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Collection’s Highlight: Pair of Silk Shoes with Patten 

During the 18th century beautiful silk shoes faced the mud, muck, and whatever else was on the street.  To try and keep these shoes clean pattens, sometimes called clogs, overshoes or uppers, were made to cover and lift the shoe out of the muck.  

This pair of 18th century shoes from our collection has only one patten left, but it is still really neat to see.  I wonder how well these pattens would have actually worked as they are not remarkably tall. Both the patten and the shoes have tabs that would have been fastened by ornate pins or buckles.  According to the donor’s family history these buckles were silver and sold in the past during “hard times.”

Pair of Shoes with Patten, 1740-1770, Leather, Silk, L: 8.25 xW: 3 in. The Fenimore Art Museum, Cooperstown, Gift of Miss Lulu Beers, New York, N0152.1962(02). 


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