women's downhill

In loving memory of 5sos. They ain’t dead but their careers will be. 🐸☕️

My boyfriend’s mom who came to Israel from Iraq, told me how her parents sold any kind of valuables they had and walked away from property they owned so they could live freely in Israel. They never looked back. Now he father actually liked living in Iraq when the British were there, learning English and working for the paper. But when the British were gone, that’s when things went downhill. Women weren’t allowed out of the house and had to be covered. The men had to dress like Arab men though they were treated as less. Violence against the Jews just kept growing.


Tyler Oakley and his viewers raised over £500,000 for the Trevor Project.

PewDiePie and his viewers raised over £300,000 for Save the Children.

The Project for Awesome raised over £700,000.

Emma Blackery and her viewers raised over £20,000

Jim Chapman and Alfie Deyes have vocally supported the #HeForShe campaign.

Hannah Hart did more food bank meet-ups and released a book.

Grace Helbig is releasing a book. Mamrie Hart is releasing a book. Zoella is releasing a book. Alfie Deyes released a book. 

Tanya Burr and Zoella have a beauty range.

Jim Chapman worked with ITV and Joe Sugg worked with Sky1.

Dan and Phil have a Radio 1 show.

Jack and Dean are doing live shows.

MirandaSings is touring much of the world.

Troye Sivan and Caspar Lee starred in Spud 3.

Troye also released TRXYE.

Bethany Mota is starring on Dancing With The Stars.

TheFineBros have a show on Nickelodeon

Shane Dawson is releasing a film.

Grace, Hannah and Mamrie released Camp Takota.

Look how many amazing things are happening regarding Youtube - this is to name but a few. 

Now; Alex Day, Sam Pepper and VeeOneEye have been called out on sexually assaulting women. 

Youtube isn’t going downhill, just a few bad things have been exposed. Don’t let those few things get you down about the community.