women of the 113th

Equal Representation of Women in US Congress

Because there are only 103 women out of 541 people in our current 113th congress (including delegates). Women, who make up slightly over half of our population, are being represented by a mere 19% of congress. 

Because only 16 out of the 103 women out of the 541 peopleare African American/Black women. That is 2.9% of congress representing 7.7% of the US population of Black/African American women.

Because only 9 out of the 103 women out of the 541 people are Hispanic or Latina. That is 1.6% of congress representing approximately 8.5% of the US population of Hispanic/Latina women.

Because only 7 out of the 103 women out of the 541 people are of Asian/Pacific Islander origin. That is 1.2% of congress representing approximately 3% of the US population of Asian/Pacific Islander women.

And because there are zero Native American women in congress. 

I need feminism because women are not being represented fairly, and we deserve equal representation.


She-Span: The Public Art Project That’s Celebrating The Women In Congress

“I was thrilled to be labeled a feminist vigilante artist!” Stephanie Rudig explained in an interview with HuffPost. 

“I really do need to get that printed on my business cards, it has a better ring to it than ‘artist and designer.’"Rudig has Mic writer Julie Zeilinger to thank for the illustrious title. One look at the artist’s project ”She-Span“ and it’s not difficult to see why the label fits. Rudig is the mind behind the cleverly named public art project that brought the faces of female politicians – the women of the 113th congress, to be exact – to the streets of Washington, D.C. Created in 2013, the series of pointillist portraits of figures like Senators Claire McCaskill and Kirsten Gillibrand is meant to celebrate the historic inauguration of, what was at the time, the highest number of women sworn into Congress.