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April 3rd, 2015 

The day my idol retired from the WWE

Clubs and Blood

Request: jerome smut? where he gets incredibly jealous where it gets to the point where he kills the guy right in front of you thats been flirting with you all night? and then ends with angry passionate s m u t ?


Ahh I can’t believe this is happening! We never go out on a date! I jump up and down excited and curing my hair. I slip into my tight royal blue dress and accompany it with my black pumps.

I slide down the railing of the stairs to where Jerome waits in a nice outfit. “Looking handsome my man!” I say kissing his cheek. “And you look…delicious my doll!” He growls in my ear and kisses my neck biting it lightly. “Shall we?” Jerome asks a he opens the door for us to exit.

We make one of J’s henchmen drive us to the club. We walk in and I instantly feel my body moving to the music. “Dance with me J!” I say and attempt to pull him to the floor with me.

He scoffs and pulls his arm away. “I don’t know honey. You know this.” I cross my arms and pout slightly. “Fine.” I say and go by myself.

I sway my hips and make eye contact with J every second. I feel a body press up against me and pull my hips against theirs. Obviously a male. I turn around and smirk knowing this will make J angry. “What’s a nice girl like you doing in a place like this?” He whispers to me; the sent of alcohol clear in his breath.

I grind up against him and smile at J. “Buy me a drink and maybe I’ll tell you.” The man looks me up and down and immediately leads me to the bar getting me a drink.

I look over once again to the booth Jerome is at. He just sits there sipping his whiskey and watches me like a hawk. Even when someone is talking to him. He still keeps his eyes on me.

The man passes me my drink and sits down at the bar. “So you gonna tell me now baby girl?” I giggle and take a swig of my drink loving the burning sensation moving its way down my throat. “Well you see that man over there? He look familiar to you?” I point the mans line of sight to Jerome who is talking to someone.

The mans mouth opens and his eyes go wide. “J-Jerome? The Jerome?” I shrug my shoulders. “He likes to be called Joker by the ones who fear him.” “Why would you be with him?” “He shows me a good time. Really gets me going.”

The man scoffs and grabs my ass pulling me closer. “I bet I could show you a better time.” Suddenly a glass flys between us and smashes on the wall.

The giggle of my sweetheart is heard a foot away making me smile. “Oh do you? You think you can get my little doll going more then I could huh? Think you can make her scream?” Jerome asks getting into the man drunken face. “N-no sir.” He stutters.

Jerome puts his hand behind his ear in a dramatic manner. “What was that? A man who thinks he’s better then me and a fibber? Hmm looks like we got to do something about that…well then.” Jerome immediately shoot the man in the head and laughs.

Jerome puts the gun under my chin lifting my head up. “Now you. What am I going to do to you (y/n)? Punishment has got to be presented, but not here.” Jerome snaps his fingers at his henchmen. “Bring the car around back. Then walk home. We’re gonna be a while.” Jerome says and drags me out the back entrance where the car now waits.

He opens the back door. “Get in baby.” I cross my arms. “And if I don’t?” I ask. Jerome puts his hand round my throat and the gun to my head. “Then you know what will happen. Now listen to me and get in.”

I gulp scared. He’s never threatened me to that extent before. Never has he had me at gun point. I crawl in the back followed by Jerome. “Touch yourself.” He says still pointing the gun at me.

Somehow I felt a little more aroused then I should be. Still scared out of my mind, but still turned on.

I’m never allowed to touch myself. One of Jerome’s rules. I spread my legs for him to see I’m not wearing any panties. “You naughty girl.” He breathes out and runs his own hand over the bulge in his pants.

I slip my hand down to my pussy and rub a single finger up and down my slit spreading the wetness. I proceed to slip a finger inside myself and pump slowly getting a rhythm started.

I add another finger and play with my clit throwing my head back in pleasure. “Oh baby. Look at you.” Jerome laughs and rips the top half of my dress open to revile my breast.

He starts to toy with them as I bring myself closer to release. “Does that feel good doll? Do you like playing with yourself?” I moan and nod my head. “Yes. It feels so good.”

Jerome lowers he head and removes my fingers from my pussy replacing them with his own. He sucks on my clit knowing how sensitive I am there.

I grab his hair and tug at it. “Ah Jerome!” I throw my head back. “Turn around. Hands and knees love.”

I do as he says and I feel the tip of him running up and down my soaked slit. “What do you want baby?” “I want you to fuck me Jerome.” He giggles and slides in roughly.

He doesn’t waste time. He pounds into my as hard as he can bringing me close to the edge. “Who’s are you? Hm? Scream it!” “Yours Jerome!” I moan out.

Jerome pulls my hair back and thrust into me at an angle where I’m ready to cum. “YOURS! IM YOURS!” I scream as we both cum.

Jerome brushes my hair out if my face and kisses my cheek. “That’s right baby.” He says into my ear.

