Transgender pilots will now be free to fly in the US
Jessica Taylor, a pilot for a Denver regional airline, was victorious after a battle with the Federal Aviation Administration to prove she was just as qualified to fly an aircraft as any trained person who has not transitioned.

I found that gender can mean the difference between captains believing you are qualified or not to fly the aircraft,’ she said, according to MPR News. ‘Over the past few years, many transgender individuals have lost their medical certification due to these outdated practices and policies, while also facing discrimination by the FAA.’

The FAA would previously require pilots to submit results of psychological testing every year in order to be considered to fly in the US. If you failed, you couldn’t fly. But now being transgender is no longer considered a mental illness, the FAA will allow trans pilots to fly planes without undergoing a time-consuming and expensive appeal process to prove they’re fit and able.

While this is a huge step forward for aviation, it has a caveat. The new policy will require additional paperwork and testing if a pilot has been treated with hormone therapy or had gender reassignment surgery less than five years ago.


Trans woman who served years in jail without trial launches fundraiser
Eisha Love—a 26-year-old transgender woman of color released in December, 2015 after serving nearly four years in the Cook County Jail without trial—has announced a youcaring.com fundraising campaign designed to help her get back on her feet.

On the campaign’s website, Love detailed her need for clothing, a laptop in order to engage in job training and resume dispersal, and assistance with her phone bill until she secures employment.

“Just being released from jail and starting over this really helps me make sure I don’t have to go back to the things I was doing before I got arrested,” Love told Windy City Times. “I’m trying to stay on the right path.”

According to Love, the future of that path involves speaking out to student groups alongside advocacy organizations and helping others.

“If another girl goes through the same situation as myself, I can help her reflect on her life,” Love asserted. “So she can do things in a more positive way.”

As of publication, Love’s fundraiser has already exceeded half its $5,000 goal.

“People have been so generous,” she said. “When I first put it up, I didn’t think that people would go as far as they went within one day. I was just so amazed and I really appreciate it.”

To donate to Loves campaign, visit: https:// Article Link Here .