women shelters

women’s shelters specifically for mutant women because regular women’s shelters will turn away mutants. black mutant student organizations. bumper stickers that say “jesus was a mutant.” kids stenciling t-shirts with “magneto was right,” “jean grey died for your sins,” “mutie freak,” queer mutants making jokes about being superior homos. the creation of mutant cultural events and rites of passage such as naming parties for kids just coming into mutant identities, particularly those who have been kicked out of human families. kids going by mutant names on tumblr and arguing about the difference in experience between visible and invisible mutations. mutant punk rock. mutant zines. 

What Gough did

101 years ago today, Gough Whitlam was born. This is what Gough did:

- Introduced universal healthcare
- Introduced no-fault divorce
- Introduced Racial Discimination Act
- Introduced the Trade Practices Act
- Established Family Court
- Established Legal Aid
- Made unis free
- Sewered poor suburbs
- Abolished (federal) death penalty
- Replaced ‘God Save the Queen’ with ‘Advance Australia Fair’
- gave the NT and ACT representation in the Senate

International stuff
- Scrapped the draft
- Freed those guilty of refusing the draft
- Ordered home all Aussie troops in Vietnam
- Started relations with China
- Forbid ‘whites only’ sports teams
- Voted for sanctions on apartheid South Africa at UN
- Granted independence to PNG
- Scrapped White Australia policy
- Established Multiculturalism policy
- Got France to stop Nuclear tests nearby

- Reopened the equal pay case at the Arbitration Commission
- Set up women’s shelters
- Made The Pill easier to get
- Introduced single-mum welfare support
- Established a “Women’s Adviser” to the PM (first in the world!)

- Funded arts bigtime
- Raised minimum local content standards
- This meant more Aussie stuff on TV/movies/radio/stage
- Established Triple J, multicultural radio stations and FM radio.
- Established Australian Film Commission
- Established Australian Council for the Arts
- Established National Gallery of Australia

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People
- Established Department of Aboriginal Affairs
- Funded existing Aboriginal Legal Services
- Set up new ones
- Gave the Gurindji people deeds to part of their land
- Pushed for more ATSI land reform

- Introduced environmental protection laws
- Ratified World Heritage Convention
- Established protections for the Great Barrier Reef
- Established Australian Heritage Commission

That ain’t even all of it. Thank you Gough Whitlam.

“For those of you who assert "sex and gender are different! Transwomen don’t literally believe they are female.”

For those of you who think all of the women outraged by gender ideology are overreacting when we assert that legislation based on subjective gender identity will allow MEN into women’s spaces, without even the slightest attempt to blend in to make more comfortable the women whose space they are infringing upon.

Do you think this is okay? This is a biological male who has forced his way into women’s homeless shelters and bathrooms and asserts that if you don’t view him as a woman that you are a narrow minded bigot. He came out as trans over 2.5 years ago and has done nothing to transition in any way except changing his name and changing the listed sex on his license. He has also said that if you’re bothered that “some women have penises” you can suck his dick.

THIS is what I stand firmly against. THIS is why I have the views that I do. When any male can say he is a woman, the word means absolutely nothing, and all of the protections women (as a SEX class: FEMALE) have mean absolutely nothing.“

LGB no T.

