women with bunny ears

art ideas, inspiration, notes to self...

because my imagination could do with a stretch.

♡ flora & fauna scaled way up or way down, alice in wonderland style
♡ women in costumes (bunny ears, fox ears, masks) 
♡ rainbows of various sizes in interiors
♡ feathers sticking out of the ground
♡ things on top of clouds
♡ flowers growing in improbable places
♡ strangely coloured things
♡ smoke containing things (birds, crystals, planets, galaxies, dreams, etc)
♡ heads or ankles with butterfly wings
♡ little monsters
♡ graffiti
♡ post-apocalyptic landscapes containing glitter 
♡ things coming from / growing from skin or mouths or hands or hair.. 
♡ frozen-over ice lakes, ponds, or seas, (and things on top of them, things reflected off of them… growing from them?…)
♡ tents…
♡ tents on boats…
♡ tents on boats on frozen-over ice lakes…
♡ magic carpets (good for interesting picnics & tea parties.. maybe for human friends of faeries…)
♡ references to LGBTQ+, mental health, cultural issues, awareness, etc
♡ things in jars
♡ jars hanging from things (clouds, trees, etc)
♡ freckles, lots of them. girls with lots and lots of freckles. 
♡ things indoors which aren’t usually indoors
♡ things outdoors which aren’t usually outdoors
♡ references to 90s toys, video games, etc
♡ things inside flowers (homes?)
♡ tools and accessories obviously crafted by mermaids
♡ oddly coloured seas
♡ animal, beast, ghost companions 
♡ TRANSPARENCY (make things transparent… trees, girls, etc..)
♡ look up weird plants, fungi, and rare flowers
♡ show below ground
♡ magic wands

Beginner’s Luck

Zelos takes his friends out for a night at the casino. Things go as well as you expect.

Fandom: Tales of Symphonia
Characters: Lloyd Irving, Colette Brunel, Zelos Wilder, Genis Sage
Rating: G
Mirror Links: AO3, FF.net
Notes: Written after playing TOS on steam - the casino minigames in paticular. My boyfriend was doing good as Lloyd with the blackjack game, and the image of Lloyd playing it was too fun. Also I’ll make something nice for Zelos someday, promise.

“Now watch, my hunnies, as I clear this place out!”

It was unclear as to who Zelos was ultimately talking to. The only girl in the group was Colette, who was busy being entranced by the fancy displays in the casino. Lloyd was there too, also more enraptured than his country-living brain could handle. Genis, the only one unfortunate enough to fully pay attention to the Tethe’allan Chosen, just sighed.

“So you’re gonna hit on every girl to the point that they leave?”

Zelos glared at the kid with a sneer. “Ha, very funny, brat. But hey, I’m feeling pretty generous, so I’m gonna show you uncivilized barbarians a few tricks to racking up the cash here.”

Lloyd seemed to have finally heard Zelos’ voice. “Can you stop it with the barbarian crap?”

“This place is so bright!” Colette commented, lost in her own world. “But, um, are we allowed to be here? The sign said only people who are 21 can enter…”

“Angel cakes, you worry too much. With me around, you guys are basically getting a free pass!”

“Is Regal even okay with this?” Genis asked aloud.

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