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Cheer Up Post #5557 - Stephanie J. Block Edition

For the anon requesting actress Stephanie J. Block, here you go!

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My story from the Block B concert in Amsterdam!!! ZICO AND KYUNG got me shook!

Me and my girl went to the Block B concert on February 24th and it was LIT!
We were ready; My girl got her braids and edges tight, and I got my hair straightened, and we met up with our group that already was in line.

We got in our section, which was a pretty open space, where we were standing so the boys could see our group really good. The concert started into the third song, Kyung was standing in a straight line in front of me, looking straight at me singing, and I was like “WTF”! He didn’t do that once, he did that 4 times!!! The third time he was even looking for us, I jumped and waved, he saw us and started staring AGAIN! Even Zico looked at us and I hope he was looking at my girl because Zico is her number 1 bias. My friend said: ‘Kyung was looking too much at you’, and I was still shook, like, why me though, I ain’t even special!?

The hightouch.
They sold too much type A tickets, so everything was “hush hush”!
We got in line, we lost our other group but we were still together as 3.
We came close and I saw Kyung wasn’t smiling at other girls.
First was BBomb, he was nice and said ‘thank you’, but then Kyung came and girl… When I came to say hi to him, he lit up and got the biggest cheesy ass smile and he said 'Thank you so much for coming!’
I was so shook and I don’t even remember who came after him but God brought me back right on time when Zico came. This boy was giving me a sexy ass side eye with a dirty ass smirk on his face. He checked me out from head to toe!
When I blacked out again, I only remember U-kwon at the end.
I stood there and in my head and my face like Raven Symone got a vision: Zico was checking me out bitch! And Kyung was too much! And Zico did the same thing to my friend!!!
(  we had so much fun its rare that kpop groups come here and sorry it took long to write it up.)

The Way I See You (Eisuke)

Tonight just like any other night, Eisuke had asked you to get ready for another party. Although, it was more like a command than a favor. You quickly got ready but you were tired. For the last several weeks it was party after party, event after event and your anxiety was piling up. You constantly began to feel more out of place than usual and it was probably due to the snarky remarks of all the women. They pursued your boyfriend relentlessly and attacked you verbally in the short and rare moments he was not by your side. You were utterly exhausted, mentally strained and you didn’t know how much more you could take. The anxiety and insecurities swelled in your mind, soon consuming your heart, filling it with nothing but doubt.

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anonymous asked:

i mean. Or the people making posts about lesbian experiences getting erased are lesbians and therefore notice and are affected by that happening, and bi women are... completely free to make their own posts on the subject and would likely be supported by lesbians in making those posts? but the fact that you take lesbians making posts about their OWN experiences as an automatic attack and proof of lesbians hating bi women is. interesting.

…. interesting.

hey d*ketw. I know your little writing quirk from anywhere. And y’know what all of my followers can now sleep easy. Because literally everytime I’ve made a frustrated post its been after hate reading through your blog :)

I really enjoyed the post where you were like ‘its all about solidarity until we have to acknowledge and respect unique experiences and identity’…. like you’ve ever used an iota of energy extending that same courtesy to bi women. But I think what did it for me was your really long post mocking bi women for coming up with their own terms. (That’s when I blocked you anyway…. but like why did I unblock you that was really dumb???) anyways, its pretty obvious that all bi women have to do is breath to be oppressive and appropriative by your standards. I better not ever date a woman hey! how appropriative would that be?

Like if you want participate in a community with lesbians only that absolutely is your prerogative, but at least have the decency to stop devoting every other post on your blog complaining about bi women. Or…. alternatively, complaining about shared communities but attributing every one of their faults to bi women.  


I think we’re all used to the male ego and fragile masculinity.

My profile exists because of those things. We all have been shown “wrath” and strong words with racist, fat-shaming/age-shaming/slut-shaming and hostile lingo with rape and death threats when we reject some guys.

So this is nothing new to me.

What surprised and really disgusted me was that this clearly was a copy-paste message. The second I said I wasn’t interested, that message found its way to me within the next 7 seconds, without exaggeration.

This fragile dude (anonymous of course, without a picture) has typed up a vile message to send to women who reject them and blocks them immediately so he doesn’t have to hear back from them.

He doesn’t get to see us laugh at his fragility.

Bye felipe


Yay complex women! Boo writer’s block!

Anyway: next up is the long-delayed entry on Kate Leigh and Tilly Devine, now in its… like thirtieth rewrite. Getting it done as soon as it’s good enough to publish. The two were mob bosses during prohibition-era Sydney (yep, Australia passed anti-booze laws, to similar effect as the States!).

Kate and Tilly were powerful, ruthless, darkly hysterical, and they just haaaated each other. It’s a hell of a story.

Pretty happy with the cover image. Mimics the same horrible flash photography that you see in all pictures from the time. Plus, captures the two of them in their youth, and how Kate would get all up in Tilly’s business. 

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SeokMin/ JinMin, doctor au!


