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Women in Tech Network

If there was a tumblr network for women in tech would anyone be interested in joining? Basically what would happen is that once you become a member your url will be added to a masterlist so that other people can find and follow you and you can find new blogs to follow as well.

I noticed that there seems to be a lot of women who’re interested in computer science and technology on tumblr but there isn’t much interaction in the community so I’d like to take some steps to change that. If there’s enough interest we could even start to do things like weekly tag challenges and maybe even things like monthly hangouts and coding challenges!

Anyone interested in joining can send me an ask and I’ll start adding names to the masterlist!

Sexism in the IT industry

Today, while I was checking my emails and notifications on Twitter, Facebook, etc… I noticed I received an email on LinkedIn from someone who I recently accepted the invite thinking we would have a professional chat.

However, this is what I saw:

Nothing can piss me off more… How can people want to see more women in the IT industry if this is the kind of comment we get?

It is not the first time I get comments on what I look like rather than on what I am capable of but receiving that on LinkedIn is maybe even more pathetic.

Who cares who’s hot, who’s not? I love programming, this is my passion and THAT is what matters and this is what I would like people to see in me.

How do you want to fight the impostor syndrome of telling yourself “I got the job just because I’m a woman” if the only thing people tell you is like “Oh, you’re doing IT…?”, or “You don’t have the face of someone who’s into robotics”…

I’m really fed up of the idea that women just need to be sexy and this is it. Sexism is still present in the industry and pushing women away from programming careers. This is just sad.

i am working on a chapter about home abortions, medical abortions, and i am amused excited by the fact that misoprostol, the main medicine in medical abortions, was first discovered to be an abortifacient by brazilian women.  it was originally prescribed for ulcers.  and was recommended to not be used by pregnant people in the 80s.  well, women figured out that it was great for ending pregnancies.  and then doctors caught on after a few years.  which goes along with my contention that women/people will find a way to end a pregnancy no matter what laws or social restrictions you place on them. they always have.  so even if abortion is illegal, and the catholic church condemns it, relatively poor women in brazil will figure out that ulcer medication causes abortions and then pass that info on to other women through informal networks or communication, until it becomes relatively common knowledge among certain communities of women, and the doctors are some of the last to know.  

i wish i knew who those people were in brazil, who first discovered what misoprostol was truly good for.  id like to honor them in some way.  i wish i knew their names.  true explorers.