I am so sick of this. The black community has worshipped dick and centered black men in everything since day 1. Now silly handmaidens and black men who ‘identify’ as black women want to speak over actual black women to prop themselves up. How dare you disrespect our existence and use patriarchy in a dress to make yourselves the focal point of female oppression. It’s called SEXISM not genderism for a reason. Being female has been the sole basis of our abuse and you have the nerve to pretend all of that can be redirected to being about your “mentality”. Get the hell outta here. You don’t get to redefine things to suit your agenda. Now you’re out here peddling the lie that “black trans women” face the highest level of violence. Bull fucking shit. Black women have experienced more violence than ANYONE ever, especially if we are dark skinned. Black people have been enslaved by other black people, whites, arabs and Natives, all of whom raped black women . Some even forced us to breed in astronomical numbers and take care of all the children regardless of color because all we were good for was production. Black women have suffered FGM, have been forced into marriages as children, our bodies have been placed in human zoos for people to gawk at our 'unusual’ figures, our bodies have been used against our will to advance science. Present day black women carry those scars with us because trauma against our humanity for daring to exist while black and female is generational. Not only are we missing and trafficked at ridiculous rates but we are also raped, assaulted and killed under the radar. We have become the punchline for black 'entertainers’ and black men everywhere from our skin tone to our character to our mannerisms to our genitalia to our diction. We get cervical cancer more than anyone but we better not say it because “not all women have a cervix.” 😑 We are the poster children for everything wrong in society. When society talks about welfare queens and single motherhood, they’re not thinking of 'trans’ black women. When we get blamed for “destroying the black community with our feminism”, they’re not thinking of 'trans’ black women. When society talks about black women being ugly and ghetto they’re not thinking of 'trans’ black women. When people approriate our culture and style to give themselves an edge, they’re not taking it from 'trans’ black women. Black women have attitude. Black women are fat. Black women are raising thugs. They’re not talking about 'trans’ black women. Day in and out, black women are society’s scapegoat while all you care about is being able to use the bathroom you prefer and being able to date straight men without opposition. That is what we call a First World Problem. Your identity crisis and the elective surgeries you get to appease it do not take precedent over the global and never ending disrespect of black women. We didn’t have to alter ourselves and go out of our way to be oppressed like you. Just by existing as is, the world has told us that is enough reason to take endless craps on us. Stop acting like black men haven’t always found it ok to fight black women like men because our blackness allegedly discounts our womanhood. Stop acting like black men haven’t embedded it in their mind that black women are not human but their mules to take care of them when life is hard, only to be discarded when they become successful. Stop acting like black girls aren’t constantly robbed of our innocence with assault and dubbed 'fast’ so our pain is overlooked and our fault. Stop acting like people haven’t always called black women, men because we are the antithesis of white beauty standards. Stop acting like every woman doesn’t get an ego boost on our backs. We are woman enough to be raped, trafficked, called bitches and hoes but too 'manly’ to reap the finances, protection and reverence patriarchal society’s claim to give women. Stop acting like black women are not abused physically, psychologically, emotionally and financially and haven’t always been by white society, black society and everyone in between. Acting like you have it so hard when we have always been treated like an other just for being born. “The most disrespected and least protected person on the planet is the black woman.” - Malcolm X He said black woman. Not black 'trans’ woman. Cis privilege my ass. You think because you’ve been feeling for the last year what black women have been feeling since FOREVER, that you have it worse? You are only experiencing a sliver of what we get anyway. It’s just that typical fragile masculinity you were born into that has you thinking you are the peak of oppression. You went your whole lives ignoring and/or capitalizing on the degradation of black women because your maleness allowed you to put it on the back burner. Your internal issues with gender did not negate the external privilege you received. But now that you 'identify’ as one of us, we need to make you a priority or you slander us with poor reverse psychology. How narcissistic can you get? Womens rights are only worthy of attention when you are involved? “TERF” is not a thing btw. Stop using racism, sexism and homophobia to make yourself valid. You cannot compare white privilege, male privilege and straight privilege to this nonsense. Women have never had privilege. Or do you just wanna ignore the last thousands of years? You were born on the side of privilege and into the dominant oppressing class. Now you want access to a marginalized group with no questions and throw tantrums when we say no. It’s almost like your male privilege conditioned you to force yourself onto women at any cost and taught you how to play victim when women don’t fall for your shit. You want equal footing in womanhood but won’t hesitate to remind us you “have it worse”. You want to call lesbians bigots if they exclusively like women and vagina… because hey, how dare some women not want penis in any way, shape or form. Blasphemy! You have no concern for women in shelters fleeing abusive men. You invade their spaces and tell them to suck it up if they don’t like your dick and masculine energy. You say nothing when born males use their advantages to dominate female sports. But you’re the victim, right? I will say it again. It’s called SEXISM, not genderism for a reason. You don’t get to keep playing the “being born in the wrong body is not a privilege” card to ignore your advantages and complicity at our expense. Gender identity issues are low priority in comparison to everything else. Every day black women leave our homes, we are subjected to antiblackness and misogyny just for being ourselves. Doesn’t matter how we dress or speak, it is hurled our way just for being in a female body via a black package. It will be a cold day in hell before those born male and their delusions get to define womanhood but those of us born female and our realities that came with it don’t. Yes, we are the arbiters and gatekeepers of womanhood and it pisses you off there’s nothing you can do about it except rally your naive liberal handmaidens and scream TERF. Interestingly enough, there are countless instances of 'trans women’ raping, assaulting and killing women but not ONE woman has done that to you. Yet here you all come… into our spaces IRL and on the internet to force yourselves onto us. Why don’t you go after the men who fuck you in private but don’t want to publicly be seen with you and take your lives with the same gusto? Is it because you have no privilege over them and instead, it’s easier to gang up on the 'weaker sex’? It’s almost like you devalue women so much, you wanna speak over, redefine and attack us all while blaming our words for violence against you… well what do you know, patriarchy strikes again. We will not give into your demands. We don’t negotiate with terrorists. (If misgendering you is 'violence’, well propagating existent violence against us is indeed terrorism.) 😊

#blackfeminism #feminism #womanism #womenfirst #saynotopatriarchyinadress
Today I saw my bully again

When I was eleven everyone in school stopped talking to me. My friends turned on me and suddenly I was invisible. I was alone.
I’m 27 years old, but that experience still haunts me and makes it hard for me to connect with people. It makes me not trust when someone say they are my friend.

Today I saw one of those girls again. One of those who turned their backs and abandoned me. Who stopped being my friend and joined the crowd of bullies. One of the people I have hated immensely throughout my teenage years.

It was a picture on Facebook posted by one of the charities I support. One that helps homeless people and people who have been forgotten by society. There she was. Her hands filled with bedding for the beds for those who don’t have a home.

Under the picture it said that she is the head of their project helping women who live on the street. That she’s the one who sits with them and talks to them and helps them. That fight for the rights of these women. That fights for those others have abandoned.

It made me smile. It made me happy. It made me feel that everything changes for the better, that people can change. I’m not the same person I was when I was eleven and neither is she. And a part of me healed. I will never forgive her, but now I know she’s out there doing good instead of hurting others. And that makes me so happy.

The largest faith in your setting worships 8 greater gods:

  • Ronald McDonald: leader of all the other gods and god of the sun.  Protects the innocent, feeds the hungry, and loves everyone even his rivals.  His ever loving kindness and strength inspire many paladins and heroes. Alignment: LG
  • Grimace: god of darkness, gluttony, and death.  Steals food from the hungry in order to satiate their never ending gluttony.  Alignment: CE
  • Hamburglar:  god of trickery, deceit, and thievery.  Steals whatever he can, but is close friends with Ronald despite his never ending greed.  Alignment: CN
  • Birdy the Early Bird:  god of love, nature, and war.  Birdy protects the natural cycle of life and death whether it be in nature or society. Birdie is envious of Ronald’s strength and qualities as a leader, as she cannot protect everyone.   Alignment: CG
  • Mayor McCheese:  god of civilization, craftsmanship, and trade.  McCheese signifies the forces that establish society and civilization.  He emphasizes law but at the same time rewards individuality especially in trade and craftsmanship, however he is nature leaves him prone to doing nothing at all.  Alignment: Neutral
  • Officer Big Mac: god of justice and order.  Vassal to Mayor McCheese, Big Mac enforces the law and punishes those who have broken its rules.  He is prideful and his greatest rival is the Hamburglar. Alignment: LN
  • Captain Crook: god of seas and storms.  Crook is often seen as a friend of the Hamburglar characterizing his favor for piracy.  He inflicts violence on those at random, but Hamburglar is one of the only ones he trusts.  Alignment: CN
  • The Professor: god of knowledge and magic.  The professor is withdrawn, but he is ever lustful for more knowledge or power.  Alignment: LE

