women solidarity


White women elected Trump. Black, brown, trans and queer women have been doing this for far longer and at far greater peril.” Any kind of real solidarity from allies has got to start with acknowledging these truths.

Acknowledge white privilege, and acknowledge who has been fighting for equality from day one, and then use that privilege to help put marginalized people in charge.

I’m only about 2.5 weeks post op, and I’m Not supposed to raise my arms anywhere near above my head– but marching with women for women felt like the best excuse to do so. (I only took off my shirt for this photo, I’m not completely neglecting my scars or healing).



PAY CLOSE ATTENTION to the drop in volume when colorism is being spoken about vs racism.

You are not pro black if you are a colorist piece of shit. Black lives don’t matter to you if you are a colorist piece of shit. You have no seat at the table if you are a colorist piece of shit. BLACK WOMEN DON’T MATTER TO YOU IF YOU ARE A COLORIST PIECE OF SHIT.

Light skin black women show solidarity and self-respect and STAY AWAY from men who find your complexion ideal. You may get shit from black men but it will NEVER be because you’re light SKIN. RECOGNIZE that and STOP cosigning colorism.




Solidarity is not the same as support. To experience solidarity, we must have a community of interests, shared beliefs and goals around which to unite, to build Sisterhood. Support can be occasional. It can be given and just as easily withdrawn. Solidarity requires sustained, ongoing commitment.
—  Bell Hooks

friendly reminder

racism and transphobia have no place in the LGBT community. without transgender women of color, we wouldn’t have pride.

thank you for being so brave 💜💜💜💜💜💜

I have a tremendous amount of respect and love for bi and pan women who used to identify as lesbian and then learned more about themselves, or fell in love with someone they didn’t expect, or simply learned that bisexuality exists when before they didn’t know they were even allowed to be attracted to more than one gender, didn’t know it was possible or that there were words to describe it

your love for women is not lessened by your capacity to love a man

your lived experiences of discrimination and struggle when identifying as a lesbian are not erased

your contributions to lesbian culture and community- whether you created resources or defended your sisters or stood up to homophobic men- are still important 

thank you for having the courage to come out and be true to yourself. you’ll always be my ally and comrade as a woman who loves women. 

2017 is the year gay men arent seen as disgusting, sin, or sexual deviants

2017 is the year lesbians arent seen as predatory and just a fetish

2017 is the year bi people arent seen as cheaters, sexualized, or always into three ways

2017 is the year trans and nonbinary wlw or mlm arent misgendered, called fakers, or thrown under the bus because of their gender

2017 is the year when wlw and mlm stand up and protect one another.

bi women and lesbian solidarity 2k17
bi men and gay men solidarity 2k17
trans and nb wlw mlm solidarity 2k17