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Barbara Rank from Dubuque, Iowa takes @RepRodBlum behind the woodshed on #AHCA h/ @ms_sharims

The letter reads:

Congressman Rod Blum in a Dubuque town hall (Monday) night asked, “Why should a 62-year-old man have to pay for maternity care?”

I ask, why should I pay for a bridge I don’t cross, a sidewalk I don’t walk on, a library book I don’t read?

Why should I pay for a flower I won’t smell, a park I don’t visit, or art I can’t appreciate? Why should I pay the salaries of politicians I didn’t vote for, a tax cut that doesn’t affect me, or a loophole I can’t take advantage of?

It’s called democracy, a civil society, the greater good. That’s what we pay for.

Kerry Washington and Viola Davis Ink Individual Overall Deals With ABC Studios. The production companies are up and running. Kerry’s first project was the Anita Hill film Confirmation. Viola with Lila & Eve.

I believe strongly in the importance of having a seat at the table which makes starting this production company thrilling for me. It’s an honor to be at a point in my career when I can help generate projects that that are exciting, necessary, and truly reflect the world around us,” Washington said in a statement. “I’m grateful to be on this journey with ABC, a network that remains unparalleled in its commitment to inclusive storytelling.”

We started JuVee because we wanted to see narratives that reflected our multi-ethnic and multifaceted culture,” said Davis. “We wanted to be a part of classic storytelling, and we didn’t want to wait.”


My paintings are well painted, not nimbly but patiently. My painting contains in it the message of pain. I think that at least a few people are interested in it. It’s not revolutionary. Why keep wishing for it to be belligerent? I can’t. Painting completed my life. I lost three children and a series of other things that would have fulfilled my horrible life. My painting took the place of all of this. I think work is the best thing.- Frida K.
Mis pinturas estan bien echas.Mi pintura lleva con ella el mensaje del dolor. Pienso que poca gente esta interesado en esto.La lucha revolucionaria en este proceso es una puerta abierta a la inteligencia.Pintando completo mi vida. Perdi tres hijos y mas cosas que alo mejor iba cambiar mi horrible vida. Mis pinturas tomo el lugar de todo eso por eso trabajar es lo mejor.-Frida Kahlo

Maud Stevens Wagner - the first known female tattoo artist in the United States (1907)