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Huda Akil (b. 1945) is a Syrian neuroscientist whose research has been instrumental to the understanding of the neurobiology of emotions, pain, depression, and substance abuse. She is a Distinguished Professor of Neurosciences at the University of Michigan.

She obtained her PhD from UCLA, and went on to do laboratory research at Stanford University. She has been President of the Society for Neuroscience, the largest neuroscience organization in the world. She is one of seven scientists who form the Hope For Depression Research Task Force, working to advance the knowledge of depression, its causes and possible treatments.


The revolution here in Rojava is a women’s revolution. From the front lines of the fight against ISIS, to running the cantons to trade unions that ensure all working women have their voices heard.

International women’s day has special significance here, with events and demonstrations taking place all over the region. We stand with women worldwide in the struggle against patriarchy, and today we stand with the women of Ireland. We call on the Irish Government to repeal the 8th amendment and allow women rights over their own bodies! Today news reporters, trade unionists, HPC (civilian self-defence units) heard about the strike and stood in solidarity.

Today women across Qamishlo support.

Strike 4 Repeal

Happy International Women’s Day! 💟 This day is for ALL women! To all my WOC, refugee women, poor women, women in war, women suffering from the hands of Imperialism, Transwomen, LGBTQIA+ women and women of all religons and faiths. Let’s also please not forget women of Syria and Palestine who are often left behind in political discourse. May your feminism always be intersectional 😘

Women burn burqas and men shave beards to celebrate liberation from Isis in Syria

Raqqan civilians liberated from ISIS oppression in Raqqa by YPG-led Syrian Democratic Forces burn enforced clothes and cut enforced beards.
They cursed the strict dress code imposed by Isis, who order women to cover their faces and wear loose-fitting gowns over their bodies.
Syrian civilians celebrated their escape from an Isis stronghold in Raqqa by burning burqas, which they were forced to wear under the groups oppressive rule.
May these clothes they forced us to wear be damned!Another civilian pointed to a womans black robes and said: Burn these, may Allah burn them.
The Syrian army has active front lines with Isis in Raqqas western countryside, where it has recaptured territory from the jihadists.

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