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I hate it when women on the internet tell a story about something shitty someone said to them in regards to weight, and then they just have to add on that they’re a “size 4″ or “weigh 125″ or something…. as if rude shitty comments would have been more acceptable if they were a bigger size




Donald Trump apparently told his female campaign staffers to “dress like a woman.” So now, women all over the internet are telling him how women dress

Following reports that President Donald Trump’s female staffers allegedly felt pressure to dress “like women” while working on his campaign, women across the globe are speaking out against the myth that their workplace wardrobes should consist solely of skirts and heels. And their Twitter retorts, via the hashtag #DressLikeAWoman, have been pretty inspiring.

@trans men who have interacted with TERFs
  • Being a man does not make you evil. Being a man is morally neutral. You decide whether you are a good man with your actions
  • You are not delusional, your feelings are how you perceive reality
  • Your transness is not a lifestyle choice, it’s your reality at all times
  • Your existence does not harm or undermine gnc women in any way
  • The scientific and medical communities at large agree that being trans is not a delusion, and that the most effective treatment of dysphoria is transition
  • Random hate-filled 30 year old women on the internet are not more educated than entire communities of people who have devoted their lives to studying and practicing medical science
  • Our understanding of biology, sex, and gender did not culminate in your 6th grade science textbook
  • You do not have “autoandrophilia”, you are allowed to avoid dysphoria and be sexual at the same time
  • Being a gay trans man does not make you homophobic
  • Being a straight trans man does not make you internally lesbophobic
  • Being bisexual is not wrong or lesser, period
  • You are not a traitor, you never owed them allegiance 
  • You are not a traitor, you never owed them allegiance 

You are not a traitor, you never owed them allegiance

Why Abortion Rights Activists are Fighting for Net Neutrality
Imagine a world where a woman searches the internet but can find no information on how to access an abortion. Imagine searching the…

A world without net neutrality is a world where internet service providers can censor our communications or create “fast” lanes for sites they would rather you visit. As a result, alternative and independent voices from women, communities of color, and LGBTQ+ folks could be relegated to the “slow” line.

Social Media Responds to Trump's Claim That Female Staff Should ‘Dress Like Women’
In response to a report that President Donald Trump likes his female employees to “dress like women,” the Internet is responding in kind by showing the politician just what women actually do wear to work.

Taking to social media, users shared that Trump’s perception of workwear — the dresses-and-skirts only policy that female Trump employees told veteran political reporter Mike Allen that they felt pressured to wear while working for Trump on the campaign trail — is far from the reality.

The collective social media clapback has reached a fever pitch with the hashtag #DressLikeAWoman to provide some visual aids to the new president as to what this term really means to so many women.

[Also trending: #DressLikeAWomen] 

….is something an *actual human adult* is choosing to get angry about.

Tomorrow: why soup is misandric.

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