women of twilight

i’m in my prime,
not withering and old.
but i refuse to play
your wicked games any longer.

i know this tether is unbreakable,
but you make me feel like i’m interchangeable.
you drew a target on my heart,
when did this become fatal attraction?

i don’t have the strength,
the energy,
nor the patience
to be held hostage by your love.

so baby please don’t despair
when i say that
i’ve found the courage to
let you go.

you were never meant to be tied down in the first place.

—  believing i could love you was my mistake, c.j.n.

keep being smashing and powerful and absolutely stunning !!!
ESPECIAL SHOUT OUT to all the transwomen, you’re all gold and fantastic without any limit keep being smashing and powerful and absolutely stunning MWOAH

(Applejack and Rarity are holding the transgender flag because my personal headcanon is that they’re both trans ❁´◡`❁) )

Why You Should Read/Watch Gangsta

1. Ethnically Diverse Cast

Gangsta takes place in the fictional city of Ergastulum and it is where the main subjects of the story, Twilights -or Tags- try to coexist with humans. And due to things such as prison overcrowding and becoming home to refugees, the city became a very populated and diverse place and you can see things such as interracial couples and even important characters that are POC/ mixed such as:

Nicolas Brown (mixed- Asian/White)

Alex Benedetto (mixed- Black/Asian)

Galahad Woehor (black)

Doug (mixed- Black/???)

Worick Arcangelo (white)

Yang (Chinese)

2. Disabled Main Character That Kicks Major Ass

One of the main characters, Nicolas Brown, is deaf and often communicates using sign language (and on occasions, he will talk though his voice is distorted and slurred).

However, despite Nicolas being deaf, this guy will easily kick someone’s ass all over town with his katana.

In fact, that’s what he’s most known for: being able to kick someone’s ass even though he can’t hear a thing. Making him notorious throughout the streets of Ergastulum.

There’s also another male main character, Worick Arcangelo, who only has one eye and is sight-impaired because of it. He doens’t let it get to him though and his disability doesn’t make him any less threatening than Nicolas and Ergastulum also knows to fear the one-contract holding normal who’s apart of the Benriya Trio.

3. Badass Female Characters  

Probably one of the top reasons you should ever consider this series– the female characters are amazing. Despite some of the girl’s large busts, they aren’t being used for just plain fanservice and actually bring something to the show with varying aspects.

We have Alex, a former prostitute who suffers from PTSD,

but she is brave and won’t let her inability to fight stop her from jumping in to help her friends, even against people who are clearly stronger than her.

Loretta, one of the most accomplished girls in the story at a young age –15 to be precise– who is the leader of her own mafia family. She has men to do her bidding and to use at her disposal, but she blatantly refuses to sacrifice them and let them die needlessly– so she joins the fight too.

Connie, even when out numbered and overpowered due to her status as a normal(human)– she fights. She isn’t indestructible and she isn’t strong, but that’s exactly what makes Connie a powerhouse. She doesn’t step down and her willpower to survive and protect the people she cherishes most is outstanding.

And this is only to name a few of the beautiful women that grace this series (and the ones that aren’t even Twilights). 

4. Accurate Use of Japanese Sign Language

Though this possibly should have gone after reason number two, I digress. Another good reason to start looking at Gangsta is the fact that legitimate sign language is used and could be even be educational in the fact that you can practice reading it.

However, keep in mind that this Japanese Sign Language, so for those who already know some form of sign language– here’s a chance to pick up another type just in case you might actually be heading to Japan and encounter a person who knows it.

5. A LGBTQA Couple

Though not much has been explored on these two characters, Gina Paulklee and Ginger are two Twilight women that happen to be in an implied relationship with one another. Heavily so.

So if you want a series with an actual lesbian couple that isn’t just yuri-exclusive and it’s ACTUALLY canon, Gangsta is the series for you.

6. Nina

Nina is possibly one of the most precious characters in Gangsta and a constant ray of sunshine when things get too dark. She’s a nurse-in-training who works for a gruff doctor named Theo and is a very open-minded, gentle person who doesn’t discriminate people due to colour or species.

She’s not portrayed as a weak little girl either and will jump in a surgery as fast as possible, getting info as she prepares.

Also, Nina and Nicolas’s uncle/brother-niece/sister relationship is one of the most endearing and adorable things ever.

7. Delico

Another precious child who must be protected at all costs and is a total bae. (His tarot card representation is the hanged man like Kaneki, you know he needs a protection squad!)

8. Just An Interesting Series In General

Gangsta takes an interesting twist on things like discrimination with it’s dog tag wearing characters called Twilights and the mafia. The diverse cast of characters extends past the fact that they are different races and delve into deeper things like, what past events shaped up their current personality or reasons that lead to make certain decisions with their lives even if it wasn’t the best choice.

The girl characters are used for more than fanservice and there are more than just hetero couples, LGBTQA and interracial couples all included.

While this may be a phrase used to describe many other anime/manga, Gangsta is a series that is taking the otaku community by a storm due to bringing what other, more mainstream stories, fail to include in their storylines and Kohsuke is doing a wonderful job with it.

So at the very least, check out the first chapter or episode of Gangsta and give it a chance because this is a series that is worth a try.


I believe a strong woman may be stronger than a man, particularly if she happens to have love in her heart. I guess a loving woman is indestructible.


This has to be my favorite clapback of 2017 so far. Rob & Twigs walk their little dog in their local London park and a fangirl, Melly, sees them on a regular basis. One day she tweets about seeing them, and is challenged by delusional old women who can’t get over Twilight. These crones need to find a new hobby. Fans know what Rob and Twigs look like, they see them riding the tube, walking the dog, and living a normal life in London all the time. 

