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‘Supremes’ - Models: Senait Gidey, Maria Borges & Jessica Strother | Photographer: Sebastian Kim | Stylist: Charles Varenne | Hair: Diego Da Silva | Make-up: Fredrik Stambro


6 selfies from 2014 💕💕💕
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I’m multiracial and both my parents come from closed adoptions so I don’t know much, other than that my mother is half black with south Asian ancestry and that my father is czech-romani.
That’s a lot to explain to people who ask, so i generally just identify as a woman of color. I love that term and it holds a lot of power, strength, beauty and solidarity for me. I think it describes me and my blended background perfectly.

2014 was great to me (and my hair)!! I’ve never loved or accepted myself more.

Model: Aline Weber | Photographer: Txema Yeste | Fashion Editor: Franck Benhamou | Hair: Laurent Philippon | Make-up: Violette | Nails: Carolina Guzman | Designers: Alexander McQueen, Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci