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The Wage Gap

I would consider myself a feminist/feminist ally, but the wage gap is possibly the most misunderstood statistic in history. It is derived from the median earning of women divided by the number of women (including part time workers and housewives). The clear reason for the 23 cent difference is that the workforce has a larger amount of men. I’m not denying the existence of the glass ceiling for working women but this statistic is repeatedly used as if women get 77% of the salary men get for the same work, but that is not the case (and it’s illegal in most countries anyway - if you have evidence that this is happening, file a complaint/ go to court)


Mujeres Libres, or Free Women, was an anarchist women’s organization in Spain that aimed to empower working class women. It was initiated in 1936 by Lucía Sánchez Saornil, Mercedes Comaposada and Amparo Poch y Gascón and had approximately 30,000 members. 

In revolutionary Spain of the 1930s, many anarchist women were angry with what they viewed as persistent sexism amongst anarchist men and their marginalized status within a movement that ostensibly sought to abolish domination and hierarchy. Conditions for Spanish women before the Spanish revolution were oppressive, in the sense that they could be forced into arranged marriages without their consent and single women were not allowed to leave their homes without a male chaperone. Furthermore, working conditions were difficult for women because their salaries were half what male workers received. The limited rights allowed to women were only offered to middle and upper class women, and not offered at all to the working class. 

The organization was based on the idea of a “double struggle” for women’s liberation and social revolution and argued that the two objectives were equally important and should be pursued in parallel.

From the amazing documentary Living Utopia: Anarchism in Spain. [video]

“Am I making enough?”

That question epitomizes the murky, seemingly random advice so many women get about the salary negotiation process, says Zoe Chance, assistant professor of marketing at the Yale School of Management.

“To me, even conceiving of it that way — ‘Am I making enough?’ — actually leads to not asking for enough, instead of asking, ‘How could I be making more?’” she says.

This guide prepares you for the first steps — “How do I talk about money” — through yearly review season, to the next job and the one after that, until you are a manager negotiating other women’s salaries.

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It’s not about having a dick in my life or not, we’re actually talking about serious things. Feminism is about equal rights between men and women. For centuries women had less rights than men, they couldn’t even vote till the early 1900. Women have a lower salary for the same job and most of the times men think that women are not capable to do certain things. I’m so sick of all the forms of discrimination and feminism is one of the numerous phenomena against it.

As Women Take Over a Male-Dominated Field, the Pay Drops
Work done by women pays less because women do it, research shows.
By Claire Cain Miller

It may come down to this troubling reality, new research suggests: Work done by women simply isn’t valued as highly.

That sounds like a truism, but the academic work behind it helps explain the pay gap’s persistence even as the factors long thought to cause it have disappeared. Women, for example, are now better educated than men, have nearly as much work experience and are equally likely to pursue many high-paying careers. No longer can the gap be dismissed with pat observations that women outnumber men in lower-paying jobs like teaching and social work.

Accused of underpaying women, Google says it's too expensive to get wage data

In that interview in April, regional solicitor Janet Herold said that the initial data suggested that discrimination against women in Google is quite extreme, even in this industry.
As a federal contractor, Google is required to comply with equal opportunity laws and allow investigators to review records.
Google is one of three powerful Silicon Valley firms to face DoL lawsuits related to discrimination claims over the last year.
The DoL first publicly accused Google of systemic compensation disparities during a hearing in April, saying a preliminary inquiry had found that the Mountain View tech firm underpays women across positions.
Google has also argued that the DoLs data request would violate the privacy of employees and fourth amendment rights against unreasonable search and seizure.

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do you support swerfs?


For those of you who don’t know what this term means is: Sex worker exclusionary radical feminism (SWERF)

So is basically a so called “feminist” that does not believe that women engaged in ANY form of voluntary sex work should be included in the fight for equality, especially in employment or salary parity.


Should I say it louder for the people in the back?


It. Is. Their. Body.
No one else’s. PERIOD.

Although you may not agree with what they do,
it isn’t your fucking choice.

Don’t claim to be a fucking feminist and then turn against what you’re supposed to be fighting for: WOMEN, ALL WOMEN. Period. If you exclude any woman you’re a fucking hypocrite and not a feminist and can politely go fuck yourself.

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Olá! As a fellow brazilian, I'd like to ask you what are your thoughts on Jair Bolsonaro? Personally, he seems to me like a brazilian version of Donald Trump, to put it simply. Do you have any opinion on him (Jair), or? It's just out of curiousness, really. :0

Bolsonaro… You see, i swore to myself that i’d not be speaking of politics on this blog, but he honestly deserves an exception.

