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I love seeing men gush about their relationships and the women they love. It’s time for the whole trope of men hating being married/ viewing relationships as things holding them back. Amen for men uplifting their women and their relationship. Amen for men getting choked up and ready eyes thinking about the one they love. Amen for men thinking of the woman they are with as their best friend.

Capricorn Men:*Snotty pretentious assholes with a permanent stick up they’re asses*

Capricorn Women:*super hot hard-working boss ladies*

Taurus Men: *Overly Possessive Snoozefests*

Taurus Women: *Protective, and generous earthly beauties*

Virgo Men:*Egotistical player assholes who are simultaneously boring and extra*

Virgo Women: *Selfless kind uplifting beautiful angels*

Phrases to avoid at all costs when referencing women of color:

  • “Colored”
  • “Ebony” 
  • “Caramel”
  • “Brownie” 
  • “Cocoa” 
  • “Chocolate” 
  • “Exotic” 

Any word or phrase that reduces their appearance to skin color, or relates their skin color to food (or some other inanimate object), or anything that objectifies their racial identity/dehumanizes their racial identity is fetishistic, racist, and misogynistic. I understand that people are trying to disseminate positivity for all women, but please be careful when talking about women of color because language can lend itself very quickly to racist/fetishistic/sexualized territory. It is that kind of language that has been used against women of color, in the long, long history of white people (especially cishet white men) colonizing, trafficking, and commodifying the bodies of women of color. 

There are ways to uplift and celebrate the beauty of women of color without treating them as a monolith, sexualizing them, dehumanizing them, or infantilizing them. It’s very simple and easy. Finally, uplifting women of color isn’t just about emphasizing positivity for their skin color or shade - it’s also about racialized features (such as noses and body hair) that women of color are frequently mocked about and targeted for. 

If you, as a white person, do not think that you have the capability to avoid dehumanizing a woman of color or viewing her as an equal, refrain from trying to performatively spread positivity about her. Trust me - we don’t need it. 


Fellas, Y’all Gotta Stop Adding To The “Men Ain’t Shit” Narrative

  • Respect Women And Their Position
  • Stop Cat Calling
  • Stop Disrespecting Them When Things Don’t Go Your Way
  • Don’t Be A Creepazoid
  • Keep Your Hands To Yourself
  • Keep Your Comments To Yourself
  • Uplift & Support Them

I’m Sure More Can Be Added, So Feel Free

  • society: black women are ugly.
  • non-black women: 💅
  • society: black women are hoes and sluts.
  • non-black women: 💅
  • society: black women are goldiggers.
  • non-black women: 💅
  • society: black women need to stop having all these out of wedlock kids.
  • non-black women: 💅
  • society: black women are low class.
  • non-black women: 💅
  • society: black women are welfare queens.
  • non-black women: 💅
  • society: black women are loud and obnoxious.
  • non-black women: 💅
  • society: black women are uneducated and ignorant.
  • non-black women: 💅
  • society: nobody likes black women.
  • non-black women: 💅
  • Black woman: we have it so bad, society just loves to single us out and put us down. We need to uplift ourselves and each other as black women.
  • non-black women: why are you just making it about black women? You should try to uplift ALL women.

C: I don’t trust black men that have only dated non black women but wanna try and date me. I’m light skin and racially ambiguous and I know many of these coons consider that “as black as they’ll go,”😒  so I always ask, "Have you ever dated dark skin black women?” or “How do you feel about the way dark skin black women are treated?” Their answer determines if I block their number or not. I REFUSE to be with a black man that uplifts black women like me while demonizing dark skin black women 🤚🏽


The fact that he searched his name just to do this is pitiful, it just proves her point even more. Look this girl is beautiful, and by looks of it she’s handling this situation very well but the disrespect has to stop. What about all other the girls who look like her but aren’t as confident to handle such comments. They’ll be forced to believe that all men view them this way and that’s when the bitterness sets in. Its a vicious cycle that needs to broken. I commend this girl for continuing to hold herself high, being beautiful, and unapologetically black💕✊🏾

I just got back from seeing Wonder Woman and I loved it.  So good.  It was almost everything I ever could have wished for Diana.  

Almost.  Because fuck the decision to make Zeus her father.  I have hated this change in her origin story every since it was first introduced and even though it was largely glossed over and Zeus is a non-figure here, it’s still horrible.  There was something so powerful and beautiful about Diana’s original origin as a child of clay brought to life by Aphrodite.  It was a moment of women helping women and uplifting each other in a moment of great sorrow and longing and showed not only Hippolyta’s desperation for a child but Aphrodite’s goodness and grace in granting it.  And now it, like so many other things, is ruined by Zeus’ dick. 

Also, though, thematically it really does not make sense for Diana to be Zeus’ daughter.  “I choose love” she tells Ares before laying down a royal smackdown.  It is a moment for Steve Trevor and a powerful moment.  I am not taking away from that.  But imagine just how much more powerful that moment could have been if the Amazon history had gone a little different.  

