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Questions For LGBT Ladies #LGBTask

Here are some random questions pertaining to LGBT Ladies. Have others ask you or simply answer them yourself. Please reblog!

1. How do you define your sexuality?
2. At what age did you first realize that you like girls?
3. How out are you?
4. At what age did you first come out?
5. Who was the first person you came out to? How did they take it?
6. Has coming out lost you any friends?
7. What is your current relationship status?
8. How many gay friends do you have?
9. Have you ever been to a gay bar or a gay club?
10. Have you ever cut your hair super short?
11. How often do you wear flannel?
12. How much do you like cats?
13. Do you like skirts and dresses?
14. Do you like high heels?
15. Do you have any tattoos? If so, how many and where?
16. Is your nose pierced?
17. Are you more feminine or more masculine?
18. Have you ever liked or dated a girl with the same name as you?
19. Have you ever had a crush on a straight girl?
20. Ellen or Portia?
21. How accurate is your gaydar?
22 Would you ever want to get married?
23. Will you wear a dress for your wedding?
24. Would you ever want to give birth?
25. Have you ever watched The L Word?
26. Have you ever dated a guy?
27. Have you ever pretended to be straight?
28. How many rainbow items do you own?
29. Have you ever been to a pride festival?
30. Have you ever worn a woman’s suit?
31. Have you ever worn any men’s clothing?
32. Do you eat meat?
33. Do you consider yourself a feminist?
34. Who is your favorite LGBT celebrity?
35. Are you religious at all?
36. Where do you think is the best place to meet a potential lover?
37. What is your ideal first date?
38. How outdoorsy are you?
39. Is there any one male you would go straight for?
40. How well do you think LGBT women are portrayed on television?
41. How much makeup do you typically wear?
42. Have you ever been in a long distance relationship?
43. How many male friends do you have?
44. How long is the longest relationship you’ve been in? Are you still with that person?
45. Have you and a girlfriend ever been mistaken for sisters?
46. Do you carry a purse?
47. Have you ever wished you were completely straight?
48. Do you watch any lesbian YouTubers?
49. Do you like wearing combat boots or Doc Martins?
50. Have you ever been hit on by another female?
51. How athletic are you?
52. How many girlfriends have you had?
53. What is your opinion of septum/bull nose piercings?
54. Do you have any opinions on LGBT people in the military?
55. Do you believe in love at first sight?
56. Have you ever shared clothes with a girlfriend?
57. Have you ever been on your period the same time as a girlfriend?
58. How flirty are you?
59. Are you a virgin?
60. Do you listen to any LGBT musicians such as Tegan and Sara, Melissa Etheridge, or Chely Wright?
61. Have you ever been told that you are too pretty to be gay?
62. Have you ever used or would you ever want to use a dildo?
63. Have you ever used or would you ever want to use a strap-on?
64. Is there such a thing as “good” lesbian porn?
65. Have you ever had a one night stand?
66. Agree or disagree: Everyone is at least a little bit gay.
67. What personality trait are you most attracted to?
68. Boobs or butts?
69. Beer or wine?
70. What is your favorite lesbian movie?
71. Have you ever been personally discriminated against because of your sexuality? If so, please explain.
72. From 1-10, how attractive are muscular women?
73. From 1-10, how attractive are women who wear glasses?
74. From 1-10, how attractive are women who are covered with tattoos?
75. From 1-10, how attractive are curvy/plus-size women?
76. From 1-10, how attractive are women with short hair?
77. From 1-10, how attractive are masculine butch women?
78. Has a girl ever dumped you for a guy?
79. Lesbian couples tend to look alike. Why do you think that is?
80. Do you have any LGBT relatives?
82. Would you ever date a trans girl?
83. How has being out affected your relationship with women, in general?
84. Have you ever had a crush on a woman who’s much older than you?
85. Do you have any celebrity crushes?
86. What does equality mean to you?
87. If you could live your life all over again, would you still be attracted to other women?
88. What stereotype about LGBT women do you disagree with the most?
89. What advice would you give a girl who is struggling to figure out her sexuality?
90. What advice would you give a girl who is struggling to come out?