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Swinging London, December 1966.
Four Models Strolling Through The Streets Of London, Wearing Creations From The Olive Line. The Clothing Line Displayed Here Was Created For The Needs Of The Film Maroc 7.


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anonymous asked:

Hi Monica. I live in a small town in a very socially conservative part of the country. Consequently dressing in women's clothing requires shopping on line. However I would love to know whether some clothes or shoes fit prior to ordering them. Were you or are you hesitant to shop in public? If not how did you overcome your initial nervousness? I love your websites and find them inspiring.

HI - great questions, and ones I have a lot of experience with and thoughts about.  

For starters, understand the key differences between typical male and female measurements.  Isabella De Carrington has some excellent insights on her blog (see https://isabelladecarrington.tumblr.com/post/161862558886/decarrington-dressing-guide-part-one  and some of her other entries). 

First, the most important thing is knowing your key measurements:  hips, waist, ‘bust’ (basically from armpit to armpit), and shoulder to shoulder.  If you’re in doubt about an item of clothing, ask the seller for those measurements.  Stretchable fabrics will be more ‘forgiving’ than non-stretch ones, and sometimes you can do minor alterations to make clothes fit you.  

I was initially very hesitant to shop for my clothes, but overcame my stage fright by doing it a lot.  Still, I look around the store to make sure there’s no one I know, and I’m still hesitant to buy things like makeup unless I can go through the ‘self checkout’ lines at some stores.  But for clothing, I figure if a woman can shop for men’s clothing and no one bats an eye, then why can’t I shop in the women’s section?  

Also, women have had to overcome a lot of discrimination and repression over the years, and break out of stereotypical roles.  So having achieved a good amount of freedom and liberation, why would they want to put restrictions on me doing something as innocent as buying women’s clothing?  If they do have problems with it, then they’re being hypocrites.  Interestingly, I’ve only had a few times where a woman said something negative or sarcastic to me, or gave me that ‘funny look.’  But I laughed to myself because they were shopping in the XL & Plus section, while I glided around in the small & medium sections.  ;  )

Bottom line is, it’s no crime to buy the kind of clothes you want to wear.  As Eddie Izzard wrote, ‘They’re not women’s clothes. They’re my clothes. I bought them.’   

This woman tho. important person in resistance. looking amazing. damn.

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