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Women’s March

Summary: Steve watches over the safety of the Women’s March… but he didn’t realize the threat was Y/N. 

I wrote this through my frustration and anger at our country’s current political situation. It was somewhat cathartic…

Pairing: Steve x Fem!Reader [Platonic Bucky]

Word Count: 1,472

Steve was in full Captain America gear: mask strapped on tight and shield securely on his back. He paced the length of the roof he was observing from. Every so often, he’d glanced down at the marchers below. Seeing a wave of pink brought a small, content smirk to his lips.

Someone’s feet landed behind him. Steve remained calm. He’d know those footsteps anywhere.

“It’s sort of amazing, isn’t it?” Bucky said as he walked up behind Steve. He too was watching the women below.

“Sort of?” Steve scoffed at the use of vocabulary.

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Not Women Enough: Part 2

Request: Would you be able to do a pet 2 to Not Women Enough where the reader gets pregnant again but doesn’t tell Spencer in case she loses the baby but then something happens and she goes to the hospital and he finds out? Idk something a long those lines 😂 I just really loved the first one -Anon

Pairing: Reid x Reader

Word Count: 2177

A/N: Sorry that it is taking me so long to write request. Writing is indeed hard, but don’t worry they are being done. Just at a slower pace.

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Request List

✔️Clubs and Blood–Jerome smut? where he gets incredibly jealous where it gets to the point where he kills the guy right in front of you thats been flirting with you all night? and then ends with angry passionate s m u t ?

✔️Laughter is the best medicine–jerome fluff where the reader was held hostage and jerome saves her but shes hurt and he cares for her and is just super over protective? thank you so much and love your imagines!

✔️Number one fan–Can you do one where the reader is the number one crime boss/villain and Jerome admires her so much that he follows them around until he gets caught. Maybe they become partners, he gets jealous and stuff, and it has a pretty happy ending.

✔️Breaking out my baby–Imagine where the reader gets thrown in Arkham when Jerome is killed,since she was crying over his dead body and Jim saw this as an opportunity to arrest her.So when Jerome returns he goes to save her,finding her completely insane from being tortured

Jelly beans–Could you please do a fanfic where Jerome gets Jealous or one where he meets the reader in Arkham? Thank you! You’re a great reader! I look forward to reading more of your work soon! :)

Sticks and Stones? Staples and Thrones- You should do one where Jerome meets Harley for the first time after being all cut up. (Yet he’s somehow still beautiful!!) And he takes an immediate liking to her because she’s totally bad ass and doesn’t care about his scars? The rest is your imagination, I guess.

Don’t be so stupid–Could you do a rough kinky Jerome smut

Perfectly plump–Hi can you write something where Jerome reacts to someone making a rude comment about the readers weight? Thanks XxX

Lost and found–Could you do a Jerome imagine where he finds the reader after coming back to life

Monkey see monkey do–Jerome with a little kid who likes to mimick him and wants to be just like him? Murdering and all? It can be whenever in the time line

I’m the boss–I was thinking of a jerome x reader. Like maybe you’re part of the Maniax with him and you get in an argument with him during a job that gets a little rough. Maybe he pushes you against a wall or something? Maybe an “i’ll deal with you later” and so on and so forth.

Eye catching–I need me some Jerome circus imagine in my life!!! Maybe you could do one were the reader is into 80’s/90’s fashion and rocks it?. She’s blonde and loves clowns and freaky shit so when they bump into each other in Gotham’s carnival they’re both instantly stunned!? They could be super flirtatious and both as bad as one another. (P.S if you make the reader British I’ll love you for life

Has anyone seen my Harley?!–Could I get a Jerome fic? Him and Harley were already an established relationship and she was there with him the night he died, after he kills Dwight he goes to find her!! I need total worship of his face please :)) You can have whatever you want to happen just as long as they reunite.

Sweetie pie–Okay so Jerome always seems to have a sort of narcissistic additude right? What if there was a girl he’d known his whole life who he had on a pedestal? Like do no wrong, maybe even wanting the cult to worship her instead.

You wish!–Hi can you do an image of Jerome X Reader where everyone knows that the reader belongs to Jerome even after death so when Dwight tried to become Jerome he takes the reader and she keeps fighting him and saying things like he will never be Jerome so Dwight hits her on live t.v. causing Jerome to become furious and he saves the reader in the end.

King and Queen–Reader met him when he was in circus and both are crazy (XD) in love with each other. And have plans to be King and Queen of Gotham city. When Jerome is in Arkham he misses her so much. One day he find Queen of hearts card under his plate..and then Queen’s and hers entourage most epic and badass arrival in history.
I have end in my mind, but don’t want to tie you with to many details. So you have free hand, I guess. Just some mad fluff.

