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So for years I’ve been teaching women Krav Maga based self defense and SHARP (sexual harassment and rape prevention). I can only reach certain people because of limited spaces and travel *and I’m always super busy*.

To get to the point, what would yall think of a mini web series of particular self defense moves that shows the basics of the basics such as getting out of chokes, mounts and physical attacks? Maybe about 6 or 10 “episodes”?

The reason I want to do this is because there is a severe lack of women martial arts instructors teaching beyond little children and most male instructors do not take into account that a small person such as myself can’t power through a guy weighing 300 lbs like he can.

What do yall think? Maybe 10-15 min episodes

All the best LGBT content is coming out of Canada 🍁

The Gay Women Channel
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Orphan Black
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Not the best but honourable mentions:
Lost Girl
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Feel free to add more.


A 21-year old woman in Northern Ireland has been handed down a three month suspended sentence for inducing her own abortion through abortion pills that she purchased online. She was reported to the police by her housemates. Abortion in almost all cases is illegal in Northern Ireland and can lead to extremely harsh criminal sentencing. In the wake of this case it is important to take a look at the draconian attitudes and legislation that exist in Northern Ireland in relation to abortion. They are outdated. There is at least one other current court case where a woman may be facing jail time for procuring/supplying abortion pills (which are illegal in the North) for her daughter. And with an open letter with approximately 200 signatures admitting to helping other women procure abortion pills in Northern Ireland, it is clear that these laws are unworkable, unrealistic and illogical. Every woman should have the right to choose, and it’s up to us to reduce the stigma so that women can make their own decisions without judgement, unwarranted criticism and criminal convictions.

C: I hate people that really don’t give a fuck about black women but fake like they do. One minute they’re on the web giving encouragement, and the next minute they’re being extra af, mad, hateful and making hurtful comments about black women. I’ve seen this between a black woman and another black women. When are we going to address how toxic we can be to one another and when is this ugly shit gonna stop? Some people just live to shit on people and I’m sick of it. Like fuck you for being an asshole.

anonymous asked:

hiya! hope this isn't annoying but i was just wondering the context behind that picture of the group of boys who might be new characters? like where's it from and who are they? thank u! :)

halla anon, thats not annoying at all!! :) 

they are from this new fb profile for a character named yousef acar! it had a that picture i posted as well as several others (including one of even!) but they’re not public anymore, unfortunately. as usual, nothing is confirmed, but it seemed legit since the only two friends he had was mari magnus (web producer of skam) and one other women who i cant remember the name of right now, but she also works with skam! 

we dont know who they are, but this yousef guy seems to have gone to elvebakken (evens old school as im sure you know) and therefore knows mikael and even it seems like! 

i have no idea what happening right now, but im excited!! i still think and hope for a sana season, but its so exciting that it seems like even will be involved in it in a way where its not just as isaks boyfriend! we might be getting some more backstory. and these new guys might connect with the girl squad in some way - they might be the guys with the balloons in that scene shot yesterday? 

these as just speculations though! beware and dont take anything as 100% legit and true before the trailer/season drops! 

For the first time ever this Women’s History Month, MuslimGirl.com is teaming up with dozens of partners to designate March 27 as #MuslimWomensDay. We’re calling on our allies to pass the mic to Muslim women by centering their voices and stories online.

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How can anyone participate in #MuslimWomensDay?

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A new hashtag campaign called #DraftOurDaughters is catching fire on Twitter and Reddit, aimed at convincing people that Clinton has made the drafting of American women into the military a key part of her platform. She didn’t. It’s a fabrication by alt-right trolls — and they even created a post on BuzzFeed.