women on the edge of a nervous breakdown

losing my mind - a playlist for character’s who are at the end of their rope, at the brink of a mental breakdown, or have just plain lost it

on the verge - women on the verge of a nervous breakdown // crazytown - 35mm: a musical exhibition // how many women in the world? - the wild party // bride’s lament - the drowsy chaperone // everything’s coming up roses - gypsy // the break - next to normal // pandemonium - the 25th annual putnam county spelling bee // when there’s no one - carrie: the musical // look at me - violet // clubs and diamonds/prattle 6 - murder ballad // make me happy - the wild party // edges of the world - fun home // epiphany - sweeney todd: the demon barber of fleet street // steppin’ out of the shadows - murder for two // meant to be yours - heathers: the musical // losing my mind - follies // somebody will do something - lizzie //