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Yay complex women! Boo writer’s block!

Anyway: next up is the long-delayed entry on Kate Leigh and Tilly Devine, now in its… like thirtieth rewrite. Getting it done as soon as it’s good enough to publish. The two were mob bosses during prohibition-era Sydney (yep, Australia passed anti-booze laws, to similar effect as the States!).

Kate and Tilly were powerful, ruthless, darkly hysterical, and they just haaaated each other. It’s a hell of a story.

Pretty happy with the cover image. Mimics the same horrible flash photography that you see in all pictures from the time. Plus, captures the two of them in their youth, and how Kate would get all up in Tilly’s business. 

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Most of the recent problematic books that have been called out have been by women. Do you think that's just because there are more books written by women coming out (in the YA world at least), because there's a perception that women will be more receptive to criticism, because there are writing stumbling blocks that seem to uniquely trip women up, or because of a totally different reason I don't know, but you might because you're awesome.

There are two things at play here.  I think the first is that there are zero expectations for men in YA.  We expect men in YA to be messy as hell, and it is only when they are egregiously messy *cough* Tommy Wallach *cough* that anyone sits up and takes notice. 

We expect Andrew Smith and his hand waving mysticism about writing women. We expect John Green to write earnest, sexually frustrated white boys and no other races.  We expect nothing of the men in YA, especially the white men (I am not going to throw shade at Men of Color in YA because I have found them to be universally lovely) so then we are never disappointed when we have a white man like Jeff Zentner shouting down women of color on Twitter.  We expect it, so therefore there is only a reward for good behavior that exceeds our expectations, not a punishment for bad behavior.

And yes, I know, #notallwhitemeninYA. My editor is a white man in YA, so, yanno…

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I think the reason women in YA, and especially white women, get dragged for problematic content is because they are the only ones who are trying.  Which sounds terrible! But the trying doesn’t mitigate the harm they cause with their terrible representation.

It’s because white women understand how to be marginalized, and they want to help lift up others who are marginalized, but in that lifting and writing representation they fuck up because they forget about all that privilege they have.  There is a lot of privilege in being a white woman, and focusing on only the marginalization of being a woman and not the privilege of being white bound to get folks all befuckered.

So, the result is well intentioned books that are just messy as hell.



“Oh, he is just divine.”  “His wife sure is a lucky woman.”  “Why can’t I have a man who looks like that?”  The comments are spoken but disappear into the air, never to be heard by the heavenly specimen conjuring such words.  Rick Grimes continues to jog through his neighborhood, pushing his six month old daughter in her stroller.  His shirt became drenched so he kindly removed it and tossed it in the stroller’s basket. 

He nods in greeting as he passes neighbor after neighbor.  He finds it odd that more and more women are showing up each time he circles his block.  He jumps as a car horn sounds and looks around to see his lovely wife driving at a snail’s pace behind him.  He stops as she pulls up and lets the window down. 

“Hey,” he says as she returns the greeting.  He takes the time to grab his water bottle and chug from it thirstily. 

Michonne devours her husband’s sweaty physique with her eyes before looking around at all the curious female neighbors either in their yards, adjusting Halloween decorations that have been in place for at least two weeks or seemingly taking a walk.  She scoffs as she realizes exactly what….or should I say who….has captured their attention. 

“You headed home?” she asks innocently.  He gives a nod and starts in that direction. 

Michonne smiles as woman after woman waves at her with much enthusiasm.  She rolls her eyes heavenward, thanking her lucky stars that she is secure with herself, with her marriage, and with the love she knows her husband has for her.  Some of these barracudas would try to give her a run for her money but they know better.

She maneuvers the car into their driveway just as Rick is jogging up the sidewalk towards their home.  She exits the car, retrieving her briefcase and purse and greets their babbling daughter with a sweet kiss. 

“Enjoy your run?”  She asks as she looks across the street and waves at  The Monroes. 

“Same as always,” he answers. 

“Hmm-hmmm….seems like you’re drawing more and more of them.” 

He scoffs as he knows exactly what she’s talking about.  “Would you rather I jog in the park then?” 

“And have them take up jogging all of a sudden?”  She laughs.  “No thank you.”  Her eyes drop to his butt in his dri-fit shorts.  “Besides, they know this is all mine.”  She smacks him soundly before grabbing his derriere softly. 

Rick laughs with her as they move inside the house. 


In the Block B MTV match up Japan show these are just some things I noted. not sure if they mean anything xD
1. Zico was giving the mixed interviewer Joann aegyo in between shooting the interview. xD It happens in the same episode that Kyung flirts with her.

2. During the actual interview, B Bomb was staring at her really hard throughout the vid - as was Kyung, I’m not surprised.

3. During the interview baby daddy Jaehyo talked to her the most and seemed really comfortable talking to her. :)

I’ll make some screenshots, as some people (including me) like visuals better. Plus I don’t have anything else to do today (ma day off). LMFAO sorry, not sorry.

She thinks about the woman who drove her kids into the lake and cried about it on national TV. What a terrible person, a horrible mother. But the snakes hiss, “Yessss.”
She’s barely gotten the toast buttered once John Junior starts up again…she carries him out to the pickup and puts him squish onto the seat and she leaves supper unfinished and she’s really going to do it this time because she just can’t take it anymore.
—  Medusa Song, Women Up On Blocks, by Mary Akers

It’s been 5 years since I’ve been on the blocks at States and my previous best had been 3rd in 2009. My aim this year was Top-5-because-sash-and-blocks-but-actually-really-top-3-cos-perpetual-and-tiara-but-honestly-really-wanted-2nd-cos-personal-best. 

My goal was written and stuck beside my bed so it was the last thing I saw before I went to bed and first thing i saw when I woke up in the morning since I got back from NAN’s. I knew it was a goal that was possible if I worked hard and danced well on the day, but also knew it was by no means guaranteed - we may be a small state but our Senior Ladies section is full of talented, fierce dancers and the placings can go any way on any given day. 

So absolutely over the moon and grateful that I actually managed to achieve that 2nd place and be up on those blocks with such awesome women.