Hey mums who don't work, stop judging those of us who do.

Hey mums who don’t work, stop judging those of us who do.

Last week I’d managed to get a good chunk of work done so I hot footed it down to the supermarket by myself, a rare treat.

I bumped into someone I knew and she asked where my youngest was. At daycare, I said, because I work from home on a Friday.

I sensed a look of ‘well then why are you at the supermarket’?

For some reason I felt the need to explain myself, reiterate that I work from home and…

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5 things women couldn't do in the 1960's

1. Get a credit card: If they were unmarried, they could not have one, but even if they had a husband, the credit card would have to be cosigned. But, only the husband could sign off anything. It wasn’t until 1974 where women could have there own.

2. Serve on jury: Women could not serve jury because they were told to stay at home, and thought they would be to fragile to situations and to sympathetic for others. Not until 1973 women could serve jury in all 50 states.

3. Go on the birth control pill: the pill came out in the late 1950’s, was illegal in some states, and others only allowed for married women. This caused abortion to become a thing along with prostitution to be a more common thing. Not till several years later it was legal for all states.

4. Get an Ivy League school: Many women could not get into Ivy League school’s until 1979 at the earliest. When they became legal women were seen in a whole new way.

5. Equality in the workplace: in 1963 for every dollar men made, women made 59 cents less. Today still women get payed 23 cents less than men.