women united fc


To one of my favourite football players,Luis Suarez,from girls all over the world,who want to become a football player,who have same passion as you,who have same dream as you,who have more difficulties than you to do the job,they have always dreamt about.

I love,respect,adore you because of the way you help MY team.I believe (and hope) that you didn’t mean it this way,you didn’t want to insult anyone and it seems that we are making drama out of it.Maybe you don’t even remember what you said and i feel little guilty to make my footballer look like a sexist.But the real problem is that it’s not just you.There are millions,millions of people who think that you have to be man,to be a footballer.They are around us,they can be people that we love (like you) and we can’t change them.But you have more responsibilities in that case.There are girls sitting in from of TV,watching your fantastic goals and dreaming that maybe one day,the hero of the match would be them.And yes they CAN be.However they feel that the whole world is against them.No one is there to support the decision and dream-Woman footballer.And you,the one who makes their dream,who is their idol,example and hope, are saying that Football is for men,it’s a pick of dissapointment.I understand,it was “mean comment” for Filipe Luis,but it hurt many hearts of young woman,who sleep at night,dreaming about the deciding goal that they score at the last second of the world cup final…

So next time when Felipe luis will whine about
the injury,or Neymar will fell down,remind them that football is for braves and the braves are NOT just men.