The icon of this faith is pair of golden arches on a red background.  Each church sponsors shelters for women and children, food drives for the poor, and sporting events and tests of physical prowess.  Most of the farms and ranches throughout the world are owned by the church, growing their producing their signature ingredients: beef, potatoes, and wheat.

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The female stand point in Ancient Greece was that Medusa's snakes and stone gaze were actually given by Athena so she could protect herself; no man could harm her whilst she was like this. It was why her face was used as the symbol for Ancient Greek Women's Shelters. So it wasn't actually a dick move from Athena. Athena was just trying to protect her

That’s actually really interesting I’ve never heard that version before thanks for sharing!

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I'm so frustrated by this girl who transferred to our store. We have a donation drive and corporate will donate our store's total to the local women's shelter. We have to get at least $100 a day or our store's numbers go down. This effects raises, bonuses, and store pay hours. We cannot get this girl to fucking ask. We have to stand next to her for hours and coach, harass, and fight with her to get her to do it. But I can't put her out on the floor, because she's only trained on cash.

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lol if its alright i have another fic prompt: the media begins to notice that in battle the yellow and pink rangers are always fighting alongside each other (and are very close). the media starts shipping them, but thinks the yellow ranger is a boy. cue trini having a lot of angry words to say about people thinking she and kimberly are a straight couple. even better if trini calls out an interviewer while as the yellow ranger lol

^^ I threw in some Supergirl stuff just cause I know it. Anyway I liked this prompt. Once again you guys can send me any prompts. I never expected people to actually read these or enjoy them. So thanks my dudes.^^

“How the hell do they think I’m a boy! These suits, much to my annoyance, outline my boobs! Like completely.” Trini had been fuming the whole way to the quarry. At school someone had been talking about the ‘pink lemonade’ ship for the power rangers. Clearly interested Trini dove deeper only to discover they though that she was a dude.

“Like I said a few minutes ago, I don’t mind that the suit outline your boobs…” Kimberly whispered under her voice. She knew better than to poke the (saber tooth) tiger with a stick.

“Like how do they -” Trini was muffled by the sound of water surrounding them. “-like really. Don’t you agree babe?” Trini clearly didn’t seem to grasp the fact that almost her whole story had been blocked out by water.

“Yeah. Yep. Every word of it babe.”

“You stopped listen a few minutes ago, didn’t you.” Trini deflated as the words left her mouth.

“No babe not entirely. I listened really closely to the part about your boobs…” Kim used her sweatshirt, which was wet, to ‘dry off’ Trini’s midsection.

“Let’s go love birds. We got puddies on Main Street near the news station. Kim, stop groping Trini.” Zach said as he jumped up and out of the cavern while morphing.

“We can finish talking about your boobs later…” Kimberly said as she followed Zach up and out of the water.

The fight against the puddies was child’s play. 10 minutes top. After all of the clay pieces were once again inanimate again the news crews flooded the streets. Trini saw her opportunity. Jason would be mad, he said to never ever purposely talk to the press, or anyone else while morphed, but this needed to happen.

As the yellow ranger approached the news crews everyone grew very interested. The rangers had never gone out of their way to talk to the press before. Flaking behind the yellow ranger was the pink, but the other three started toward the way they came from. Kimberly stayed close enough to hear the whole conversation that would be happening but not close enough to be in it.

All of the reporters began talking at the same time as soon as Trini was within 10 feet of them.

