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Fabulous & Functional Golf Attire for Women

1923 Golf Fashion (Pinterest.com)

2017 Golf Fashion (outfit by Golftini) (golf.com)

From full brimmed hats, long skirts, white blouses and oversized woolen jackets/sweater to functional, fashionable, breathable and light weight colorful skorts, polos, sweaters and jackets, golf fashion has certainly seen some major changes over the past 90+ years.  

And to all those involved in this transformation, I say THANK YOU! I remember the days that it was so impossible to find fun women’s collared shirts that I ended up raiding my dad’s closet in an attempt to find something fun and then trying to shrink it down to my size—not an awesome plan :-)–and for the bottoms, well let’s just say those pleated knee-length khaki shorts were anything but stylish or flattering.  Todays clothing, as a whole, is way more fun, fashionable all while being comfortable and easy to play in as well as clean.

After doing some research, I went to the expert, Becca DiBona, the head of buying at my club (thank you, Becca!!!) for golf fashion and functionality tips as well as a lesson in the brands that are excelling in the various clothing areas—pants, shirts, outerwear, etc.

Enjoy, good luck and happy shopping!!

Top Women’s Trends of 2017:

1 . Athleisure– For example: leggings under skorts and ¼ zips and full zip tops that you can wear to the gym or on the course

**Top brands for this: Nike, Footjoy, Zero Restriction

*FootJoy Lisle Half-Zip Sun Protection ($85)

*Zero Restriction Abbey Wind Jacket ($185)

*FootJoy Ankle Length Leggings ($85)

*Anna Nordqvist in Puma (golfweek.com)

 2.  Printed Skorts- Bright prints that make an impression!

**Top Brands: Golftini, Vineyard Vines, Peter Millar

*Golftini Derby Performance Skort ($120)—I own this one and it is one of my favorites paired with a white or navy sleeveless golf shirt (Goldtini Sleeveless Zip Tech Polo—comes in white and navy ($80)

*Golftini 17” Scallop Skort ($118)

3. Sun Protection- Shirts with SPF in them is becoming a necessity for the summertime.

**Top Brands: San Soleil, IBUL

* San Soleil UV 50 SolTek Zip Polo in Lemon Zest ($88)

*San Soleil UV 50 SolTek Print Polo in Pebble Watermelon ($96)

Check back tomorrow to see what is trending in the world of men’s golf attire and please send in some of your personal favorite pieces and/or brands.  The more we share, the more we learn, the more we know; fabulous fashion should be shared.  We all look forward to hearing from you!!!