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Good morning.

One week ago today I had the privilege of attending a lecture by Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson. Inspiring, funny and incredibly motivating, he gave the entire lecture in his socks. As he shuffled around the stage he asked questions and even called on people in a Q & A at the end. (Incredible because Jones Hall was sold out for this) He spoke to the crowd of thousands as though we were all his students and were in a tiny classroom. It was brilliant to say the least. My favorite question was asked by an aspiring astrophysicist. She just wanted to know what advice he could give her about college. He said: “Take harder classes and stop thinking about your GPA.”

I loved that. Thank you, Dr. Tyson

Happy Tuesday❤️


What if men were portrayed & objectified the same way women are in the Action Sports industry?

This does not intend at all to objectify men instead, it’s just a wake-up call on how ridiculous it looks when men are portrayed the way women are in the scene. Time to take action!

Breaking the Ice Ceiling - Meet the Women Dominating Snowboarding Films

Check out espnW’s interview with our very own Vans Snow team rider, Leanne Pelosi. Plus take a glimpse at her nominations (ya, theres more than one) for TransWorld SNOWboarding’s 18th Annual Riders’ Poll Awards!




She’s a pro surfer, he’s a pro snowboarder and they are the perfect match. X Games winter gold medalist, Canadian 2014 olympic team member Mark McMorris & Hawaiian pro surfer Coco Ho.

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