“Yellow ranger, do you work for he government?”

“Are the 5 of you all there are?”

“What’s it like working with 4 guys and only 1 girl on the team? Does the Pink Ranger feel outnumbered?”

“What was that large crystal taken out of the ground a month ago?”

“Are you aliens?!”

“What formal training do you have that makes you qualified to be one of these Power Rangers?”

“Who is in charge of your group? CIA? NSA? NASA? DEO?”

“Are you and the pink ranger an item?”

Trini swallowed the ball of nerves that had made its way into her throat. She held her hand up to the reporters and somehow that made them go quite. She tried to summon everything she remembered from that speech class back in 8th grade.

“Hello. I am the Yellow Ranger. I make up the only team of Power Rangers. I am here to say 1 thing and 1 thing alone. I have seen many new reports saying that the Pink Ranger and I are together. While I will not confirm nor deny this statement I will make one change. It is not 4 guys and 1 girl. It’s 3 guys and 2 girls. Both the Pink Ranger and I are of the human female kind. That is all.”

Trini turned a walked back to Kimberly. “Want to give them the story of the week?” Kimberly asked once she started walking shoulder to shoulder. Trini looked up at the taller girl with her hidden face and nodded. Kim slid her hand through Trini’s and grabbed on.


Trini may not have been able to put her own face with the yellow and pink rangers but she could at least be proud of what they had started. Within a few hours many major news sources had picked up the information and were spreading it like wildfire. People like Madam President to Cat Grant to Ellen were sharing the story. They were even mentioned on the Today show.

The Pink and Yellow Rangers were also invented to a number of LGBT events as guests of honor. They could come morphed or not. (Every invitation was put out online and included that they could come in normal clothes. Clearly this had only added fuel to the fire to figure out who the rangers were.) Jason had even agreed they could go to one or two of them for a little while. He thought that they could do some good outside of fighting on the streets.

This whole ordeal started a few special things for the rangers. For the blue and black rangers, they started visiting hospital. No one turned them away and they boys always loved it. The red ranger would be seen at the hospital from time to time and orphanages. The pink and yellow are most commonly found at safe spaces but they also make trips to the hospital and women shelters.

This may have started out with Trini angry at the press for doing this, but now she couldn’t thank them enough.

One Year | A Gaston Story (Chapter Eleven)

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One Year | A Gaston Story

Gaston (Luke Evans) X OC

Summary: Gaston made all the wrong choices in life, and when a dramatic fall from the Beast’s castle leaves him wounded and near-death, he thinks it’s the end of his time. Suddenly, an old beggar woman appears at his side and heals him back to his normal self but gives him one year, and only one year, to find true love before his time on earth and the town’s memories of him come to an end.

Prologue | One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six | Seven | Eight | Nine | Ten | Eleven

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Years ago when sorcery and enchantments were merely legends and fabrications, a family of witches dwelled unseen in the woods of Villeneuve. Their hut, a decomposing pile of fallen trees, straw, and aging stone, was secretive as the townspeople remained in their homes and continued their daily routines. They were oblivious to the peculiar smell of rotting flesh and pungent herbs that billowed out of the chimney like rising fog, and as multiple children went missing throughout the years, Villeneuve began speculating whether or not their provincial town was cursed.

In total, four children were declared missing in Villeneuve and among these victims were two young girls, named Agathe and Vayle by their captor. As their families searched for their whereabouts, the two children, no more than three years old, were confined to the forest where their kidnapper, a powerful witch, raised them as her own daughters. The woman was selective when it came to the children she stole: They must already depict promising signs of witchcraft, they must be from a small family, and they must be younger than five years old. While the two eldest of the missing children excelled in their craft, Agathe and Vayle were limited to the basement where their lonely days consisted of practicing spells as well as chores and assignments their mother instructed. But, the woman couldn’t prevent Agathe and Vayle from growing stronger.