So Melly takes a quick video of them playing with the dog and the delusionals naturally claim it’s not Rob. Melly has the best retort: “then u clearly aren’t a fan especially if u can’t even tell that’s him..you’re just deluded.. go cry coz renesmee ain’t real.”


“You should really get outside once in a while, freaks!” One of the very rude bikers called towards you and your husband, Edward. You two were out with Alice as Jasper, exploring and shopping around in the city. You instantly glared at the man as Alice’s usually happy expression dropped to a frown. Jasper placed a hand on her back while Edward did the same to you. However while Alice was sad you were simply angry.

“Yeah! I don’t think you’ve seen the sun in years, you’ll fry up in a second,” Another man yelled. Edward moved to grasp your wrist, his lips moving down to your ear.

“Baby, calm down okay, I can deal with them,” He whispered into your ear. However you were far past calm. Instead you shook off his wrist and stormed over to the men.

Edward’s expression broke into a smile as he watched his baby kick the crap out of the two extremely rude men, scaring the rest. As you walked back over Edward chuckled, kissing your temple, “That’s my badass baby girl.”

6.05: Dean becomes the monster, and burns the last bridge to his normal life…

DEAN. Look at this. He’s WATCHING her sleep. How is that not rape-y?


They’re staking out the Black Rose bar looking for their Emo Teenage Vampire who’s been luring young women with the whole Twilight act, and they’ve got three potential suspects:

DEAN. I dunno. It’s hard to tell. (He continues to look around and spies two other young men talking with girls.) Hey, we got multiple choice.
SAM. Great. Three of them and two of us.
(They watch as one of the men kisses another guy.)
DEAN. (After taking a moment to process.) Okay. Make that two of them.

(oh my GOD this episode has so much homoerotic subtext– and actual text-text– it’s ridiculous)

(I mean, vampires as a symbol for dark and forbidden desire, and then it’s Dean who’s turned… it’s not subtle or mysterious subtext here…)

(DEAN starts to walk away.)
VOICE. You’re pretty…
(DEAN turns and finds himself face-to-face with BORIS.)
DEAN. I’m sorry?
BORIS. I said…you’re pretty.
DEAN. Yeah, sorry again, pal. I don’t play for your team.

Being told he’s pretty was enough to get Dean to turn around… in a dark alley outside a club where they suspected vampires were abducting girls from… I mean, what was he expecting when he turned around? If he had truly NOT been interested in any way, he would’ve kept walking, right? I mean, that’s what a totally hetero dudebro would’ve done, right?

Sure, okay, they are working this vampire case and maybe the guy in the alley could be a suspect… or at least tangentially involved… but it’s been girls who’ve gone missing (SEVEN of them, it’s been a very consistent pattern), not “pretty” guys. So he initially wouldn’t be expecting the vampire to suddenly switch up his MO like that. He’d already dismissed another suspect inside the bar when he started macking on another guy.

So WHY did Dean turn around? Why didn’t he just keep walking? If he really didn’t play for that team once in a while?

Because heck, there were a lot of pretty people inside that club (and Dean was definitely one of those pretty people), and maybe one of those pretty people had followed him outside…

But the guy he came face to face with in that alley wasn’t what Dean had been hoping to find…

(what he’d been expecting to find:

what he actually found:

yeah… maybe this guy just wasn’t his type?)

But then Sam just stands by while Boris here attacks and TURNS Dean into a vampire. And then Sam also stands around while Boris escapes.

Dean goes to say goodbye to Lisa (which really is the end for them BECAUSE of WHAT DEAN IS, and not because he’s been turned into a vampire…)

LISA. Just stop, and explain to me what’s going on out there.
DEAN. (Pauses. Miserably.) Lisa, I can’t bring this crap home to you.
LISA. You’re talking about your work?
DEAN. I’m talking about my LIFE. It’s ugly…and it’s violent…and I’m gonna die – SOON.

But ALL of this happened because of Sam’s actions– he lies to practically everyone and deliberately “weaponzies” Dean to achieve their aims of capturing the Alpha Vampire. He’s lying to Samuel when he confronts Sam with his belief that this is what Sam has done, he lies to Dean after Dean’s cured… and NEITHER Samuel or Dean really trust him anymore after this. I mean, not like Dean really trusted him BEFORE this, but this was the last straw for Dean. He knows there’s something seriously wrong with Sam now.

*cue Dean’s epic battle inside the vamp nest*

*and his strange vision of the Alpha Vamp*

And Dean learns the monsters are running a mass recruitment drive… they’re fighting back because they’re being attacked in record numbers

(in a direct parallel to s12, but with the MoL trying to wipe them all out wholesale instead of just trying to find and destroy their alphas to raid purgatory…)

When Sam and Samuel make their way inside after Dean’s slaughter of the entire nest, Samuel looks around at the carnage and says to Sam, “Looks like your brother has some Campbell in him after all.”

Which is REALLY creepy in the context of what a Campbell hunter is, and what that means about Mary in s12… 

DEAN. Honestly? Recruitment drive. (SAM and SAMUEL register this.) Their alpha’s building an army.
SAMUEL. Well, THAT’s comforting.
DEAN. That’s not the worst.
SAM. Then what IS?
DEAN. We don’t scare them anymore.

Hunters didn’t scare the monsters anymore back in s6, but the MoL and their horrifying technology that can wipe them out en masse seem to have the monsters on the run in s12. But eventually those monsters will have their backs to the walls (like in 12.14) and will fight back.

Only now, Sam and Dean are in a very different place themselves. They’re working (mostly) together, they really DO have each other’s backs unlike in s6. They aren’t personally out to kill ALL the monsters. They know there ARE some monsters who deserve to live.

And sometimes people (like soulless!Sam in s6 and the BMoL in s12) are the real monsters…