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Women from the first all-female honor flight in the United Sates watch a Changing of the Guard ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington National Cemetery, Sept. 22, 2015, in Arlington, Va. There were 75 female veterans from World War II, Korean War and Vietnam War in attendance, as well as 75 escorts, who were also female veterans or active-duty military.

(U.S. Army photo by Rachel Larue/released)

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Hi, love your blog it's awesome, could you do a preference for the BoB guys on them falling for a nurse or Women's Air Corps member and asking them to marry them, please and thank you.

BoB Falling for a Nurse: 

Bill Guarnere: Bill would have been so overprotective of you right from the beginning of the war and he would constantly be taking care of you. If he ever thought things during the war were beginning to take a toll on you, like if you couldn’t help save someone and beat yourself up over it, he would be the first person by your side comforting you. You two would always be joking around together and it would be obvious that you guys cared for each other, he would always tell you that when the war is over he would take you to the Philadelphia Zoo for your first official date because awwwwww little baby. When he gets hurt though you would immediately become overprotective of him and you wouldn’t want anyone else near him because you would just need to make sure he was okay, also because you wanted to make sure he gets away safely. He wouldn’t want you to see him though because he didn’t want you to worry about him but you wouldn’t leave and would probably be in tears while holding his hand, he would reassure you that he would be there for your first date which would bring a small smile to your face.

Eugene Roe: He would know better than anyone else the stresses and hardships of being a nurse. I mean, we all saw how he was with Renee. If you ever lost it after not being able to save someone he would try to comfort you, even if this meant just sitting next to you in silence. You two would always have each others backs. Also, you would have to chase him around all the time to make sure he’s okay and to make sure he’s eating enough and sleeping enough, he would do the same for you. It’s safe to say that you guys would be a really great duo together, except when he would want to borrow your scissors and you would say no because I mean lets face it, he’s so cute when he’s angry/ sassy. You two would share a foxhole and even though he was freezing he would wait until you fall asleep before draping his jacket over you to make sure that you stay warm.

Buck Compton: Once he sees Toye and Guarnere on the ground after the bomb shell went off next to them he would be so just not okay. You would follow him to the small medic station, refusing to leave his side. At first he wouldn’t talk to you because he didn’t even talk to Malarkey when he went there to visit him but you would always bring him whatever you thought he would need/ want like any extra Hershey bars, blankets, etc. He would start to open up to you after a while and before he leaves he would confess his feelings for you and he would thank you for always being there for him through his hardest times. He would promise you that he would come back for you someday.

Warren Muck: Okay so personally, I think you and Muck would be best friends. This is only because he’s pretty much in love with Faye and he’s running out of people to talk to about her. When he realizes that you’re willing to listen he never leaves your side and this begins his long journey of talk about his sweet love and the long journey of your friendship. He would also ask you if you thought any of the guys were cute and he would try to set you up with them. When the two of you actually go off to war and you have to be more serious about your nursing duties, he would not talk about Faye as much as he used to but late at night in your foxholes you would secretly love it when he brought her up because it would take you back to the days at training which was really comforting to you. Whenever you were stressing out, he would try to joke around with you because he would just want to see a smile on your face. If that didn’t make you feel better he would find whatever food he could and attempt to cook it for you before he sat besides you in silence and made sure you ate. You would probably be close by when the bombshell hit his foxhole and you would be emotionally unstable because he was your absolute best friend and he was with you since the beginning so living without him was going to be hard and you’re a nurse so all you wanted to do was make sure everyone was okay. I believe this would tighten your bonds with Malarkey however because you both lost him.

Donald Malarkey: He pretty much loses all of his friends and I feel like you would want to help him because that’s your job but you just wouldn’t know how and you wouldn’t want to be overbearing so you would kind of just watch him from a distance to make sure that he was okay. At night you would walk over to his foxhole and you would ask him how he’s feeling even though you know the answer already. This would lead to you guys talking all night and it would take his mind off of things and make him feel better. Also, you guys would talk about all of the times you spent with Skip which would make you both start laughing a little before probably crying again. You two would be pretty much inseparable after that and would always be together. After the war is over and Winters talks to him about leaving you would be so upset because it’ll be the first time that the two of you are apart since Skip and you wouldn’t know what to do if you lost Malarkey too but he would promise you that he would find you one day.