Sweet little monster–Jerome with a little kid who likes to mimick him and wants to be just like him? Murdering and all? It can be whenever in the time line

Have you learned nothing?!–Can you do an imagine where The reader is Jeromes ex and he finds them after they went on a date with another man and it turns into jealous smut?

Good Cop Bad Cop–Maybe Jerome could have a thing for, or be in love with, Jim Gordon’s fiancé or girlfriend before he died?And she finds reawakened Jerome instead of Lee?

Triangles–Can you do a imagine or headcanon where everyone likes the reader, as in they’re all cool with her & got her back, so when they find out she’s in a polyamorous relationship with Edward & Jerome (let’s pretend that Penguin isn’t head over heels for Ed ) they getting really upset cus shes basically everyone’s little sister & its just a bunch of funny dramatic fluff mess 😂😂😂 Also your work is awesome❤❤

Lookie here!–Hi I was wondering if you could do a Jerome imagine where he meets the reader at Arkham is always trying to her attention

Innocence is Pure–Do you think you could please make a fluffy imagine where the reader is not into the whole, “murder yay” thing (I guess you can say she’s a bit innocent), so Jerome is a bit sensitive/careful around her? Idk, something different than when the reader is a bad girl.

Now that’s interesting–I love your blog and you’re writing can I request a Jerome Smut where he’s just been bought back to life and he comes to find and sees your dating some one else and gets jealous . So he shows you who you belong to

Nice Effects!–Can I request an imagine where Jerome is back from the dead and on the hunt for his face when he meets reader and she points him to Dwight and when Jerome finally gets his face and puts it back on they can kiss and have some naughty times lol?

The best people are–reader being a normal teen girl and then being crazy and then being a maniac and then being jerome’s girlfriend or something, i can’t be more clear XD

Small but violent–could I maybe get a fic where Jerome is just wandering the streets to just cause chaos, and sees the reader and decides to mess with her. but he seriously underestimates what they’re capable of and he likes her dark side. I hope that makes sense and I gotta say I love your work. Makes my day.

Chicken noodle soup–Can you do a request with Jerome where he comes home “after work” to a sick gf and they just have a cuddly moment wrapped up in the covers and just fluff

Red as blood–Jerome request His not-so-sane plans for valentine’s day? Humorous yet smutty, maybe x

Familiar– Can I request an imagine where the reader and Jerome both come back from the dead and don’t remember each other. But then Jerome remembers the reader after a near death experience

Armed and ready–Could you do a Jerome smut where he is in a relationship with s crazy evil girl y/n and he basically gets arrested and then y/n bursts into the prison covered in weapons and saves him then they have rough sex with a lot of biting from Jerome

Entertainment–can you please make an imagine where the reader is like the hottest stripper at the club and jerome notice how good she looks and can’t stop looking at her so he take her to his place and they well you know. Thank you!!

Roof tops and dark ally ways–Can I have an imagine where Jerome stalks

Who even likes sticks?–Can I have an imagine where I’m curvy and Jerome has a crush

come with me - part 1 (Lafayette/reader)

length: 1,506 words

au: Hamiltime

tw: none

a/n: reader is female in this fic (a rarity for my genderneutral ass pff).  this is part one of two, the second part containing optional smut!  i think i’ll upload part two later tonight or tomorrow <3  

part two


You never thought anyone would be able to convert you into a doting, docile housewife; you were more at your ease romping about in an entirely unladylike fashion, soiling your dresses and horrifying stuffy old relations, scaring off potential suitors and making the best of friends with people who you probably oughtn’t to.  You longed to remain your wild, free self, never to be tied down and forced to change by something as perfectly horrid as a husband.  It isn’t that you’re not interested in men or in forming a relationship, it’s just that you don’t want one that will force you to change.

So naturally, you meet your match at a winter’s ball thrown by the family of a treasured friend (one of very few proper ones you’ve managed to keep).  These events are particularly dangerous for you, as you never seem to enjoy them as you should; you dance without abandon, never waiting to be asked by a gentleman for none ever dare come to you, given how thoroughly your reputation has been spread about.  There is one single person of high society unafraid to associate with you, your darling Peggy; a model lady who never frolics about in the dusty streets or talks of things no little woman above girlhood would dare to.  She is your perfect opposite, and you adore her.  It is here you find yourself on this night, laughing with your friend at the flirtations passing between Elizabeth Schuyler and Alexander Hamilton (the two of you losing interest when the cocky man leads Eliza into a dance).  

You look to your friend, and, depositing your half-empty glass on a nearby table, turn on your heel to face the youngest of the Schuyler sisters.

“Miss, if I may?”  You bow exaggeratedly low, dropping your voice lower, offering your hand which she takes with a laugh.  The two of you set off in a fast-paced dance of your own design (most similar to a jig or reel, you would suppose) sailing between proper couples with girlish giggles and great fun, all without suspecting any eyes would be hooked on your silly game.