Originally posted by minshyuga

(A/N: Tumblr’s being a little shit rn and won’t let me link part 1, but if you go on our masterlist it’s called “Shock” and it’s Vkook, but basically the relevant information that you need to know is that Jin knows Jimin from when Jimin was a patient at the hospital; he was going into anaphylactic shock from a bee sting allergy. Yayyyy happy happy fun times)

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“Oh, he is just divine.”  “His wife sure is a lucky woman.”  “Why can’t I have a man who looks like that?”  The comments are spoken but disappear into the air, never to be heard by the heavenly specimen conjuring such words.  Rick Grimes continues to jog through his neighborhood, pushing his six month old daughter in her stroller.  His shirt became drenched so he kindly removed it and tossed it in the stroller’s basket. 

He nods in greeting as he passes neighbor after neighbor.  He finds it odd that more and more women are showing up each time he circles his block.  He jumps as a car horn sounds and looks around to see his lovely wife driving at a snail’s pace behind him.  He stops as she pulls up and lets the window down. 

“Hey,” he says as she returns the greeting.  He takes the time to grab his water bottle and chug from it thirstily. 

Michonne devours her husband’s sweaty physique with her eyes before looking around at all the curious female neighbors either in their yards, adjusting Halloween decorations that have been in place for at least two weeks or seemingly taking a walk.  She scoffs as she realizes exactly what….or should I say who….has captured their attention. 

“You headed home?” she asks innocently.  He gives a nod and starts in that direction. 

Michonne smiles as woman after woman waves at her with much enthusiasm.  She rolls her eyes heavenward, thanking her lucky stars that she is secure with herself, with her marriage, and with the love she knows her husband has for her.  Some of these barracudas would try to give her a run for her money but they know better.

She maneuvers the car into their driveway just as Rick is jogging up the sidewalk towards their home.  She exits the car, retrieving her briefcase and purse and greets their babbling daughter with a sweet kiss. 

“Enjoy your run?”  She asks as she looks across the street and waves at  The Monroes. 

“Same as always,” he answers. 

“Hmm-hmmm….seems like you’re drawing more and more of them.” 

He scoffs as he knows exactly what she’s talking about.  “Would you rather I jog in the park then?” 

“And have them take up jogging all of a sudden?”  She laughs.  “No thank you.”  Her eyes drop to his butt in his dri-fit shorts.  “Besides, they know this is all mine.”  She smacks him soundly before grabbing his derriere softly. 

Rick laughs with her as they move inside the house. 

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A- Darcy/Bucky

A is for Auction - Wintershock - (I made this a no powers AU…. )

Darcy sits nervously on the straight-backed chair, fingers clutching white-knuckled at the edge of her pencil skirt, wishing furiously that it wouldn’t ride up so high on her thigh. She did not think this through.

Beside her, Maria Hill is cool and collected, the exact opposite to Darcy and for the briefest of moments Darcy hates her very much.

“Relax,” the older woman says lowly, and as if to prove exactly how relaxed she is, she crosses her legs, highlighting her elegant calves and ankle, encased as it is in her strappy heel.

“I can’t,” Darcy hisses, hoping to hell her foundation is enough to hide what feels like an awful blush. “There’s so many people here!”

The corner of Maria’s lip twitches. “And you look beautiful. Just sit back, chill and let the emcee do their thing.”

Darcy glances across the crowded venue, catching sight of more than a few appreciative glances aimed their way and she makes a high pitched sound at the back of her throat. “How are you so calm?” she whimpers. “What if you end up with some psycho? This could end so badly!”

“I’m calm because I know I could kill a man with my hands tied behind my back. As could you, and you know it.”

Darcy starts to pull a face, but thinks better of it. Nervous or not, she wants to make a good impression for the crowd; the Maria Stark Charity Auction is looking to make a lot of money tonight, and looking pretty- and more importantly willing- is part and parcel of the whole shebang. She plasters on a slightly stiff smile and mimics Maria, desperately ignoring the way her insecurities like to point out her slightly thicker ankles and the slight scuff on the side of her patent leather heels. Short skirt or not, Darcy knows she looks good.

“Right,” she murmurs and takes a steadying breath. “You’re right; I can do this. I can do this.”

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It’s been 5 years since I’ve been on the blocks at States and my previous best had been 3rd in 2009. My aim this year was Top-5-because-sash-and-blocks-but-actually-really-top-3-cos-perpetual-and-tiara-but-honestly-really-wanted-2nd-cos-personal-best. 

My goal was written and stuck beside my bed so it was the last thing I saw before I went to bed and first thing i saw when I woke up in the morning since I got back from NAN’s. I knew it was a goal that was possible if I worked hard and danced well on the day, but also knew it was by no means guaranteed - we may be a small state but our Senior Ladies section is full of talented, fierce dancers and the placings can go any way on any given day. 

So absolutely over the moon and grateful that I actually managed to achieve that 2nd place and be up on those blocks with such awesome women.