women of cover

Say what you want about ATI but, the thing I like about it is that the modesty rules apply to both sexes. For example, if the girls cover up so do the boys. If girls can’t wear bikinis then, men shouldn’t be shirtless either . I was raised Catholic and modesty only applied to women which is not fair because I feel that in some ways men are sexualized to. So, I feel that making the men cover up to is not sexist. If you make only women cover up you’re basically saying that women don’t fancy men.

Black women in costume: 80’s Music Edition via @donnisbutterfly @_mrsknight and please let me know who the last person is. I can’t stop laughing 😂

sana in class with that islamophobic/racist prof who doesn’t wear bras. and a couple of students are talking after the class ends and saying “she should really wear a bra” and one of them asks “don’t you agree, sana?” and sana says “no i don’t, why would i?” and one of the students says, looking at her hijab “well, you believe women should cover themselves, right?” and sana sighs. this, again. and she says, calmly but firmly “i believe women should be free to cover themselves if they choose to, and they should be free not to cover themselves if they choose not to. you’re the ones saying women should dress a certain way”

sana is a feminist, and she strongly believes that women should be able to make choices for themselves. and no matter how horrible that teacher has been to her, she would still defend her right to choose