So, it is almost startling when a finger taps your shoulder; you and Peggy both look behind you to find a tall man with smiling eyes looking down at you intently.  He only looks away from you to address your partner, inquiring if she would mind terribly if he steals you away for a song or two.  She looks at you, then back to him.

“Not at all, Marquis. She’s all yours.”  

He maintains a polite distance while she answers your helpless look with a soft squeeze to your hand, and a whisper in your ear of, “Please do try to remember your manners, but do not worry yourself too much; he is the Marquis de Lafayette, a friend of Hamilton’s.  Any friend of his cannot be too snobbish.”  Her words comfort you some as she abandons you with the gentleman who now takes your hand, placing the other at the small of your back; it is not that you’re nervous at his beauty or the charm of his smile, you simply do not have the proper experience to know what is quite expected of you in this most peculiar situation.  

You spend moments floundering for a conversation before settling on, “My name is [y/n].”

“And mine is too long to burden you with; you may call me Lafayette, if you please.  It’s what my friends call me, anyways.”

“It is nice to meet you, Lafayette.”  You dip your head respectfully, the title Marquis weighing heavily over you.

He seems to understand because his next words are of reassurance. “There is no need to be so formal, mademoiselle, French parties are not so stiff as these.  If I’m honest, I am quite out of my element here.”  He pauses.  “And if I dare to be bold, I may observe that you seem to be as well, demoiselle.  I could not help but notice you flying about the room with young Peggy.  Perhaps you would be more comfortable if we picked up the pace?”  

Lafayette’s eyes shine merrily when you melt into the faster steps he leads you into, all tension slipping away.  If this Frenchman doesn’t mind sticking out like a sore thumb then you have no qualms against behaving as you normally do.  

The men who know you watch in distaste at this newcomer helping you disturb the order of things.  (It could be that, but readers, I think it is jealousy over a man not too shy or wrapped up in the proper way of things to have fun with you: a strange but otherwise charming and lovely woman.)  But just like you didn’t feel Lafayette’s gaze on you, you notice none of the men’s aimed your way now.  You don’t hear the amused comments from the other two of Hamilton’s friends.  You simply feel Lafayette’s hand covering yours, his guidance through the steps of songs you never cared to learn before.  One, two, three, one, two, three, you spin around the ballroom countless times, Lafayette’s mixed English and French reaching your ears better than the music, more beautifully.  

“Is there any reason why you were dancing with a friend and not a suitor?  A woman with such a pretty face as yours must have men lining up to court you, no?”

You snort incredulously.  “Don’t mock me, sir, surely you’ve heard the gossip.”

“Ah, heard it?  It is possible.  But understanding is different.  My english is not so good, you see.”

He gives you a dashing smile surely meant to disarm but you merely squint up at his face, before deciding, “That is what you would like people to think, I am sure, Monsieur Marquis.”

The smile turns slightly more conspiratorial and he leans down, lips barely grazing your cheek so he might whisper in your ear, “You have found me out, Demoiselle.  Please, do not tell my secret.”  

“You are safe with me.”

You know somewhere deep inside that you don’t ever want to stop dancing, but at the surface of your mind you are scared.  You just met this man tonight.  One hour ago?  Two?  No mere man has held you captive in such a way before and it’s wrong, you know it must be.  You’ve never felt this way before.  With a churn in your stomach you realize you like it.  You like him.

“Lafayette, could we please… stop for a moment?  I feel too warm.  I… I think my corset is too tight.”  It’s not a total lie.  You’re struggling to breathe.

The man’s smile disappears and his brow furrows as he bends to look at you.  “Oui, oui, we can stop.  You look flushed, [y/n].  Let me bring you outside, the cold air may do you good.”

He steers you through the throng of people, opening a pair of doors leading to the garden.  The cold air hits you like something tangible and you can feel your nerves settling, your mind becoming more rational and clear.

Just because you and everyone else thought you wouldn’t even consider falling in love doesn’t mean it can’t happen.  Who cares if it’s happening fast?  You have never been a predictable woman – who says you have to start now?  You take a slow breath in.  Close your eyes.  Exhale.

You open your eyes.  While you had been making yourself crazy with overthinking, he’s brought you to a secluded part of the garden where the candlelight can barely reach.  Lafayette is seated on a bench in front of you, his fingers gingerly holding yours.  He has been waiting patiently for a sign that you are okay; he looks expectantly up at you.

“[y/n].”  His voice is soft, hesitant.  You sit beside him.

“I’m sorry if I worried you.  Something came over me; I just had to get away from the noise for a spell.  I’m alright now, I assure you.”

“Mon dieu, I thought for a moment you were going to run.  You had a caged look in your eyes.”

He looks relieved, and you squeeze his hand.  He squeezes back.  Something clicks.

A spur-of-the-moment fit of honesty takes over you, and you admit in a rush, “I have never felt with anyone else how I have felt with you tonight, Lafayette.”

