal is that it NEEDS Olivia to thrive, so for this episode it purpose was to show that Olivia Pope is working on herself in order to find her way back home; because that is what she wants like Huck. Huck did not kill Sue just because he misses blood; Huck has been through the ringer and deserves some happiness, which is what he is fighting for like Olivia. I find it interesting that we have not yet seen Huck take Olivia under his wing and guide her but their situations is parallel.

Because the last episode did not have enough Olivia, I have decided to combine both episodes to get a better view of where Olivia is at mentally. Love that Fitz is still looking after Olivia though I am annoyed that he is doing so by Jake, has he not learned anything? 

The last episode did not have enough Olivia but dear Ms. Lois most certainly helped Olivia with dealing with her issues regarding her kidnapping. Lois talked about her one true love, and how she has waited all her life for her and doesn’t mind waiting just as long as she has her. How could Olivia not compare Lois’s love for Rose to her love for Fitz because Lois cracked her hard shell that she has been wearing, especially in the presences of Fitz

  Olivia has all these feelings, emotions and anger that she has to sort out.

Control; when I think of Olivia Pope I think of strong, intelligent, successful, beautiful black women who is ALWAYS the most powerful women in a room, who commands respect without asking. Which is why when Lena Dunham character opens the door and says “oh my gosh, it’s Olivia Pope! Am I in trouble” she automatically knew what her name means and that she must be in trouble for the Olivia Pope to be at her doorstep.

 Olivia Pope is always in control, she is the handler, the fixer, but since the kidnapping she has lost that control and in turn lost part of herself. When Sue tore into Olivia she made it clear that Olivia is not herself and even she can see that, she is no longer the fierce gladiator but a scared woman who has just went through something traumatic though she is not aware of that.

I love that scene or monologue that Olivia gives to Sue about control, about how her teacher stole her autonomy, power and has made her into a shell of the women she once was. As always Olivia’s speeches often mimic her current status and how she has to fight for her power, fight for control that her kidnappers took.

So the question is how can Olivia Pope go back and be the formidable Olivia Pope? Olivia is always in control, always the most powerful person in the room except when in the room with her father and Fitz. Two men who make her feel powerless and sometimes out of control but for completely different reasons.

Ever since the kidnapping, Olivia has not been herself understandably, they the kidnappers did not just kidnap her but they have kidnapped her hopes and dreams of the future, they kidnapped who Olivia Pope was and who she could be. Understandably she is angry, and suffering. She is angry that they stole from her; they stole her happiness, her hopes of the future, her belief that the President is perfect. Suffering is a word that I would use to describe Olivia and her guilt that is slowly eating her up alive. So yes, the men who held her hostage took her control and stole from her but at the end of last week’s episode we saw Olivia slowly working on herself and this episode is simply a continuance of that work.

In order for Olivia Pope to work on herself and fight for her control and power she needs to feel like herself and how does she do that; by gaining control. Going back to work and gladiating you can feel the energy and see it in her walk though she is not back she is making improvements and feeling strong and powerful is just the way to do it.

The second way…

As I mentioned Olivia is powerless when in the room with the two most important men in her life; her father and Fitz.

Rowan represents her fear: you are worthless, you are foolish, no one will ever love you; you will and have destroyed the man you claim to love.  I feel now more than ever that Rowan’s words are playing in Olivia’s head and perhaps it is Rowan behind the war (doubtful)

Olivia has and is working on her fear that her father implement inside her by channeling it, remaining strong…

Olivia’s final way of gaining control is Fitz. Fitz has so much power of her and the same can be said about Olivia having power over Fitz. When Lois talked about Rose and her love for her and how she will wait forever just as long as she has her, this cracked Olivia’s hard outer shell she has in the presences of Fitz. 

Fitz takes control from Olivia but it is a different kind of control, with Fitz she is able to let her guard down, she’s not the Olivia Pope, but simply Livvie. Fitz has a way of comforting Olivia where she feels comfortable enough to crash and not having to worry about picking up the pieces. When Olivia looks at Fitz, he feels like home. She never had a home after her mother left and what she thought of home is now no longer in existence, but with Fitz she knows what home is supposed to feel like, what it is supposed to entail. 

Vermont is Olivia’s happy place; this is what she if fighting for like Huck; home.Olivia did not dream about vermont jam and Fitz just because she likes the scenery Olivia saw what a home is supposed to feel like; what true happiness is supposed to encompass.

How perfect would it be for Olivia to run into his arms and ask him to take the pain away; to kiss her and remove all the fear, and worry that clouds her mind. But sadly it’s not that simple at least for Olivia; not right now. Olivia is flailing and every time she looks at Fitz or his name is mentioned she is reminded of what they have, what they could have had, and what has happened to have them get to this point ***note in the last episode she kept her phone next to her and even in this episode her phone was always by her side. Waves of emotions come swarming right back to Olivia. After having a flashback of her captivity she runs but soon returns to the sexy man and THANK GOD he is good looking. Olivia had one mission, which was to sleep with someone anyone and gain the control and power that Fitz has over her. Olivia wants her life back so bad but she feels there have been too many casualties so she the hell with love and decides to depend on lust.

Notice how she pauses for a moment as if saying ‘ am I really doing this?’ But she quickly shakes it off because she isn’t Olivia Pope, she is Alex. By sleeping with the sexy stranger that is black, we can see that Olivia is trying to dissociate herself from Fitz and all ties to her real world hence the name Alex who is sexy, carefree and enjoys casual sex; Alex is fun and exciting , adventurous not sad, and scared. Olivia’s purpose is that by sleeping with the man it can remove Fitz from her mind and ease her pain; alleviate her yearning and longing to be with him; but more than that Olivia is looking for control, she might not be able to control how she feels about Fitz or her current predicament and what has happened to her but she can control who she is sleeping with and how. Olivia is currently controlling the narrative to her story and is slowly picking up the pieces that is her life. 

This episode was okay as all of them have been but I would have enjoyed MORE Fitz and how Olivia felt after sleeping with the man. Did she feel better? Was there instant gratification or did she feel worst?

I believe this is going in the right directions and I feel that Olivia is still fighting for herself and peace that is her troubled mind. Trying to remain optimistic .

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