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Donald Trump apparently told his female campaign staffers to “dress like a woman.” So now, women all over the internet are telling him how women dress

Following reports that President Donald Trump’s female staffers allegedly felt pressure to dress “like women” while working on his campaign, women across the globe are speaking out against the myth that their workplace wardrobes should consist solely of skirts and heels. And their Twitter retorts, via the hashtag #DressLikeAWoman, have been pretty inspiring.


The New Women’s Nike Middle East Campaign is Impressive

إيش حيقولوا عنك؟

The global label cherry-picked five pro and sporting aficionados from a range of disciplines, including Parkour Trainer Amal Mourad, boxer Arifa Bseiso, fencer Inès Boubakri, singer Balqees Fathi, and figure skater Zahra Lari to star in a short film that explores the question “What will they say about you?” narrated by Saudi artist Fatima Al-Banawi.

My friend made a DnD group for newbies and while I have no idea what I’m doing, I know I’m proud of Athame, my Tiefling Druid.

#Disabled Women belong in Women’s History Month

March is Women’s History Month and I see support for women everywhere but yet very few posts adressing DISABLED WOMEN. 

Let’s fix this. Let’s flood the internet with selfies, if they somehow portray your physical or mental illness/disability, better. 

P.S. I don’t know if there´s a preexistent hashtag for this, if there is please lmk and let’s join.

Note: I just changed the gif for Frida Kahlo’s. There are no gifs featuring disabled women. And OF COURSE TRANS WOMEN ARE WOMEN. 

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What she says: I’m fine

What she means: Even though Deadpool has been confirmed as pansexual, there hasn’t been a lot of canon same-sex relationships in his history. We get subtle hints and see Wade be openly attracted to people of all genders but so far he’s only been in explicit relationship with women. Yes, there was his relationship with Cable but even then it might have been one-sided and it was never outright confirmed in the comics. Deadpool’s “true love” death is even represented as a women most of the time. Deadpool has had numerous relationships and there are plenty of occurrences in the comics where he flirts with women but his attraction to men and non-gender conforming people isn’t really shown in the same light. I want Deadpool to confirm his pansexuality in the comics and movies. Instead of creators confirming Wade’s sexuality and only giving subtle hints in comics, the creators should actually make Wade openly pansexual and have him in same-sex relationships.


Madeleine Albright didn’t mince words while speaking at a Hillary Clinton rally

While stumping for Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire, former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright seemed to send a message straight toward millennial women voters.

Watch the whole video here: http://on.msnbc.com/1UTMskw

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What do you think the good reasons to hate Trump are, then?

He’s an authoritarian nutcase. He abuses executive power. He doesn’t understand how the economy works. He’s a nationalist. He alienates other foreign leaders for no reason. He thinks he can run a country like he runs he businesses: doing whatever the hell he wants with no regard for consequences and punishing all who oppose him. He thinks if a poll doesn’t agree with him it’s automatically fake news (polling practices are far from perfect, but even the FOX poll shows a sharp divide in public opinion for his “extreme vetting”). He held up green card holders from their families and livelihood. He has said all manner of vile things about women. He launched his campaign with faulty statistics about immigrant crime rates. He suggested an unconstitutional religious test for citizenship. He suggested killing the families of terrorists. He has advocated for limitations of first amendment rights and freedom of the press. He routinely lies. He makes claims with absolutely no foundation. He’s a blustering populist with no regard for the Constitution or basic human decency. And he has really bad hair.


Gloria Steinem would like you to meet Alice

NEW YORK — Gloria Steinem sits in the ground-floor den of her brownstone apartment with a young Zambian woman visiting America for the first time.

The lives of the two women — one an icon, the other quietly charismatic — could not be more different, though the paths that led them here share common threads.

The 82-year-old activist struggled with a lack of formal education during her itinerant childhood on the road, fled an engagement to the wrong man, admits she’s living the life her mother never could, and is the entrenched face of a powerful feminist movement. Her house guest is 26-year-old Alice Saisha, who struggled to stay in school because of her family’s poverty, at 14 nearly wed a 42-year-old man, is living a life her widowed mother could never have dreamed, and is an emerging face of a powerful feminist movement.