women writers


Katherine Philips (1 January 1632 – 22 June 1664)

Also known as Orinda, Anglo-Welsh poet, translator, and woman of letters. She achieved renown as translator of Pierre Corneille’s Pompée and Horace, and for her editions of poetry. (Wikipedia)

From our stacks: Reprint of title page and poem ‘Song’ from Minor Poets of the Caroline Period. Vol. I. Edited by George Saintsbury, M. A. Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1905.

there will be times when I am quiet,

when I don’t seem myself,

when i will have forgotten who i am

or where i am going.

please don’t wish me 


it’s not that i don’t want happiness - i do.

it is part of my journey. but,

no one is happy all the time and

i don’t expect to be happy all the time.

heck, i don’t want or need to be happy

all the time.

instead, wish me faith and hope

so i’ll believe i can go on.

wish me joy. love, and peace

so i’ll have a reason to go on.

wish me courage and strength

so i’ll be able to go on.

wish me laughter and a sense of humor-

i will need them if i am to go on.

and then,

wish me well

– askeetedavis, 2014 –