As years passed, Villeneuve suspected that sorcery clung to the town like an ominous rain cloud; There was no other explanation for the strange disappearances. As volunteers searched the village, castle, and woods, the hut was eventually discovered. Easily camouflaged, the exterior of the hideout was surrounded by twisting and warped branches and hanging animal carcasses that reeked of fresh blood. The villagers could taste the metallic bitterness in their mouths as they advanced towards the broken front door. To their discovery, as they opened the door, their sights beheld a wretched old woman huddled around a cauldron that bubbled and brewed with an emerald mist. Her two eldest daughters, unrecognizable with age, spoke poetically with incantations as they were wrestled to the ground by the angry mob. When the three witches were immediately hanged outside of their hut, the satisfied townspeople neglected the two frightened girls cowering in the basement underneath the floorboards. Convinced the children were murdered by the three witches, the townspeople lost all hope of finding them; Agathe and Vayle were soon forgotten.

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i'm not a terf & disagree with the majority of their stuff but i wish y'all would leave lesbians alone who wouldn't date/are wary of trans women. i'm sure there are lovely trans women existing right now but trans women's violence rates are scary. they match men's, women's are 10x lower. a trans women murdered a black lesbian couple & their black son not long ago. they rape/pester for sex from women in shelters. they blackmail lesbians into sex. seriously grow up and stop being afraid of radfems.

i have no problem with lesbians knowing what they’re attracted to and dating who they want to date, that’s everyone’s own decision to make for themselves. but that mindset that you have of demonizing trans women is extremely backwards and transphobic. trans women are not sex-crazed murdering rapists?? in fact, trans women (especially trans women of color) have the highest murder rate in the united states, with already 15 reported murders in the us in 2017 alone according to the Human Rights Campaign (http://www.hrc.org/resources/violence-against-the-transgender-community-in-2017). and where are your sources of trans women attacking/killing/raping lesbians? because the only things i could find were extremely offensive and transphobic threads on reddit and an article that referred to being a trans woman as a “psychological disorder that causes them to claim that they are actually female, even though they are male.” despite what you may believe, anon, trans women are not monsters. they are people, and extremely marginalized and discriminated against. although there is an argument that trans women harbor a tendency for violence like men, there really isn’t any data that can prove that, and i really see that as yet another way to invalidate trans women identities and demonize them. it’s very much like when white people like to generalize all black people as lazy and violent when that really isn’t the case. while i’m sure that there are violent trans women in this world, it’s dangerous and transphobic to let the actions of a few speak for all trans women. ultimately, i think that you are very poorly informed on this topic and are allowing fear mongering and transphobic opinions to cloud your view of trans women. seriously grow up and stop being afraid of trans women (lol). and again, if you disagree with me that’s fine, just don’t follow my blog or interact with me. i promise i’m okay with that.

Jason gets really uncomfortable around grown men. Little boys? Sure. old men? Less trustworthy than adults. Babies? Amazing! Women and girl? So trustful! But grown men? No, he just can’t. He tried for a long time not to get so tense around Bruce but each time he tried to pat him on the back or give him a reassuring smile Jason ends up backing up and returning it with a nervous grin.
It’s not like he wants to seem to ungrateful for what he’s been given, he really wants to show Bruce that he trust him. Ooh, he doesn’t really. If Bruce were to try and blindfold him, there was no way he’d get it on him without a fight. But Jason’s telling the truth when he says that he can’t control how he feels, through his whole time on the streets it was men who abused him, men who stole from him, men who tricked him, and only men who hurt his friends. Women never did that sort of thing, his most reliable friends were women, they provided him shelter and loved him like his mother couldn’t.
So yeah, you can’t blame him for going on patrol with Babs rather than Dick, who just finished yelling at Bruce about how he replaced him and gave away his mantle without permission. I mean, Jason almost went into a full-on panic attack when Bruce yelled at him for the first time, how’s he gonna keep up with Dick if he decides he doesn’t like Jason?
He’s not so bad around Bruce and others now, but he still gets a little nervous when they start to drink and tenses up involuntarily when he’s yelled at.

