women upliftment

Capricorn Men:*Snotty pretentious assholes with a permanent stick up they’re asses*

Capricorn Women:*super hot hard-working boss ladies*

Taurus Men: *Overly Possessive Snoozefests*

Taurus Women: *Protective, and generous earthly beauties*

Virgo Men:*Egotistical player assholes who are simultaneously boring and extra*

Virgo Women: *Selfless kind uplifting beautiful angels*

Phrases to avoid at all costs when referencing women of color:

  • “Colored”
  • “Ebony” 
  • “Caramel”
  • “Brownie” 
  • “Cocoa” 
  • “Chocolate” 
  • “Exotic” 

Any word or phrase that reduces their appearance to skin color, or relates their skin color to food (or some other inanimate object), or anything that objectifies their racial identity/dehumanizes their racial identity is fetishistic, racist, and misogynistic. I understand that people are trying to disseminate positivity for all women, but please be careful when talking about women of color because language can lend itself very quickly to racist/fetishistic/sexualized territory. It is that kind of language that has been used against women of color, in the long, long history of white people (especially cishet white men) colonizing, trafficking, and commodifying the bodies of women of color. 

There are ways to uplift and celebrate the beauty of women of color without treating them as a monolith, sexualizing them, dehumanizing them, or infantilizing them. It’s very simple and easy. Finally, uplifting women of color isn’t just about emphasizing positivity for their skin color or shade - it’s also about racialized features (such as noses and body hair) that women of color are frequently mocked about and targeted for. 

If you, as a white person, do not think that you have the capability to avoid dehumanizing a woman of color or viewing her as an equal, refrain from trying to performatively spread positivity about her. Trust me - we don’t need it. 

  • society: black women are ugly.
  • non-black women: 💅
  • society: black women are hoes and sluts.
  • non-black women: 💅
  • society: black women are goldiggers.
  • non-black women: 💅
  • society: black women need to stop having all these out of wedlock kids.
  • non-black women: 💅
  • society: black women are low class.
  • non-black women: 💅
  • society: black women are welfare queens.
  • non-black women: 💅
  • society: black women are loud and obnoxious.
  • non-black women: 💅
  • society: black women are uneducated and ignorant.
  • non-black women: 💅
  • society: nobody likes black women.
  • non-black women: 💅
  • Black woman: we have it so bad, society just loves to single us out and put us down. We need to uplift ourselves and each other as black women.
  • non-black women: why are you just making it about black women? You should try to uplift ALL women.

I love seeing men gush about their relationships and the women they love. It’s time for the whole trope of men hating being married/ viewing relationships as things holding them back. Amen for men uplifting their women and their relationship. Amen for men getting choked up and ready eyes thinking about the one they love. Amen for men thinking of the woman they are with as their best friend.


The fact that he searched his name just to do this is pitiful, it just proves her point even more. Look this girl is beautiful, and by looks of it she’s handling this situation very well but the disrespect has to stop. What about all other the girls who look like her but aren’t as confident to handle such comments. They’ll be forced to believe that all men view them this way and that’s when the bitterness sets in. Its a vicious cycle that needs to broken. I commend this girl for continuing to hold herself high, being beautiful, and unapologetically black💕✊🏾

I just got back from seeing Wonder Woman and I loved it.  So good.  It was almost everything I ever could have wished for Diana.  

Almost.  Because fuck the decision to make Zeus her father.  I have hated this change in her origin story every since it was first introduced and even though it was largely glossed over and Zeus is a non-figure here, it’s still horrible.  There was something so powerful and beautiful about Diana’s original origin as a child of clay brought to life by Aphrodite.  It was a moment of women helping women and uplifting each other in a moment of great sorrow and longing and showed not only Hippolyta’s desperation for a child but Aphrodite’s goodness and grace in granting it.  And now it, like so many other things, is ruined by Zeus’ dick. 

Also, though, thematically it really does not make sense for Diana to be Zeus’ daughter.  “I choose love” she tells Ares before laying down a royal smackdown.  It is a moment for Steve Trevor and a powerful moment.  I am not taking away from that.  But imagine just how much more powerful that moment could have been if the Amazon history had gone a little different.  

Zeus creates man in his image to be good and kind.  Ares fills their hearts with hatred and drives them to war.  Aphrodite creates the Amazons to fill mankind’s heart with love and turn them away from war.  And for a while it works, but soon Ares gains the upper hand again and the Amazons are enslaved.  The gods go to war against Ares and he kills every one of them until only Aphrodite is left.  She defeats Ares but is unable to kill him and he flees.  With the last of her strength, Aphrodite hides Themyscira and leaves behind the Godslayer so the Amazons can stop Ares should he ever return.  

