women upliftment

I love seeing men gush about their relationships and the women they love. It’s time for the whole trope of men hating being married/ viewing relationships as things holding them back. Amen for men uplifting their women and their relationship. Amen for men getting choked up and ready eyes thinking about the one they love. Amen for men thinking of the woman they are with as their best friend.

Capricorn Men:*Snotty pretentious assholes with a permanent stick up they’re asses*

Capricorn Women:*super hot hard-working boss ladies*

Taurus Men: *Overly Possessive Snoozefests*

Taurus Women: *Protective, and generous earthly beauties*

Virgo Men:*Egotistical player assholes who are simultaneously boring and extra*

Virgo Women: *Selfless kind uplifting beautiful angels*

  • society: black women are ugly.
  • non-black women: 💅
  • society: black women are hoes and sluts.
  • non-black women: 💅
  • society: black women are goldiggers.
  • non-black women: 💅
  • society: black women need to stop having all these out of wedlock kids.
  • non-black women: 💅
  • society: black women are low class.
  • non-black women: 💅
  • society: black women are welfare queens.
  • non-black women: 💅
  • society: black women are loud and obnoxious.
  • non-black women: 💅
  • society: black women are uneducated and ignorant.
  • non-black women: 💅
  • society: nobody likes black women.
  • non-black women: 💅
  • Black woman: we have it so bad, society just loves to single us out and put us down. We need to uplift ourselves and each other as black women.
  • non-black women: why are you just making it about black women? You should try to uplift ALL women.

anyway cis women have been dominating these spaces for all of history. these uterus drawings and vagina power slogans go way back. to act like trans women have to wait and take a backseat in the discussion of reproductive rights and womanhood (when it has been the norm for decades lol) is fucking exclusionary, no matter how much yall wanna word vomit about how it’s not lol. trans women have the right to be suspicious and reject this genital-specific rethoric in modern libfem spaces because it is harmful! and what we collectively NEED to do in order to properly represent and respect womanhood as a whole is to stop! centering! it! around! genitals! lol! 

if all these cis women with these slogans and drawings KNEW and didn’t center the whole conversation on their genitals as the One True Expression of womanhood and respected trans women as their equals, uplifted them and let them take their rightful place in the conversation instead of taking up all the space available with their bullshit rethoric then we could BEGIN talking about respecting the ‘multiplicity of womanhood’. but that ain’t the case so i don’t see how this argument is that different from the terfy ass “u don’t have a vagina so u don’t get a say!!!!111” bullshit i see on the daily lol. but i’m sleep!

like i don’t get why it’s so hard to understand that for this multiplicity to be respected equally, understanding and inclusion must come first. we need to take a step back and evaluate ourselves collectively. trans women need to be at the front too, not behind yall shitty signs and cissexist chants, waiting until the o’ holy vagina is done speaking so they can have a say. while genital-specific talk is important, it doesn’t need to be at the expense of trans women. yall can take a rest and stop acting like they’re villains for demanding inclusion in these talks and calling yall out on your shit lol.  

as a xicana and queer woman, I can’t even begin to culminate thoughts on the election results other than disbelief and the idea to get educated, PROTECTING YOURSELF AND OTHERS. Please support and uplift your women, LGBT community, the immigrants who came here for a better life and the brown people who will be subjected to the bigotry that comes when a white supremacist and predator is voted into office.


SubhanAllah women go through so much that other people don’t see. It’s amazing how you all are able to get up every morning and face the world knowing that people only want to ruin your life on many different levels and in many different ways just because you’re a woman and they feel can. I’ve never understood why women are so hated, so mistreated, and so disregarded as people in general.

The only true justice us men could do for women is to practice Islam CORRECTLY and strive to give them all their rights despite the time, situation, and circumstances. It’s the least we can do.

Confession: I thought I was doing something right by marrying a black man and building our family and having his child. But it’s “niggas” like him that give black men a bad name. We have a daughter and he still body shames and sexualizes everything. He doesn’t think women should do certain jobs or be in charge. Wants me to “stay in my place.” I’m tryna return him and get me a newer model that uplifts black women. So I need your prayers, spells, poisons, cures, something.

Don't just love black pussy

Support black women
Uplift black women
Cherish black women
Grow with black women
Stick by black women
Learn from black women
Respect black women
Tell black women what they mean


C: I wish black women supported and uplifted each other as much as they make it seem online.The ones I’ve experienced have been so judgmental especially if you’re single so then you’re bitter and angry. They can be just as bad as black misogynistic men.All races talk shit but it cuts deeper when it comes from people that are supposed to be sister. Some really have the there can only be one black woman at the table mentality or they agree with men’s misogynistic views to seem better and get chosen.

  • “I believe in women uplifting other women. The only thing that makes our gender weaker, is the fact that we are the gender less likely to stand up for the other. We are the gender more likely to try and make another look bad, and when one of us is already bad, instead of being kind, we pound them into the ditches. And that’s what makes us weak, nothing else. If we can change this, we can change the whole structure of our being female, I truly believe this. Personally, I grew up admiring other women and wanting to be friends with them, but unfortunately, I learned the hard way that they were the ones who would hurt me. Women hurt other women all too often, and that’s a fact. I’d like to see not just us not hurting one another; but us actually making a conscious effort to be happy for another when she is happy, to hope the best for another when she has better, and to lift another up when she is down. We know that so many of us are harsh, cold and selfish, and we try to protect ourselves from one another, that’s the reality. But it’s also a reality that what is real can change. So that means we can change it.”                

Happy International Women’s Day, which was yesterday but I’m always late to the party… I drafted this picture a while ago with the caption ‘baby steps to loving and believing in myself a little more,’ but never posted it. I’ve been on a seemingly endless journey to loving myself so seeing women uplift and celebrate themselves and others regardless of race, gender or non conformity, sexuality, religion or lack of thereof makes my heart swell wholeheartedly. To reaching that cliff soon and blooming. For now baby steps, 🐣🐥.

Egalitarians who say they support manuary but then get mad at fembruary because “fembruary is every month” remind me of feminists who say things like “men dont deserve positivity/rights because they have it already”

Uplift men. Uplift women. This isnt the oppression olympics on who “deserves it more.” Both have their own unique problems. If you call yourself an egalitarian, that shouldnt be so controversial.

You cant change your past. You can never take back the things you have said or take back the things you have done. You can never take back the pain you have inflicted on a person but you can apologize,make a mends. Yoy can move forward and work on becoming a better person.
—  Love~Life~Relationships