women read comics in public day

Happy Read Comics in Public Day!

Today is Jack Kirby’s birthday and Read Comics in Public Day. The former was created by Jack’s parents, the latter by Brian Hatcher on a website called The Daily Hatch.

The day is lets comics lovers share their love of comics by reading them in public.

For a few years I celebrated by creating a Tumblr devoted to women reading comics in public. Ah, the old days in 2010 when people didn’t think women read comics.

Here’s a look at those celebrations:

The original

The follow up (which was during the hurricane)

The third

I really loved coordinating these because I love comics and love to see the vast range of women who love them too. Go take some time to flip through those sites - I still get a thrill looking at them.

So go celebrate the day by taking a selfie of yourself reading a comic … in public … and post it because are some people out there who think women and comics = unicorns.

There’s a twitter tag #readcomicsinpublic on Twitter. 

Tag here using #womenreadcomicsinpublic here!

Women in Comics Con 2016

Good morning, good afternoon, good evening! Whenever you might be reading this post, welcome!

Attended the second annual WinC (Women in Comics) Con 2016 held at the New York Public Library’s The Bronx Library Center.

Where do I begin… WinC Con was really cool! I will admit, my days spent on Twitter with it’s 140 character limit have definitely made me a bit rusty in normal long writing form. So please bare (bear?) with me. Moving on.

Women in Comics was founded by Regine Sawyer (tw: @lockettdown), a comics creator herself(Eating Vampires).

From the Women in Comics homepage which can be found here describes itself accordingly: “The ‘WinC’ Collective NYC International is an artistic and informative initiative serving to educate communities about the role and merit of women working in Comics.”

Met quite a few great artists, bought a few prints, made some new connections and learned more about other events/Cons going on around the year local and otherwise(Bronx Heroes and MECCA Con). Overall WinC Con was a great experience and I’ll be looking forward to going next year.

Oh, shout outs to Julie Anderson, Barbara Ang, L Anna Lenz (tw: @The_Apocalisa), Sha-Nee Williams (tumblr: @swilliams1), Sheeba Maya, Alitha Martinez (tw: @ariotstorm), Maia Williams (tumblr: @meccacon)! If you have the time, check out these fine folks.

zgoyette1980  asked:

Does it bother you, make you happy, or disappoint you that both pro and con arguments for Miles Morales bring up his ethnicity and skin color before anything else? I love the character, but I feel like the people who are for and against him due to to his ethnicity and skin color are making him a controversial character. I realize it's a sensitive subject and tough to tackle, but what are your thoughts on his race being the thing that, at least on the surface, drives his popularity?

first of all, its comics.  change is never, at first blush, met well online.  any change.  change of costume, change of roster, change of title. so you know that going in.  can’t say i care as some of the best and most popular stuff came out of change. 

i got WAAAAY more complaints about breaking up emma and scott than this. 

 but race is as hotbed a subject right now, AND IT SHOULD BE, more than it has been since maybe the sixties.  its important. VERY important. so important and complex that this answer couldn’t possibly cover it.

BUT people who have read the book know there’s way more going on with miles than race. thats when the work has to take over.

and the public message that comics are a forward thinking safe harbor for ANYONE who wants to be part of it is clear as day. and if anyone has a problem with that then they missed the entire message of all the comics they have been reading. 

as i posted on twitter last week, i went into pulp fiction the comics store in culver city on my way home from work last week and i was the only male customer in the store. 8 women and me. 

tell me things haven’t changed!!

SO do i give import to the dozen or so people who complain weird on twitter using BRAND NEW handles they created JUST to complain versus the thousands of people we have heard from over the last few days?