women v men

there is no armor in fnv that can top off the female raider painspike armor because the entire top is like two metal kitchen strainers holding the boobs with tape over the nsfw part of the boob like, there is no reason for that to exist yet it does and i respect the people that are willing to go to fashion extremes like that

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Thoughts on Rosvolio??

Oh. My. God.

I am all about me some hate ships.
I am all about me some historical ships.
I am all about me some arranged marriage ships.
I am all about tiny angry women v sassy snarky men.
I am all about me some soulmate ships. fight me


I am HERE for this show. I am HERE for this pairing.

Every little smile. Every little glance. 

Fucking kill me please like jfc…

And they’re both such sass Queens tbh. And so angry. And both smols tbh but they think they are tols? 

I’m here for the actual first kiss filled with anger and probably following a fight or they think they are about to die or something.

And then they pull away and he’s just like oh thank god because he has been in love with her since the first time they met lbr. And she’s just like oh my god I’m in love with him when did this happen? 

And then babies. Beautiful Rosvolio babies.


England women’s international Kate Cross took eight wickets in a Lancashire men’s league match.

Fast bowler Cross returned figures of 8-47 as Heywood bowled Unsworth out for 121 their Central Lancashire League fixture.

In April, 23-year-old Cross  became the first woman to play in the league in its 123-year-history

Cross, who also plays for Lancashire women, took 3-19 on her debut to help Heywood beat Clifton in April.


Men vs Women


Sistar’s theme song for “Some Men, Some Women”