“Hopefully in a good way, demoiselle?”

Hesitating only a second, you lean up to press a kiss to his cheek.  His stubble scratches your lips pleasantly.  “I cannot say there is any negative connotation, sir.  Now, shall we continue to dance?”

You do.  In fact, the two of you are among some of the last to finally tear away from the dance floor and say goodnight to your gracious hosts.  Peggy gives you a look, to which you elegantly stick out your tongue (behind Gilbert’s back, of course).

When your carriage pulls up and you turn to bid the Marquis goodnight, he stops you short with three little words:

“Come with me.”

Such A Joker Part (1/?)

Jerome x reader

(y/n) POV:

I ruffle my hair once more in the mirror looking at my appearance before I turn to my father. “So whatcha think pops?” He looks up from his paper and looks over my outfit. “Change.” He says simply and returns to his paper. “What? Why? This is better then the other one!” “I wouldn’t even let Barbra wear that out!” He says strictly. As if on que Barbra walks in and looks me up and down. “Oh come on Jim. She looks hot!” “Thanks Barb.” I laugh and give her a wink while my father rolls his eyes.

“Come on dad. I don’t even have time to change. Jarred’s car is going to run out of gas before I get out there!” He sighs and stands up walking to the kitchen. “Where are you going?” I ask confused. “Giving you enough time to leave before I make you even more late by changing.” I run to the door grabbing my purse and jacket before running outside and into the waiting car full of my friends.

“Ohhh someone’s looking good. New top?” My best friend Steph asks looking at the expensive cloth on my body. “Only the finest for daddy’s little princess.” I say laughing. “Well I think you’d look much better with it off.” Noel says in my ear trailing small kisses down my neck and tugging at my shirt.

“Oh gross guys. I’d rather not ruin my car.” Jarred says in the drivers seat. “Well it technically would just be breaking it in.” Noel says humming the air. Noel and I are no where near a relationship, but way more then friends. It’s been that way since freshman year when I went to a party and well… Got very influenced by arable substances and alcoholic beverages, and woke up in the same bed with Noel. You know what they say about cops daughters. They’re the most wild ones.

Going on two strong years of fooling around with him. Sure he’s hot as hell, but I honestly want something more. Shocker right? The slut wants a real committed relationship. Huge surprise.

As Noel continues to rub my thighs and kiss my neck I get distracted by lights and a huge red and white striped tent. “Wait. Where are we exactly?” I ask pushing Noel away to get a better look at our new destination. “Welcome to Haly’s circus everyone.” Jarred says parking in the make shift parking lot.

“I hate clowns.” Noel rolls his eyes stepping out of the car. “Wow such a surprise given that you are one.” I say flicking him in the back of the head. “Now you listen here Gorden!” He says grabing my ass and biting my neck hard. “Ow! Stop Noel! Not here! There are kids around!” I exclaim pushing him away. “Well why not? Add it to the list.” He chuckles and pushes me up against the car and lightly putting his hand in between my thighs. “What the hell is wrong with you? I said no!” I hiss at him and push him away. “Are you two coming or not?” Steph yells at us.

As we come to the ticket booth I see a boy handing them out. “Hello welcome to Haly’s circus. How many?” He asks in a soft friendly voice. He looks around my age. Tall, fiery red hair, and greenish blue eyes that shine as he smiles. “Hi just 4.” Jarred says with his arm around Steph. “More like 3 and an idiot.” I mumble under my breath catching a slight smirk from the red head. He passes the tickets to us. When I reach for mine our fingertips slightly brush, and a slight shock is felt. “Enjoy your night.” He says and smiles at me warmly.

We walk into the gigantic red and white tent and take the first seats we saw that were free. As the clowns were clowning around a feel a tug on my arm. I look to my right and see Noel with longing glossy eyes. “Come with me.” “What? No I wanna see this.” I complain pulling my arm away. Not a minute later Noel pulls me up harshly and out of the tent. Seeing as most people are in the tent watching the show there aren’t many people outside.

Noel continues to pull me to the parking lot without a word. “What the hell is up with you?” I yell at him yanking my arm out of his grasp. He jingles the car keys in front of my face with a smirk. “Get in the back seat.” I look at his face closer. “Are you drunk?” “I said get in the back seat (y/n).” I scoff and cross my arms across my chest. “I’m not getting in the car Noel.” He chuckles and shakes his head. “Fine. Guess I’ll just have to force you in there.”

Noel throws the door open, and grasps both of my arms. He turns us around so my body was to the open door. “Get the hell off of me Noel!” “Oh come on stop fighting it! You’ll enjoy it.” He grunts as he pushes me on the leather seat. He sticks his hand up my shirt kissing me. “Noel stop!” I yell struggling to get him off me.

