women read comics in public too

Happy Read Comics in Public Day!

Today is Jack Kirby’s birthday and Read Comics in Public Day. The former was created by Jack’s parents, the latter by Brian Hatcher on a website called The Daily Hatch.

The day is lets comics lovers share their love of comics by reading them in public.

For a few years I celebrated by creating a Tumblr devoted to women reading comics in public. Ah, the old days in 2010 when people didn’t think women read comics.

Here’s a look at those celebrations:

The original

The follow up (which was during the hurricane)

The third

I really loved coordinating these because I love comics and love to see the vast range of women who love them too. Go take some time to flip through those sites - I still get a thrill looking at them.

So go celebrate the day by taking a selfie of yourself reading a comic … in public … and post it because are some people out there who think women and comics = unicorns.

There’s a twitter tag #readcomicsinpublic on Twitter. 

Tag here using #womenreadcomicsinpublic here!

deadjeliyfish  asked:

During the “Being Non-Compliant” panel it was said "our toys won't be taken away". But isn't that already happening? We lost Thor. We lost Cap. Sooner or later Miles will replace Peter. Avengers goes all female. I mean, it feels like all my favorites are being slowly chipped away and replaced. What comics am I supposed to read soon?

I literally can’t tell if you’re kidding. 

You know you can still read those books, right? 

Let’s look at movies: women comprise 50% (some put it higher, actually) of the ticket-buying public but we’re only 12% of the protagonists. You’re about as likely (4%) to see a woman FROM ANOTHER PLANET onscreen as you are a Latina or an Asian woman. Have women stopped going to movies?  Nope. 

You too can learn to cross-identify.  The rest of us have.  And don’t make the slippery slope argument to me because we’ve made *progress* over the last two years when we are still nowhere near parity.  

(Moreover, if you think the changes you lamented above are permanent, Zelda Fitzgerald would love to have you for a son.)

It’s gonna be okay, man.  Let yourself enjoy Miles Morales.  It’s a hell of a fine book. 

And when you get sad, remember you still have the United States Congress. And 43 US Presidents. And Wal-Mart. 

I need your help!

As many of you know,I work in an after-school program for under-served kids in ourspectacularly messed-up school district.  Our kids are predominantly Latino and Afro-Latino with varying degrees of English fluency. Sometimes it can be tough to motivate them to read.  The public library is too far to walk, so our library is the only one the kids have access to.

Our kids are also obsessed with superheroes. But since comics are difficult to get a hold of for them, they really only know the white-dude-saturated movies.  They’re constantly surprised when I bring out knowledge about women and POC superheroes.

My idea is to kill two birds with one stone: fill our library with comic trades that get our kids excited to read while introducing them to characters that break the white man mold.  Definitely on the list is the Vol 1 of Miles’s term as Ultimate Spider-Man (that charter school lottery scene, damn) and Ms. Marvel featuring Kamala.  (I’m toying with the idea of Captain Marvel. While I would prefer to buy a book featuring a WOC, I had a conversation with a seven-year-old where he asked, “but what can girl superheroes do?” and I responded with, “Captain Marvel punches dinosaurs.”)

I’ve got money for maybe two or three more after that, which is why I need your help.  There are too many titles for me to keep up with, and I have very little knowledge of DC or indie books.  So if there’s a book you love that’s out in trades and is child appropriate, please let me know!  What would you suggest for our kids?

ETA: since so many people asked if they could contribute, I made a post about buying our kids a comic book!