“I wanted you so desperately that I sculpted you from clay,” Hippolyta tells a young Diana.  “And Aphrodite heard my prayers and gave you life.”

So the movie continues on until Diana finds herself face to face with Ares.  She tries to strike him with the Godslayer but it shatters.  “You fool,” Ares tells her.  “The sword isn’t the Godslayer.  It’s you.  Only a god can kill another god and you are the child of Hippolyta and Aphrodite.” 

“I choose love,” Diana tells Ares.  And it’s a powerful moment as is.  But imagine how much more powerful that moment would have been if instead of just affirming Steve’s sacrifice, Diana was affirming the very reason the Amazons were created.  Affirming their creator.  Affirming her own sense of self and her place as a living legacy to the Goddess of Love.  

Imagine that moment.

Imagine that movie.  

Please support men of color. Please don’t forget that men of color face oppression, injustice and racism as well. Please don’t forget that men of color are fetishized, sexualized and forced into harmful stereotypes by media and society too.

As a community, we don’t need to just uplift women of color, but we need to be there for men of color as well because their struggles are also valid and real. Men of color are victims of murders, assaults and other awful things far more than we realize and I feel that’s being ignored.

So please, don’t forget that men of color are also walking this road with us too, and I think it’s awful to try to ignore their hardships and struggles.

Black men know about themselves and their behavior. They know they need improvement and need to come together as a collective and sing kumbayah and brainstorm how to do better and fix their issues. They know this because they then push this as a job for black women to do, under the magical “black women need to uplift the black community” rhetoric like it’s our job description. 

If there’s anything I could tell a black woman, it’s to live her life. Apart from feeling like you have to date black men, uplift them, hold them down, support them no matter what, all the things they say and use to turn a blind eye to their own behavior. Be selfish with your time. Seriously. With all men. If he doesn’t make the cut for your standards, him being black doesn’t earn him any extra time or points or save him from the axe. Date who you want to date and look at them as a holistic person, not a vessel for continuing the Great Black Community. 

C: I wish black women supported and uplifted each other as much as they make it seem online.The ones I’ve experienced have been so judgmental especially if you’re single so then you’re bitter and angry. They can be just as bad as black misogynistic men.All races talk shit but it cuts deeper when it comes from people that are supposed to be sister. Some really have the there can only be one black woman at the table mentality or they agree with men’s misogynistic views to seem better and get chosen.

Just because it has an all- or majority-female cast, doesn’t mean it’s feminist. The main theme of movies like Mean Girls, The Craft, and Heathers was women taking the stress of their individual struggles out on their fellow women, creating an environment so full of jealousy and competition that they eventually destroyed themselves. That’s not feminist

Trans Day of Visibility

Each year as Trans Day of Visibility rolls around, I remember I am thankful. I’m thankful for another day, thankful for the trans resources I have access to here in NYC, thankful to be a visible trans person, both in my personal life and one social media.

Social media has been a remarkable resource. I come across other people similar to me. I’ve found trans women, trans men, genderfleuid people, non binary people, other androgynous people, and so many more. I have connected with many of these folx, and established a community of friends and family who I can rely on. Both my pain and happiness is felt by the community. Through them, I have flourished. I have learned to love myself more, and also to love each and every one of us for our differences. It is so important that our narratives are visible so that our stories, our existence, and humanity is normalized.


Because, as you can see, we are beautiful.

On this day of Trans Visibility, I must also remember, that my ability to speak openly about my experiences is a privilege, a privilege that is not rewarded to many of us. As I watch my trans sisters perish at the hands of others, I wonder, when will THESE narratives be heard? When will trans women be validated enough to live freely without the threat of violence or bodily harm? When will we stop dehumanizing trans women and start empowering them. Trans women are the foundation of LGBT rights movement. They are the mothers, the sisters, and the daughters that continue provide labor to our cis gender comrades. When will we begin speaking up for them in ways that they have spoken up us?  

Visibility isn’t always enough.

I hope today, in the midst of a time when our government is actively attempting to illegalize trans people (especially trans women) in this country, we will strive to build systems that uplift trans women, provide them the resources they deserve, emphasize the importance of their existence. It is not just about visibility, it’s about humanizing of people whose voices are erased every day damn.

Happy International Women’s Day, which was yesterday but I’m always late to the party… I drafted this picture a while ago with the caption ‘baby steps to loving and believing in myself a little more,’ but never posted it. I’ve been on a seemingly endless journey to loving myself so seeing women uplift and celebrate themselves and others regardless of race, gender or non conformity, sexuality, religion or lack of thereof makes my heart swell wholeheartedly. To reaching that cliff soon and blooming. For now baby steps, 🐣🐥.