“I think she told you to stop.” A voice says from behind us. Noel looks behind him to see the ticket booth guy. “Beat it ginger. This doesn’t involve you.” Noel reaches to close the door but is stopped when the red head grasps his arm and tugs him out of the car. “What the hell you doing man?” Noel yells as he pushes my savior.

One clean punch to the face and Noel was on the ground with blood pouring from his nose. “Come on.” The red head sticks his hand out for me. As he helps me out of the car Noel is still on the ground trying to process everything. The boy who’s name I still don’t know leads me away from the parking lot and to metal trailers. He walks to one and opens the door leading me in.

He sits me on the couch as me gets me a glass of water. “Thank you.” I say grabbing the glass in my hand. “I figured you were thirsty.” He says and sits next to me. “No. Thank you for saving me back there. You don’t know how grateful I am.” I say laying my hand on top of his knee. “Uh Jerome. Jerome Valeska, and you’re welcome.” He says stammering over his words and rubbing the back of his neck.

“My names (y/n). (Y/n) Gorden.” Jerome smiles at me. “That’s a beautiful name.” “You think so?” “Yes. It’s a perfect name for someone as gorgeous as you doll.” I look down and blush. “I-I’m sorry. That was inappropriate of me.” Jerome says quickly. “No, no. Jerome it’s ok. It’s actually the first real compliment I’ve gotten.” He looks at me shocked. “Now I’m sure that’s not true. I mean look at you.” “Nope I’m being serious. Besides my dad that’s the first compliment I’ve gotten that’s not been related to anything pervy.” I say making him chuckle.

“So was that guy your boyfriend or-” “Oh god no! No. Just some asshole who I will never be talking to again.” I say rolling my eyes. As things start to quite down my phone starts to buzz in my purse. I pull it out and see a text from Steph.

‘Hey Noel said you got sick so you had your dad come pick you up. Guess we’ll have to plan the sleepover another night. You totally missed the fight Noel got I after. He said the other guy can’t even walk!’

I huff and lock my phone. “Yep never talking to him again.” I stand up and blow my hair out of my face. “What just happened?” Jerome asks standing up as well. “That dick left with my ride and now I’m stranded here.” “Well you could stay here tonight. As long as my mom is ok with it, and then I could drive you home tomorrow. I would do it tonight, but I don’t have my after 9’s yet.” Jerome says shuffling his feet. “Jerome I can’t ask for that. You’ve already done enough for me tonight. I can just go ask around I’m sure someone is generous enough.” I say and grasp the door handle.

“No please. I insist I wouldn’t want you in the car with some stranger.” “But you want a stranger to spend the night with you?” I ask crossing my arms and cocking my eyebrow with a smirk. “At least you know I’m not going to kill you.” He says putting his hands us in defense. “I actually don’t. You could just be very good at acting innocent.” “What are you a cop?” Jerome asks folding his arms and leaning on the small wall. “The daughter of one actually.” I say walking closer to him. “What does your mom do?” My face drops slightly. “She passed away when she gave birth to me.” “I’m so sorry I didn’t-” “It’s okay. It was just her time I guess.” I say wiping my head clean of my mother.

“You stay here and I’ll go find my mother.” Jerome says with a smile on his face. “No promises.” I wink and plop on the couch.

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Such a joker (12/?)

11 —-> http://jeromesxreader16.tumblr.com/post/150938609317/such-a-joker-11

We walk to the closed interrogation room, and sit on the bench across from the door. “Jerome. No matter what happens just know i love you.” I say looking at the ground. “I love you too (y/n).” Jerome says in a hushed voice. The door opens and an office gestures us to go in.

I grab Jerome’s hand and lead him in getting a strange look from my father. “Hello Jerome. You know Mr. Cicero from the show.” “Yes of course. Hello Mr. Cicero.” “Good evening Jerome.” Mr Cicero says with his scratchy voice.

“You know why you’re here Jerome?” “Did you find out who killed my mother?” Jerome asks with a worried voice. “You killed your mother Jerome.” I shake my head lean back against the wall.

“Me?” “You killed her up on the hill, and Mr. Cicero let you clean up in his trailer. He told you to scratch the satinets stuff on the hatchet then toss it off the bridge.” “Sir that’s absurd and offensive.” “But it’s the truth. What I don’t know is why this man risked so much to help you. I think he’s your father.”

I look up and see my father looking behind him to see my confused face. “That’s impossible.” I say not thinking before opening my mouth. “Why’s that (y/n)?” I gulp and step forward. “Because-” “because my father was a sea captain.” Jerome buts in before I can say anything.

“Am I wrong Mr. Cicero?” “Yes.” “He was a sea captain. His name was Shpen Carlson. He died at sea.” Jerome further explains. “What was the name of his ship?” “He worked on a lot of different ships.” “The one he went down on.” My father says.

Jerome looks confused. “She never said.” I know he’s not totally acting at this moment. He talked about how proud he was to be the son of a sea captain. How he would look up to his father, and try to be like him.