okay so shit tier wonderpoison modern au because i’ve been listening to “little of your love” by haim on repeat for an hour

  • big state university
  • diana is the genial new professor in the desperately under-funded art history program and is trying to escape the shadow of her mother, hippolyta, who was an internationally lauded sculptor until she dropped out of the scene to join a lesbian commune in the late 70s alongside her sister, antiope, and the love of her life, a trans vietnam vet named phillipa
  •  diana left the commune after high school and became an expert in antiquities
  •  she is also an excellent volunteer self-defense teacher at the local women’s shelter
  • she’s known she’s bi since she was about 12 and just broke up with long time gf stevie, who went off to do the peace corps
  • on the other side of campus, isabel is the icy assistant chair of the extremely competitive & well-funded biochemistry honors program
  • she has a rep for being all business but that’s in part because until recently she was having a very clandestine affair with a fellow professor, who just decided to accept her high school boyfriend’s proposal even though isabel had told her she was in love with her
  • isabel has either glowing or scathing reviews on ratemyprofessor.com mostly based on whether the reviewer wanted to work hard in her class 
  • almost all reviews mention as her defining feature the partial facial prosthetic she wears over the third degree burn she got while conducting an experiment while pursuing her ph.d
  • she had a conservative upbringing and remains distant from her parents, has never come out to them or anyone at work besides her now ex
  • state cutbacks hit the university hard & when the university president holds an open forum abt how best to handle funding reduction across depts, diana gets on the mic and starts advocating for cuts to the sciences since they are the most well-funded
  • isabel of course hops on the mic afterwards and goes on a tirade abt the irrelevancy of the arts in this day and age & it get v heated
  • they both get kicked out of the meeting and are walking off to their respective cars in a huff when a dumbass in a hummer almost runs down isabel in the parking lot. diana pushes her out of the way just in time & in the aftermath, isabel kind of accidentally gives diana her number?
  • they end up going to extreme lengths to convince the other of the value of their respective field & also they are extremely gay and in love & it is very healing

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Got any maria reynolds and/or marliza hcs?

sure diddly do:

- Eliza is really good at taking care of kids while Maria is more the “cool aunt” figure

- Maria likes to put on really red lipstick and kiss her girlfriend’s cheek so she has a big stain on her face

- Maria volunteers at women’s shelters in her spare time

- Maria likes to cook a lot; Eliza used to eat whatever was easiest, but once she moved in with her girlfriend, her palate improved considerably

- they are v. PDA. they are always holding hands/each other’s butts. or kissing. or playing with the other’s hair…. basically they’re never not touching. 

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Kids aren't being put on dangerous drugs. I'm not ignoring things that you're saying but when there's lies about diagnosis and standards of care just to push being transphobic it's so hard not to see hate in that. Just like this whole stream of bullshit about invading women's spaces you really even get how few of us we are?

have you heard of lupron? it’s the most commonly used puberty blocker it’s also been shown to cause lasting health problems. there is even a victims network which is trying to stop it’s use. and this is the drug that is being recommended for gender non-conforming children, most of whom will grow up to be gay, or at least not trans.

also the thing about this ‘stream of bullshit’ is that it does legitimately affect women, and often vulnerable women, such as in shelters or in prisons. male people are dangerous for women, and transgender people are male and have the same rate of violence against women as cis men. 

another thing that i have a problem with in the trans community is the constant harassment of lesbians because they refuse to be attracted to people who have penises? which is what being a lesbian literally means? (which is why i made the post that you’re probably angry about in the first place)

when the trans community finds it acceptable to send death and rape threats to 15 year olds for the crime of not wanting to sleep with males, it’s kind of hard to not see it as homophobic and misogynistic in the extreme.