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Merlin Memory Month Prompt Day 13:
Path I - A character you didn’t expect to like that much: Sir Leon! Don’t tell me this wasn’t happening after Leon found Merlin and Arthur wandering arround in the castle in the middle of the night. This was the only topic of the following weeks. Long live Sir Leon! And Lancelot. He is alive and everything is fine here *cheers*

Important Message

Whenever someone says “Why do people always romanticize male friendships on TV/Film?” which I somewhat agree with (as I think friendships/family are more important than romance by far - depending on the relationship)  I swear I loose a bit of my life each day because the fact is really:
It’s not about ‘if two males have a close relationship, they are obviously in love’ as such; it’s about the fact that if one of them was female, their relationship would have begun a long time ago.

If two people meet and instantly have that type of chemistry, the only reason it doesn’t happen is that theyr’e both men and suddenly friendship is more important than romance, even though it happens with m/f relationships all the time.

I had to learn how to be a monster
and I taught every lesson myself.

My claws were just nails
before I dug them deep into earth
and they emerged as sharp branches.

My teeth were just teeth,
blunt with river rock polished edges,
until I broke them on the forest floor,
chewed flint like fudge
and spat out the last softness
that sheltered on my tongue.

I took the human being I had been
and shaped her into a shadow, a demon,
a being of power.

My hands forgot to be anything but fists,
holding only strength and resolve,
my mouth forgot what it was to smile,
forgot kindness, but it learned how to bite,
it learned how to bare teeth like knives

My heart was the hardest part,
still weak with each beat,
because even monsters can learn how to love
but you don’t need to hold hands
when you can hold the world at your feet.

I had to learn how to be a monster.


Because the world wanted me weak,
and afraid and ashamed.
It wanted me docile.

And I wanted to prove I was more.

So when even our heroes were bowing to pressure,
I remade myself iron

- i had to learn how to be a monster // l.s.

with all the right wing hate groups in america

i’m lowkey waiting for harry hart to pay them a visit tbh

church scene just saying


Have I ever mentioned how much of a thing I have for women in glasses?

(I say this as a woman in glasses, which makes it slightly confusing)


‘cause there’s gonna be a day when you’re standing in the HALL OF FAME

Happy (Belated) International Women’s Day

  • show: We've decided to turn this female character into a villain, it was kind of rushed so we're gonna have to find a way to really emphasize the idea that she's dark and evil now.
  • makeup artist: *emerges from the shadows, black crayola marker clutched in their hand* At last.

Mini self project - Placing Gwen and Morgana in period clothing.
1900′s - Outdoor day wear & evening wear
(note the background are edited photo’s because it’d take too long to individually draw them and I’m lazy af)