“We can do a blood test to prove it. Takes only half an hour to a full proof result right doctor?” “Uh yes.” Lee says in a rushed tone.

“Save yourself a needle.” This just can’t be true. He can’t be his father.

“I do hate needles.” Mr Cicero says with tear filled eyes. “I’m sorry Jerome.” Jerome turns to him with real sorrow confusion. “What are you talking about?” “He’s right. I am your father.” “No you’re not. Why would you say that?” “You must have suspected the truth.” Mr Cicero shrugs.

“You’re not my father. My mother would never-” “your mother was a cruel women she was often unkind to me, and your love, but she did once love me as you love (y/n).” Mr. Cicero says throwing his blind eyes to me. You son of a bitch!

My father turns back and looks at me once more. my mouth agape and my eyes looking into his, but soon turn to Jerome as he starts to sob. I try to go over to him, but am held back by Lee.

Jerome looks up at my father and starts to laugh menacingly changing the whole mood. Even scaring me a bit. He’s shown me his dark side, but this one is much deeper. He’s finally cracked. He’s changed now. He’s mad.

Jerome turns to Mr. Cicero with a smirk. “My mother was a cold hearted whore who never loved anyone, and she’d never touch a pathetic old creep like you.” He says in a dark voice.

“All these years do you think I was kind to you because I’m such a good man? Would I have listened you to babble on about (y/n) for 2 years? If I wasn’t your father would I have helped you as I have after what you did?”

Jerome looks at me first with softer eyes then turns to my father with rock solid ones. “My faster. Hm. I’ll be damned. Oh that very funny.” Jerome starts laughing. “Come on doll! I know you love to laugh!” He looks at me and laughs harder.

“Lee get (y/n) out of here.” “Oh no no no. Don’t take her away. She doesn’t want to leave. Do you know where she’s been going at nights around this time every year? Well she comes to see me. That’s right. She comes over, and I just ravish her and grant her with pleasure all night-” “enough!” My father slams his hand on the table and turns to me. “Leave. Now!” I rush out the door and sit on the bench.

When the door opens Jerome continues to laugh as he gets dragged down the hallway. I got up and tired to follow them, but am grabbed and held back. “Jerome!” I yell trying to get his attention. “Oh don’t worry doll! I’ll find you! They can’t keep you away from me!” He laughs louder causing his evil laugh to echo down the halls.

“You go home right now. We’re talking later. Do not even come out from your room young lady! Do you hear me?!” My father screams in my face. “Yes sir.” I say quietly.

Once I get home I run up to my room and lose it. “You think you can take him away?” I laugh and throw papers from my desk everywhere. “I’ve got to get him out. I’ve got to. He can’t stay there. I won’t let him rot for doing something that was called for. I’ll see you soon J, and we’re gonna be free together.

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This poetry collection tells a story through the perspective of a Black Muslimah, a narrative we need to pay more attention to.

It’s inspiring and a “clarity for people in emotional turmoil”.

‘Nabila’s Garden is a journey which will reflect your innermost feelings. A spiritual experience which will shake the world inshaAllah. Nabila’s Garden is a mirror for every reader which will inspire people to be the light and not the darkness searching for it. It is the journey through the life of a young Muslim girl from the Hausa tribe in Northern Nigeria who migrates to United States fleeing from the havoc in her village. It is divided into nine chapters of poetry, and one chapter of quotes. Each chapter focused on a personal narrative relating to love, loss, heartbreak, redemption, and faith in Allah (God).’


Best of Wives and Best of Women

Alexander Hamilton x Reader (fem)
Words: 551
anon: Hi! Can you write a Alex x reader based off of best of wives and best of women? I need sadness in my life. xx 

i’m sorry for being a lil inactive lately friends, but i haven’t been feeling quite as inspired as i usually do. i still love you all a lot and i hope you’re all feeling incredible. 

are you all doing well? i hope so. i send love your way these holidays.

requests are open and my masterlist will be linked below. I love you all so so so much.

i’m not sure how much i’ll be able to post over this christmas weekend, but i’ll try my best. i’ll definitely be writing christmas day because i’m going to my father’s and… yeah.

finishing my rambling now. stay safe friends.


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Alexander had been more distant than usual lately. After the election, he had been spending hours on end in his office, writing letters to god knows who.

When he did come out on rare occasions to eat, and to sleep on even rarer occasions, he was tense. The circles under his eyes kept getting darker, to a point that he looked pale. His hair was a mess, and he smelled disgusting.

After a few weeks, you couldn’t take it anymore. You were fed up with being ignored and you were so sick of watching Alexander hurt himself. He couldn’t keep this up forever, so you knew you had to intervene.

Late one afternoon, you had pulled him out of his office and brought him to the table where you fed him one of his favourite meals. You sat next to him, holding his hand and resting your head on his shoulder.

