women's champions league

A record 19192 fans came out to support PSG Féminines at the Parc des Princes and see them off to the UWCL final. Fantastic atmosphere throughout the entire match. Bravo.

Awesome to see PSG get so much support hosting the second leg vs Bayern. Well done, Paris! Fantastic match and turnaround.

PSG 4 - Bayern 0 (4-1 aggregate)

3′ Delie
13′ Cristiane
41′ Cruz
51′ Cristiane

I feel like Ashley Lawrence does not get enough praise??? She’s one of the most complete players in the women’s game right now - great on the wing, superb pace on and off the ball, great defensively, puts in great crosses, incredibly hardworking. Great college career, great for her NT (especially in Rio) and fit in perfectly with PSG.

Guys a Costa Rican channel bought the rights to the Women Champions league so we can see it live just because Shirley is in it.

THIS IS SO IMPORTANT, so much support this is like a dream and Im sure Shirley is so happy and is a huge step for women soccer in CR. This is the most important network in CR


It was a really good match today in Manchester! In my opinion, Olympique was superior in all the aspects and they had the control almost all the match. I was really excited to see Alex playing, and she didnt disappointed me at all. Quick and smart player. However, it was my second time seeing Carli play and I expected much more both times. In general terms, it was a pleasure watching Olympique play and all the international players. ❤❤