Carwood Lipton: Right from the start you and Lipton would get along. You two are the glue that holds together Easy company, especially during their hardest struggles. He would admire you for how much you care about the men and how you would do anything to help them. I feel like he would always have a little crush on you but would never admit it because he wouldn’t want anyone to know and because he wouldn’t want you to get weird around him. When you fix up his cheekbone from his shrapnel wounds you would try to be really gentle with him, trying not to hurt him further and he would just glance up at with a little smile on his face. This would make you blush a little bit and you would ask him what he’s looking at but he would just shake his head a little bit and not say anything. I guess it would be pretty obvious to others that the two of you liked each other but you guys were oblivious to it.

George Luz: He would flirt with you endlessly but you would return his actions and flirt with him right back. At the same time though you guys would always be joking around with each other. You two would never be apart from each other and would most likely never be mad at one another because you just have so much in common. He would be lowkey protective over you. He knows that you can handle being a nurse but he just cares about you so much and he knows that if there is ever something bothering you, you would keep it to yourself because you wouldn’t want to annoy anyone else. Even though you two joke around all the time, he knows when he would have to be serious around you. This would usually only be if you were in a bad mood though. He would stay up late talking to you and anytime their was bomb shell droppings in Bastogne he would pull you down into a foxhole and hold you so close to him that it hurt.

Frank Perconte: Thank you to @lovingunderratedcharacters for helping me with some background of Perconte! Okay so he was one of the first four soldier that were assigned to Easy so this would have been the first time you guys meet. He would be confused at first as to why there’s a girl there but he would take this opportunity to talk to you before more people were assigned to the company. You two would get to talking before realizing that you have so much in common. After this you guys would always be next to each other. He would get really pissy when another guy would flirt with you and he didn’t understand why at first but when you flirted back with them then he would realize that you were never just a friend to him and that he’s always had stronger feelings for you. He would avoid you a little bit because he didn’t want to admit that he had feelings for you, he thought it would jeopardize your relationship. You would confront him though about how he’s been ignoring you and there would probably be a small argument between the two of you. This would lead to him blurting out that he likes you and you would just smile a little bit because you like him too.

Joe Liebgott: Joe would give you so many problems. He would constantly remind you of how the war is no place for a lady and he would be constantly told by the guys to shut up anytime he opened his mouth about you. Further in the war when someone you are close to is killed and you tried everything you could to save them you would kind of just sit there holding back tears because the last thing you want is for all of the guys to see you crying over someone. Joe would probably make a remark about how the person could have lived if it was Doc Roe or someone else trying to save them. This would kind of just push you to the edge and you would most likely be in his face screaming about how you’re sick of him and how rude he is. Little do you know, your little moment of screaming made him fall for you and he was crazy for thinking that you were just another girl. Later that night in your foxhole you would be kind of dozing off before you heard footsteps approaching and looked up to see Lieb standing above you. He would just look at you for a minute and would sit down besides you, ignoring you when you yelled at him to go away. For a couple of minutes he would sit there in silence before gathering his courage to apologize. After this night though he would be making sure you’re okay, not through you directly but through the other guys. Whenever you helped someone he would watch you in awe before just smiling to himself.

Joe Toye: So Joe is like a big tough guy but he would have a giant weak spot for you. If you were nervous about jumping from the plane he would reassure you that you would be okay and that he would find you when you get to the bottom. This, of course, he does. On the way down he didn’t take his eyes off of you and right when he hit the ground he ran to wherever you were to make sure you were okay. He wouldn’t leave your side once but when he and Guarnere are hit you almost lose it and you would have lost it if it weren’t for Toye telling you, like always, that you were going to be okay.

I’m sorry I left some people out, I think it was only Speirs but I was really excited to publish this :)