“I’m worried for you Alex. Your lack of sleep and eating… it’s concerning. Why won’t you tell me what’s been bothering you so much?” You asked quietly.

“It’s… It doesn’t concern you. But everything will be fine. I promise. By tomorrow afternoon, we’ll be back to normal,” Alex said, his voice weak.

You dropped the subject, letting him continue eating. You played with the loose strands that were falling from his ponytail, letting out a quiet sigh. After he had finished dinner, you brought him upstairs to your bedroom and tucked him in.

You laid next to him, resting your head on his chest. “You mean the world to me. I love you so much,” You whispered, taking his hand in yours and squeezing it.

“I love you the most,” Alexander whispered as you fell asleep.

You awoke a few hours later in an empty bed. You sighed, sitting up and rubbing your eyes. You made your way downstairs, creeping towards the office door that was spilling light into the dark household.

You put a gentle hand on his shoulder, frowning as he tensed under your touch. “Alexander… come back to sleep,” You whispered, rubbing his shoulder with your thumb.

He relaxed, sighing quietly. “I have an early meeting out of town…” He mumbled, shrugging his shoulders slightly to move your hand off. You frowned, holding your head up high.

“It’s still dark outside…”

“I know.”” He said quickly, putting down his quill and looking up at you, “I just need to write something down.” He turned again, picking his quill up once again and continuing to write at a rapid pace.

“W-Why do you write like you’re running out of time?” You whispered, crossing your arms over your chest. “Come back to bed. That would be enough.”

“I’ll be back before you know I’m gone,” He huffed, biting his lip.

“Come back to sleep,” You begged, putting a hand over his.

“This meeting’s at dawn.”

You sighed quietly. “Well… I’m going back to sleep,” You mumbled, letting your hand drop from his and leaving the office.

Alex dropped his quill quickly, following you out and grabbing your wrist. “Hey. Best of wives, and best of women,” He whispered, pulling your hand towards him and kissing it gently. You shook your head sadly, pulling him into a tight hug where you both stayed until the sun peaked over the hills.

The Other Women.// Draco x Reader

Title: The Other Women.

Prompt: ‘I really liked the wrong women; it would be cool if you could write a second part? Maybe where Astoria dies and they try to figure something out?’

Pairing: draco x reader

Warning: confusing plot???

A/N: here’s part one’s link

Draco had sold his house, moving into the three bedroom apartment with you and your son Phoenix. Draco had one of the bedrooms, Phoenix and Scorpius shared a bedroom and you had your own room.

Draco sat in the shared bedroom of your now six year olds, helping Scorpius get dressed for the funeral you were going to. You couldn’t help but to listen into their conversation. Especially when they hadn’t noticed you. “Is mummy coming?” Scorpius asked, “No, remember we’re going to mummy’s funeral.” Draco said once again, Scorpius shook his head, “No, mummy lives here.” Scorpius said again. Draco sighed, tightening the tie around Scorpius’ neck, his black suit looking flawless.

“Daddy,” Scorpius started, “Why don’t you and mummy sleep in the same room?” you couldn’t help but snicker. “Scorpius why don’t you go and eat breakfast?” you asked before continuing, “I need to talk to your daddy.” Scorpius nodded, walking out of the bedroom.

“He really thinks I’m his mum, huh?” you laughed, Draco nodded, looking down at his feet.

“Come on, come eat breakfast.” You pulled on his hand. Walking into the kitchen you watched as your son pulled at his tie. Brown hair was spiked up and his grey eyes were focused on his scrambled eggs.

“Do you want eggs?” you asked Draco, watching as he watching his son go and sit at the counter. “Hello?” you sang, Draco had pulled his eyes from Scorpius, Draco’s eyes met yours and you smiled, “Eggs?” you once again asked, he nodded, making you smile even bigger.

Time had gone on, every other night you and Draco would go out with the kids, sometime only you two. You two had grown closer, closer than before. So when Draco said he wanted to stay in the night that marked three months since her death, you understood.

You tucked Scorpius into his bed, which was now in Draco’s old room, and you also tucked Phoenix. “I love you, goodnight.” You whispered to your growing son, he nodded saying the words you just said, but the next words made you stop in your tracks.

“Is daddy sad?” Phoenix asked, your breath caught in your throat as you looked at him. “Yeah, yeah, um, Draco is okay.” Phoenix nodded.

You went into your now shared bedroom, going to sit on the bed beside Draco. He looked down at his lap, you laid your head on his shoulder.

“Are we ever going to figure this out?” he asked, you looked at him. “Well, I sure do hope so,” your voice was barely above a whisper, “How?” he questioned, you shrugged, “I don’t know, but we will. I promise.” You smiled at him, he nodded again. “Can we go to sleep?” nodding you went and lay down. “I love you.” He whispered, you repeated him.