Fuck with me if you want to

Don’t think
That because I am soft,
That there is no hardness within me.
The same mouth that felt supple and soft
As it caressed yours
Will shred you apart with razor sharp words
So bad
That you will be too unrecognizable
To put together again.
Don’t think
That because I am beautiful
That there is no ugly within me.
See honey, this pretty face
Is endearing yes,
But don’t let me catch you
Out here, tryna do you
While you doing me
This temple was never for free.
Don’t think
That because I want you now
That I need you
The same way I let you in
You can see your way out


anyway cis women have been dominating these spaces for all of history. these uterus drawings and vagina power slogans go way back. to act like trans women have to wait and take a backseat in the discussion of reproductive rights and womanhood (when it has been the norm for decades lol) is fucking exclusionary, no matter how much yall wanna word vomit about how it’s not lol. trans women have the right to be suspicious and reject this genital-specific rethoric in modern libfem spaces because it is harmful! and what we collectively NEED to do in order to properly represent and respect womanhood as a whole is to stop! centering! it! around! genitals! lol! 

if all these cis women with these slogans and drawings KNEW and didn’t center the whole conversation on their genitals as the One True Expression of womanhood and respected trans women as their equals, uplifted them and let them take their rightful place in the conversation instead of taking up all the space available with their bullshit rethoric then we could BEGIN talking about respecting the ‘multiplicity of womanhood’. but that ain’t the case so i don’t see how this argument is that different from the terfy ass “u don’t have a vagina so u don’t get a say!!!!111” bullshit i see on the daily lol. but i’m sleep!

like i don’t get why it’s so hard to understand that for this multiplicity to be respected equally, understanding and inclusion must come first. we need to take a step back and evaluate ourselves collectively. trans women need to be at the front too, not behind yall shitty signs and cissexist chants, waiting until the o’ holy vagina is done speaking so they can have a say. while genital-specific talk is important, it doesn’t need to be at the expense of trans women. yall can take a rest and stop acting like they’re villains for demanding inclusion in these talks and calling yall out on your shit lol.  

Egalitarians who say they support manuary but then get mad at fembruary because “fembruary is every month” remind me of feminists who say things like “men dont deserve positivity/rights because they have it already”

Uplift men. Uplift women. This isnt the oppression olympics on who “deserves it more.” Both have their own unique problems. If you call yourself an egalitarian, that shouldnt be so controversial.

Let me talk to y’all for a second about Black Panther.

It might be the most important film that’s going to come out maybe this entire decade. The fact that it got made and is going to be released during 45′s presidency is so significant and so symbolic. It’s on par with Luke Cage coming out as the movement against police brutality targeted against Black people reached its crux. And even as a non-Black person of color, just watching the trailer makes me emotional. Why? Partly because it deals directly with white colonialism that raped the rest of the world of its people, cultures, and resources and crippled entire nations, and instead inspires us with an idea of how the world, but specifically Africa could have been if Britain, France, and Spain hadn’t carved it up and stolen its resources and people. When most of the world thinks of Africa as a continent submerged entirely in poverty and sickness, just waiting for white people to come along and save it on their “finding myself” trips during high school and college, this movie is revealing the truth of history, and doing it in a way that doesn’t force people to embrace the idea of Africa and its people and descendants as poor, or weak, or dependent, or animalistic, despite the main character’s superhero identity. It’s already upsetting racist white people (and probably lots of anti-Black non-Black people of color), and that’s a good thing. It’s uncomfortable for them to swallow, but that’s a good thing, because what we all need more than ever is positive, powerful, real representations of Black people, especially dark skinned Black people, and Black women. As an Indo-Trini woman, I’d love more representation of brown and Caribbean people, but the fact is every single other group of marginalized people discriminates against Black people. Women, LGBTQIA+ people, Asian people, Latinx people – literally everyone. And until Black people – especially Black women – are uplifted in society and treated as whole humans whose lives matter, the rest of us almost don’t deserve it. In a year when the KKK and Nazis are resurfacing proudly under one of the most disgusting openly racist people who has ever been at the head of our country, and Black votes were barred from being cast or counted due to gerrymandering and voter intimidation, and Black women came out in droves to vote against Trump, but their voices were overruled by old white men and women in the government, this is exactly what we all need.

The cast is excellent, the quality of the movie looks fantastic, the only white people who we see in the trailer are colonizing villains, the Black women are portrayed as the most powerful people in the entire universe, and Africa, or at least a part of Africa, is shown as prospering and independent and strong. It’s just a superhero movie, but it’s in no way just a superhero movie. I can’t wait.