women solidarity


White women elected Trump. Black, brown, trans and queer women have been doing this for far longer and at far greater peril.” Any kind of real solidarity from allies has got to start with acknowledging these truths.

Acknowledge white privilege, and acknowledge who has been fighting for equality from day one, and then use that privilege to help put marginalized people in charge.

I’m only about 2.5 weeks post op, and I’m Not supposed to raise my arms anywhere near above my head– but marching with women for women felt like the best excuse to do so. (I only took off my shirt for this photo, I’m not completely neglecting my scars or healing).

aphroditelesbians, a lesbian blog built on excluding trans lesbians and bi wlw, has 1900 followers. I want to think that tumblr is better than this, and there are more trans inclusive blogs than exclusive on here. 

my goal for this blog is 2000 followers

yes, I know, that’s a lot, and I currently have 0 followers, but hopefully with a little dedication and enough positive reinforcement, I’ll still be able to spread love and happiness to my fellow trans and nb sapphics. 

anyone is welcome to follow, including non-lesbian and cis allies. I don’t know much about being a witch myself, and I just hope I have enough people surrounding me to guide me in the right direction. 

expect lots of trans/nb positivity, art, moodboards, and icons! I may take icon/moodboard requests in the future since I found a pretty decent online photoshop program that’s free!

together, let’s remind everyone what aphrodite is really about!

things to remember

black girls like (and appreciate) art
black girls like music - all kinds of it
black girls have all kinds of aesthetics
black girls have good hair
black girls can be pretentious
black girls can be thick
black girls can be skinny
black girls can be depressed
black girls can be quiet
black girls can be shy
black girls can say nigga
black girls can be queer
black girls have fathers - not all of us have sad childhood tales to tell you and if we did who tf said we wanted to?
black girls are gorgeous and it’s not just “for” their race
not all black girls play basketball
not all black girls can twerk
not all black girls like rap music
not all black girls are related to other black people
not all black girls are angry - although even if we were could you fucking blame us? you try living as a black girl and see how happy you are
not all black girls are “sassy”
not all black girls are the same
black girls do not need you validation
black girls can cry
black girls can be vulnerable
black girls have feelings

2017 is the year gay men arent seen as disgusting, sin, or sexual deviants

2017 is the year lesbians arent seen as predatory and just a fetish

2017 is the year bi people arent seen as cheaters, sexualized, or always into three ways

2017 is the year trans and nonbinary wlw or mlm arent misgendered, called fakers, or thrown under the bus because of their gender

2017 is the year when wlw and mlm stand up and protect one another.

bi women and lesbian solidarity 2k17
bi men and gay men solidarity 2k17
trans and nb wlw mlm solidarity 2k17

being autistic is a lot to live up to tbh. people like your cutesy aesthetics and sophisticated sense of color, but they hate explaining jokes, watching you stim irl, and get offended when you don’t have the spoons to have a conversation with them. being a sapphic autistic is really hard, bc all these messages get to you and make you feel undesirable and you start to doubt you’ll ever find a girl who really, genuinely likes you and accepts you. I make a conscious effort not to flap in front of my girlfriend, who loves me very much and reassures me I’m not a freak 24/7, because so many people have told me I look weird doing it. and I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty sure that’s fucked up.