Zeus creates man in his image to be good and kind.  Ares fills their hearts with hatred and drives them to war.  Aphrodite creates the Amazons to fill mankind’s heart with love and turn them away from war.  And for a while it works, but soon Ares gains the upper hand again and the Amazons are enslaved.  The gods go to war against Ares and he kills every one of them until only Aphrodite is left.  She defeats Ares but is unable to kill him and he flees.  With the last of her strength, Aphrodite hides Themyscira and leaves behind the Godslayer so the Amazons can stop Ares should he ever return.  

“I wanted you so desperately that I sculpted you from clay,” Hippolyta tells a young Diana.  “And Aphrodite heard my prayers and gave you life.”

So the movie continues on until Diana finds herself face to face with Ares.  She tries to strike him with the Godslayer but it shatters.  “You fool,” Ares tells her.  “The sword isn’t the Godslayer.  It’s you.  Only a god can kill another god and you are the child of Hippolyta and Aphrodite.” 

“I choose love,” Diana tells Ares.  And it’s a powerful moment as is.  But imagine how much more powerful that moment would have been if instead of just affirming Steve’s sacrifice, Diana was affirming the very reason the Amazons were created.  Affirming their creator.  Affirming her own sense of self and her place as a living legacy to the Goddess of Love.  

Imagine that moment.

Imagine that movie.  

Please support men of color. Please don’t forget that men of color face oppression, injustice and racism as well. Please don’t forget that men of color are fetishized, sexualized and forced into harmful stereotypes by media and society too.

As a community, we don’t need to just uplift women of color, but we need to be there for men of color as well because their struggles are also valid and real. Men of color are victims of murders, assaults and other awful things far more than we realize and I feel that’s being ignored.

So please, don’t forget that men of color are also walking this road with us too, and I think it’s awful to try to ignore their hardships and struggles.

Don't just love black pussy

Support black women
Uplift black women
Cherish black women
Grow with black women
Stick by black women
Learn from black women
Respect black women
Tell black women what they mean


anonymous asked:

You don't have a problem with the fact that many trans women on have been blocked because of transphobic women and then the app bended to the needs of men because they are trans?

I have a lot of problems with it. For those who don’t know: Her (an app that claims to center women) decided to start their Trans Awareness Week a social media takeover by Aydian Dowling, a white cis-passing trans man and bodybuilder. :/ I’ll be taking over its Instagram and Snapchat tomorrow.

Their choice to do this wasn’t appropriate at all. So tomorrow I’ll use their own platform to discuss how trans men need to navigate their own power and place in these spaces more carefully (along with many other topics). Aydian shouldn’t have taken the space either (to my knowledge he didn’t end up taking over their social media since I didn’t see him on it at all either). The app needs to rework its name if they want to include trans men (e.g. “the app for everyone besides cis men”), which is fine. Cis men aggressively dominate dating spaces in general so I think it’s appropriate to include anyone who isn’t one.

For more context: I’ve been banned from Tinder for being a trans woman. I’ve also been doxxed after texting a TERF from Bumble when she found out I was a trans woman. Her has been the most supportive app for me, despite its (and its users’) many flaws and despite there not really being safeguards for trans women being targeted on there. Given that, I also need to call myself out for being a cis passing white trans woman and recognizing that it’s easier for me than others to date as well. Nevertheless, these limited options are what we have.

It’s not enough for me to just say “that was inappropriate, I’m out, let’s boycott!” Just the opposite in fact. I think this is an opportunity to help the only app of its kind run by queer women be more supportive of trans women. This is how we build alliances and understanding. Some folks are really quick to boycott and give up on things. Perhaps I’m too slow to. Either way, I really believe that people can change and improve: that’s how restorative justice and accountability work after all. So I’ll be hosting their social media tomorrow and hopefully educating them on why they need to be doing more work to uplift trans women and recognize us as women.

Black men know about themselves and their behavior. They know they need improvement and need to come together as a collective and sing kumbayah and brainstorm how to do better and fix their issues. They know this because they then push this as a job for black women to do, under the magical “black women need to uplift the black community” rhetoric like it’s our job description. 

If there’s anything I could tell a black woman, it’s to live her life. Apart from feeling like you have to date black men, uplift them, hold them down, support them no matter what, all the things they say and use to turn a blind eye to their own behavior. Be selfish with your time. Seriously. With all men. If he doesn’t make the cut for your standards, him being black doesn’t earn him any extra time or points or save him from the axe. Date who you want to date and look at them as a holistic person, not a vessel for continuing the Great Black Community. 

Its crazy how as soon as you start uplifting Black Women, people start ATTACKING YOU. They say shit like “that’s racist” and it’s wrong then start talking that “All women share the same struggle” shit. First off both statements are bullshit. If you don’t know why, get counseling. The worst part is sometimes even Black people say these things. Imagine a Black Person attacking you for telling their own kind to love themselves and that they’re beautiful. The irony is when you see all of these images and hear these sayings that uplift White women nobody says shit. You’ll never get attacked for telling a White Girl she’s beautiful, but as soon as you start uplifting Black Women it’s a problem. The truth is that White people only want you to uplift their race and their women. The Blacks who say it’s wrong also don’t want you to uplift anybody but white people; they don’t want you to upset massa. Telling Black Women whom have been beat down so much by this Racist nation that they’re special is not wrong at all. Stop the Bullshit.
Written By @KingKwajo