Jair Messias Bolsonaro is a brazilian far-right politician who manages not only to be a Brazilian trump, but actually even worse. Among other things he is known for wanting to bring the Dictatorship back. Somehow, though, he was elected to the Chamber of Deputies six times, and was the most voted deputy in the state of Rio de Janeiro, with 6% of the votes. He is also known for his ultraconservative and rather controversial positions.

But why have me talk about him when you can just read what he said himself? let’s see some of his quotes:

”The great mistake of the dictatorship was torturing without killing”

“Pinochet should have killed more people”

After that, as a message to the families of those who disappeared during the dictatorship, he fixed a sign on his office’s door with the words: “Only dogs look for bones”

“Violence can only be combated with violence” -And not with flags of human rights movements. He also claimed members of the Amnesty International to be “scoundrels” and “idiots”

“I won’t rape you because you don’t deserve it” -To Federal Deputy Maria do Rosário, who claimed the dictatorship to be “An absolute shame’.

“You’re an idiot. An illiterate. Consider yourself censured”. -To reporter Manuela Borges, from Rede TV.

“Women don’t deserve equal salaries because they get pregnant”.

“I would be incapable of loving an homosexual son. I’d rather see him dying in an accident than going around with some mustachioed dude out there.”

“I wont fight against them or discriminate, but if i see two of them kissing, ill beat them up.” -While also mocking ex-president Fernando Henrique Cardoso for holding a gay flag.

“No father is proud of having a gay son”

Bolsonaro also claimed that he was against movements that make apology to homosexuality, and that they “promote bad habits”. He said that his son, who had a “Good education and strong father figure” had no risk of ever being gay.

“They are smelly and uneducated” -Bolsonaro’s justification for why he didn’t think “illiterate” Native Tribes, who “don’t speak our language” should have so large portions of land in reserves.

“I don’t discuss promiscuity. However I’m not worried about it, my sons were very well educated”. -When singer Preta Gil asked what would he do if one of his sons fell in love with a black girl. On the following day, Bolsonaro calimed it had been a misunderstanding and that he thought she was talking about homosexual relationships.

He did, however, as a protest against laws that would give racial quotas for black students on univerities, propose a law that would give Racial quotas to deputies. And then cathegorically stated that he’d vote agaisnt it.

The police should have killed 1000, not 111. -About the Carandiru massacre

“I think the Brazilian Military Police should kill much more” -When questioned about a poll that revealed that the Brazilian police was the most violent in the world.

“Thieves only respect what they fear” -Justifying his positions on Death Penalty

“I’d beat the crap out of him, be sure of that” -When asked what would be his reaction on finding out his son used drugs.

“Parliamentarians shouldn’t be riding buses”

“The dictatorship was a glorious time. 20 years of true Order and Progress”


Now, you are probably thinking: How the hell was this guy elected six times to the chamber of deputies? The answer is, i have no idea. But i’m much more curious to know who the hell thought it was a good idea to make him 
alternate member of the Commission on Human Rights and Minorities. That is the real question here.

By the way, this is the guy. If you ever see him on the street, please hit him as hard as you can with a fluorescent lamp.


So what do these other countries give their new moms that the U.S. does not?

In the United Kingdom, women receive 52 weeks of maternity leave following the birth or adoption of a child, 39 of which are paid.
In France, women receive their full salary for 16 weeks, and can receive both more time and money from the government for Baby Number Two and beyond.

In Spain, new moms also receive pay for a full 16 weeks after giving birth. The only requirement? They need to be Spanish citizens who has contributed to social security for at least 180 days in the seven years prior to having a baby.

Italy provides women with 20 weeks of paid leave at 80 percent of their salary. And, as an Italian citizen, both mom and dad are able to take up to six months of the year off of work for the first 8 years of a child’s life while still receiving 30 percent of their daily salary.
In Canada, women can take a full year off of work after the birth of a child with guaranteed work security. Women receive about 55 percent of their salaries for 15 to 17 weeks depending on where they live.

In Russia, new moms receive 20 weeks of paid leave at 100 percent of their salary – half of which is taken before the baby comes and half of which you receive post-baby. An added bonus? You can choose to extend your leave to up to 18 months after the birth, at 40 percent of your salary.

New moms in Sweden get 16 months of paid maternity leave with each child, and the entire first year of your leave you receive 80 percent of your regular salary. You can even choose to space out your parental leave throughout the years until your child turns 8.

In a sparsely furnished room in Kabul stadium, 12 women train for the chance to compete in the 2016 Olympics. Previously, there were 25 young women on the Afghan boxing team who received a salary the equivalent of $100 per month and transportation to and from training at the stadium. Not anymore. The budget was slashed and the women lost their salaries. Despite these setbacks and minimal training equipment, the young female boxers continue to train with hopes that they will be good enough to compete on the international scene.

Read more via Daily Mail.